Love and Olive Oil


Brûléed Yogurt with Fresh Fruit

Wedge Salad with Buttermilk Black Pepper Dressing

Marinated Chickpea Sandwiches with Lemon Confit

Raspberry Sea Salt Brownies

Purslane and Pickled Strawberry Salad with Fried Goat Cheese

Strawberry Jalapeño and Strawberry Basil Jam

Apricots & Cream Thumbprint Scones

Strawberry Guacamole

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream

Homemade French Fries with Fresh Garlic and Dill

Viet Fajitas

Viet Fajitas

April Kitchen Challenge Results: Eclairs

Homemade Potato Chips with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

Frosted Funfetti Layer Cake

Layered Panigacci with Pesto and Ricotta

Toasted Marshmallow Swirl Ice Cream

Bite-Sized Golden Beet and Goat Cheese Quiches

Sandwich Club: Pastrami on Rye

White Chocolate Funfetti Blondies Recipe

White Chocolate Funfetti Blondies

Chocolate Mousse Brownies

Mini Marzipan Cheesecake Recipe - A must for marzipan lovers everywhere!

Marzipan Mini Cheesecakes

Goat Cheese and Brussels Sprout Skillet Pizza

Kitchen Basics: Oven-Roasted Chicken Breasts

Kitchen Basics: Oven-Roasted Chicken Breasts

Strawberry Jam Toaster Pastries

Stuffed Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade Chocolate Almond Butter

Six-Layer Chocolate Cake with Toasted Marshmallow Filling & Malted Chocolate Frosting

Old-Fashioned Fudge from @loveandoliveoil

February Kitchen Challenge Results: Old-Fashioned Fudge

Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Brown Butter

Chocolate Dutch Baby with Caramelized Pears

Goat Cheese & Avocado Toast

Chocolate Covered Potato Chip Macarons

Savory Cornbread Waffles

Greek Lemon Soup with Chicken and Orzo

Dark Chocolate and Caramelized White Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Truffle Crème Brûlée

Chocolate Truffle Crème Brûlée