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Country Ham and Pickle Sliders

Country Ham and Pickle Sliders

You may be wondering what I’ve been leading up to this whole week, posting such seemingly boring recipes as homemade mustard and green tomato pickles.

I fully admit to outright imitation, this recipe more than inspired by a dish enjoyed at Husk restaurant. Respectfully so, of course. While all the dishes I’ve tried and thoroughly enjoyed at the restaurant are dishes I wish I could recreate at home on a regular basis, the complex simplicity and perfection of each dish is something I know I could never replicate at home.

This one, however, a simple Southern charcuterie platter, was the only one I felt I could manage to recreate.

I still haven’t figured out the secret to Husk’s amazing rolls, however. My own attempts at a basic dinner roll were passable, surely, but Husk’s rolls are heavenly.

Country Ham and Pickle Sliders

But I was able to pull off a passable homemade mustard (sweetened with ripe summer peaches), and some delightfully crisp green tomato pickles. Served atop a soft, buttery roll with a ribbon of paper thin country ham and a smear of spicy mustard, it’s a Southern sandwich slider you’ll not soon forget. I obviously didn’t, even months after enjoying the dish at Husk.

Country Ham and Pickle Sliders

We were able to find very thinly sliced country ham (locally made from The Hamery in Murfreesboro, Tennessee) but you could use prosciutto as well with much the same effect.

This dish would make a great party appetizer, the elements arranged on a rustic serving tray for the guests to assemble themselves, a nice change from the typical cheese plate.

Country Ham and Pickle Sliders

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  1. Split dinner rolls. Spread both sides generously with mustard (to taste). Drape a few folds of ham and a pickle on top, and sandwich with other half of roll. Enjoy!
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  1. I cannot wait to try this. We actually just got done watching Mind of a Chef’s second season which featured Sean Brock of Husk, which  makes me want to make this that much more. Thanks for the recipes! 

  2. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how I’d use green tomato pickles, but after seeing this, I am sold! What a perfect combination!


  4. Love recipes that are simple yet delicious!!

  5. I hear you about the rolls.  I’m not big on bread, except at the Outer Banks Brewing Station where they bake bread that is absolutely wonderful.  I don’t know what the secret is for making such wonderful bread, but if you figure it out I hope you’ll post it.

  6. what a simple and tasty treat that sounds perfect for my contribution to a party tonight.

  7. Perfect for my tapas menu tonight, thanks:-)

  8. I love when restaurants leave impressions like that. There is a great Thai place that we love to go to that makes the best pineapple curry that I want to so badly recreate at home. I am glad that you got to experience that dish again! This looks amazing. Never made my own homemade mustard before! I’ll give this one a try! 

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