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That's my Jam Hardcover book stack

That’s My Jam

by Lindsay Landis

50+ seasonal recipes for jams, jellies,
marmalades & more!

Looking for printable labels? Click here!

Make every season canning season.

Over 50 delicious jam recipes featuring the best of each season, preserved using water-bath canning methods for year-round enjoyment.

From the author of The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook and Breakfast for Dinner comes That’s My Jam, featuring over 50 seasonal jam, jelly, and marmalade recipes highlighting the best of seasonal produce, including Peach Lavender, Raspberry Balsamic, Mango Passion and MORE, plus a detailed getting started guide with tips, tricks, and the tools you need to become an expert canner.

Organized by season, with stunning, full color photographs as well as tips, tricks, and variations to make each recipe your own. As an added bonus, each recipe includes a beautifully designed printable label: simply print out onto sticker paper or card stock and take your jars from ordinary to extraordinary. Perfect for gifting!

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That's My Jam hardcover book front and back covers.

What’s Inside

  • 52 unique recipes for homemade jams and jellies, organized by season (including a new SHOULDER SEASON chapter with recipes combining fruits from multiple seasons).
  • 13 BONUS recipes for sweet and savory dishes to showcase your jams.
  • Access to downloadable printable labels for each and every recipe, for gift-ready jams.
  • Getting started tips, tools, and information for new and experienced canners alike.
  • Resources for supplies, jars, and extended reading.

If you are…

  • An experienced canner looking for some unique new recipes or some designerly labels to up your packaging game…
  • A beginning canner looking to play with new flavors and techniques…
  • A newbie who has been wanting to learn how to can but has been hesitant to try…
  • A jam-lover looking for small batch recipes suitable for freezing (all the recipes in this book can be frozen instead of processed in a water bath).

…this book is for you!

Canning Resources, Supplies & Printable Labels

As a companion to the book, I’ve compiled a number of resources, tips and tools. Since technology to make links clickable in physical books does not exist yet (lol), this page will have to make do for now. I hope you find it helpful!

I’ve also included download links for all the labels in the book, as well as notes about the jars and label material used in each recipe.

Printable Labels

You can access the PDF printable label files for all the recipes in the book by clicking the links below (right click and choose ‘Save As’ to save the PDF to your computer).

Beginner’s Resources

New to canning? Check out these helpful books and online resources:

  • Canning 101 – A basic walkthrough of my canning process (plus a simple Blueberry Vanilla Jam recipe)
  • – Learn the basics about canning with Pomona’s Pectin as well as get troubleshooting tips and answers to frequently asked questions. 
  • The National Center for Home Food Preservation is the official website for home food preservation. Download the Complete Guide to Home Canning for an in-depth resource for safe canning practices.
  • Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving – This is the book I started with when I first started canning. It contains a wealth of knowledge, and will teach you how to safely can and preserve food. The recipes are great starter recipes that you can be confident are fully tested and completely safe.
  • – From Ball brand, this website provides a ton of knowledge and info to help you can with confidence.

Tools & Equipment

For a full list of all my recommended tools and equipment, please visit the canning supply shop.


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Labels & Label Materials