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Chocolate Banana Rye Muffins

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Light and tender chocolate banana muffins made with rye flour for a uniquely nutty texture, and topped with crunchy turbinado sugar and cacao nibs.

With chunks of dark chocolate and a delightful crunchy topping, these chocolate banana muffins are sure to satisfy your morning cravings (and I am not one to say no to chocolate for breakfast!)

Chocolate Banana Rye Muffins

A mashup between my double chocolate banana bread and my banana pecan crumb muffins, these chocolate banana muffins have an added element of interest in the form of rye flour, which adds a subtle nutty undertone and coarser mouthfeel than a muffin made with entirely all-purpose (that said, you can certainly use all all-purpose if you want, or any other whole grain flour of your choice). It doesn’t make the muffins dense like whole wheat flour often can (in fact they are surprisingly light!) but it just makes them a bit less cake-like.

And because the crunchy muffin top is most definitely the best part of the muffin, I topped these with a generous sprinkle of coarse turbinado sugar, crunchy cacao nibs, and a few more chocolate chunks for good measure.

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