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Green Tomatillo Shakshuka

Green Tomatillo Shakshuka Recipe

This verdant twist on shakshuka features green tomatillos (instead of red tomatoes as per the original) and plenty of fresh green herbs.

It’s not shakshuka: it’s SHREK-shuka.

Green Shakshuka Recipe made with Tomatillos

The recipe is very similar to the shakshuka recipe in our book in terms of spices and seasonings; the main difference here, of course, is that the red tomatoes have been swapped with green tomatillos (which, believe it or not, aren’t even related to tomatoes but rather a close relative of the ground cherry).

We roasted the tomatillos, peppers and onions first in the oven, broiling them almost to the point of blistering. They are then blended with the fresh herbs to form a tangy green sauce not unlike a salsa verde (and indeed, if you have leftover sauce you can certainly eat it cold with tortilla chips!) A bit of cumin and coriander spice round out the flavors, giving it a bit of middle-Eastern AND Mexican flair.

Basically… this is what you’d get if the traditional middle-Eastern dish took a long vacation in Mexico.

Green Tomatillo Shakshuka Recipe with Za'atar and Cilantro

The beauty of this dish is its simplicity: the eggs are poached in the sauce, no extra pans or fancy equipment or pro-poaching skills required. Whoever washes the dishes in your house will be glad of that, I’m sure.

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