Love and Olive Oil

Triple Lemon Layer Cake

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Lemon lovers: this one’s for you! Layers of light and buttery lemon cake (the reverse-cream method produces a particularly cotton-soft texture that’s perfect for layering), a bright lemon curd filling (extra thick so it says put), and a silky smooth lemon buttercream for a flavor-packed lemon cake even non-lemon-lovers will adore.

Layer upon layer of lovely lemon flavor, this lemon cake has three times the lemon flavor for three times the deliciousness! With a filling of tart and tangy Meyer lemon curd sandwiched between layers of tender lemon cake, all covered with a cloud-like lemon Swiss meringue buttercream that’s straight out of a dream, this cake is proof that there is no such thing as too much lemon.

Triple Lemon Layer Cake decorated with tiny royal icing lemons, on a white cake plate with marble surface and lemons in the background.

When life gives you lemons (and by life I mean mom, who sent me an enormous box filled with Meyer lemons from her tree without any heads up or warning) make an epic lemon layer cake that’s loaded with luscious lemon flavor.

I’ll admit, I’m not usually a lemon dessert person (I’ll choose the chocolate dessert over the lemon one almost every time), but this cake really is something special, three layers of soft lemon-scented cake with a bright lemon curd and finished with the silkiest lemon buttercream you’ve ever tasted. It’s the perfect balance of tart lemon and sweetness.

Looks like I might just be a lemon lover after all!

I particularly love Meyer lemons, which have a sweeter flavor and less harsh acidity that makes them perfect for baking (and I’ve got plenty of other Meyer lemon dessert recipes to prove it!) but you can use regular lemons in this recipe as well.