Love and Olive Oil

Carrot Soup with Carrot Top Pesto

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Luxuriously rich and velvety, this creamy carrot soup is topped with a tangy pesto made from the carrot tops and served with crusty grilled baguette spears.

Don’t let those carrot tops go to waste: turn them into a bright and flavorful pesto to drizzle on top of this creamiest of carrot soups.

Ceramic bowl with carrot soup, topped with carrot pesto, carrot greens and a slice of grilled baguette bread, on a blue background with a plate of more bread in the background.

Soup de do, it’s soup weather, y’all!

And this creamiest of carrot soups is hitting all the right notes.

It’s hard to believe that something this flavorful and creamy can be made from little more than carrots, vegetable stock and a splash of cream (ok, a pat of butter too).

We topped it with a tangy carrot top pesto because we’re all about producing less food waste in the New Year. (You know how chefs love to brag about whole-hog cooking, well, this is whole-veg cooking.) The carrot tops have a parsley-like flavor, and when paired with good olive oil, toasted pistachios and a splash of lemon juice, create the perfect counterbalance for the rich and creamy soup.

Dipping a piece of grilled baguette into a bowl of velvety carrot soup topped with carrot pesto

Let’s face it, as lovely as this soup is on its own, it’s even better when served with grilled crusty bread.

I mean, you really don’t even need a spoon to eat it, just dip and scoop with your bread (the soup is so thick it’s almost like a dip) and go to town.

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