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Frozen Mai Tai Slushy Pops

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Chill out with these boozy ice pops based on your favorite tiki cocktail: the mai tai! With a unique slushy consistency (thanks to the ample amounts of rum), they’re exactly what you need to beat the summer heat!

Whether you call them ice pops, otter pops, freezies, or Zooper Doopers (hello friends from down under!) one thing is for sure: these refreshing summer treats are sure to make you smile. Especially when booze is involved (these aren’t your childhood ice pops, that’s for sure!)

Aqua blue background with metal tray filled with ice, and mai tai cocktail, bright orange ice pops, and pineapple pieces

Folks, it’s hot.

Like, really, really hot.

There are a few other recipes I’ve been working on, but they all seem to require the oven, which is the last thing I want to do in this unbearable heat. So you may have to wait a bit for those perfect M&M cookies and that unreal blueberry cream cheese coffee cake (but they’re coming, I promise!)

In this kind of heat what I really want to do is stick my head in the freezer. But since that’s not exactly energy efficient, these slush pops are the next best thing.

With a unique slushy consistency (thanks to the ample amounts of rum), these cocktail-inspired treats are a grown up version of the classic ice pops from your childhood. They’re made with pineapple, orange, and lime juice, plus a healthy dose of rum, and some orgeat (a fragrant almond syrup), all frozen together in one deliciously refreshing treat.

Overhead, Frozen Mai Tai Slushy Pops on a metal tray with a cocktail glass and pink umbrella.

Mai Tais are one of my favorite summer cocktails.

A classic mai tai features a blend of rums, orange liqueur, lime juice and orgeat (a fragrant almond syrup). It’s bright and fruity and oh-so-refreshing, which made me think it’d be a perfect candidate to be pop-ified.