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The Best of 2010

What a year it has been. A truly delicious year. Choosing just a few of our favorite recipes of the year was no easy task; you only need to look at the bounty that has come from our kitchen to see that. 2010 was the year of the CSA, our first year as members, which filled our summertime dishes with new and unique ingredients. While I have yet to master caramel (one of my baking resolutions from last year), I finally made peace with pie crust. That alone is reason to call this a successful year. We were much more adventurous and confident in our cooking this year, and it shows.

So much of our lives revolve around food and cooking; to us, this blog is so much more than a blog. It is a food journey. It is a connection to the food community, both locally and worldwide. It is an escape. It is a joy.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous (and oh so scrumptious) new year!

Best Recipes of 2010

(1) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles / (2) Quick Vietnamese Chicken Pho / (3) Almond Lovers Chocolate Chip Cookies / (4) Beer Braised Turkey Tacos / (5) Salmon with Brown Butter and Almonds / (5) Mud Pie with Homemade Decaf Coffee Ice Cream / (7) Strawberry Shortcake with Cream Biscuits / (8) Banana Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream / (9) Chocolate Banana Cupcakes

Best Recipes of 2010

(1) Pizza Bianca with Goat Cheese and Greens / (2) Peach Bourbon Cupcakes / (3) Fresh Blackberry Lemonade / (4) Scallion Pancakes / (5) Rainbow Cake / (6) Classic Whoopie Pies / (7) Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies / (8) Chocolate Beet Cupcakes with Ganache and Marshmallow Filling / (9) Lasagne Bolognese

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  1. All your pictures are so stunning! I love food blogs, and I must say that your pictures are some of the best!

  2. I’m finally catching up with all of my favorite food bloggers after a very busy holiday season. And I just want to say how much I enjoy your recipes, your photos, and your writing! Looking forward to following along in 2011. Cheers!

  3. Happy New Year ?
    Moltissimi Auguri
    per uno splendido 2011

  4. Oh my goodness- what fun it is to skim through your 2010 review! I had not seen the rainbow cake until now, but that looks like sheer FUN to make and eat. I know a little person in my house who would go nuts to have that for her birthday cake this spring. Thanks for the ideas… Happy New Year!

  5. I want me some of that chocolate chip cookie dough truffles pleasE!

  6. Happy New Year!! Everything looks amazing :) :) I’m still super impressed by your rainbow cake!! :) Can’t wait for the food 2011!

  7. Those snowflake cookies are on my computer’s desktop as a background :)

  8. I’m SO making that rainbow cake this year. So impressive :)

  9. rainbow cake was my favorite!!! it was so lovely… may 2011 be colorful as your cake and happy and healthy and peaceful and heavenly:)

  10. Your recap is 50% delicious desserts! That’s my daughter!
    Here’s to a healthy, happy and sweet 2011.

  11. ..your peach bourbon cupcake makes me want to head to the kitchen right now and make it…thanks for a great recap!

  12. YUMM!

  13. Beautiful recap! The Mud Pie definitely got my attention and of course, the Rainbow Cake. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2011!

  14. Yes, great recap. All the very best for the New year. I look forward to following your blog for 2011.

    Love Lisa xx

  15. Ugh you’re killing me!!!! Okay where do I place my order? I’d like some truffles, cookies, tacos, and definitely the mud pie. Ugh why do the sweets always have to look so good. I still adore the rainbow cake. Would love to make that some day. Great recap!

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