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Basic Peach & Strawberry Jam (plus FREE Printable Labels)

Homemade Peach and Plain Strawberry Jam (plus FREE printable labels for your jars!)

As a food blogger, I’m always trying to give things a new and unique twist, much to the chagrin of my husband, who would much rather just have something basic.

“Honey dearest, what kind of jam should I make with all these peaches/strawberries?”

“Just plain peach/strawberry. Don’t do anything weird.”

“Please, you know I’m not going to make you plain ass jam.”

“Grumble grumble grumble.”

Pardon my language, but I swear, all he ever wants is plain ass this and plain ass that (at least when it comes to jam and cake, which he argues don’t need any weird flavor additions/combinations.) If I always listened to his ideas (or lack thereof) I wouldn’t have very many exciting things to post, that’s for sure.

Homemade Peach and Plain Strawberry Jam (plus FREE printable labels for your jars!)

But… I finally gave in this year, making a single batch of plain strawberry and plain peach to appease his requests.


Not being one to give in entirely, I designed some labels for his plain ass jam. Tongue-and-cheek, if you will, my “take that” to him for his boring requests. Because I’m not one to do anything half-assed. Even if it is plain ass jam.

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