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Orange Marmalade Tiramisu

Orange Marmalade Tiramisu

I adore tiramisu. The creamy layers are something straight out of a dream, light and airy and yet rich and decadent at the same time.

The main problem with tiramisu is the espresso. While delicious, caffeine and I aren’t so buddy-buddy, and even a few bites after dinner will ensure a sleepless night.

If you’re a caffeine wimp like I am, or maybe just don’t much like the bitter flavor of espresso, here’s your chance to enjoy tiramisu. I’ve replaced the coffee with a bright mixture of orange juice and orange marmalade, complimented with Grand Marnier liqueur and fresh orange zest folded into the filling.

It’s a festive take on an Italian classic. I mean, talk about a perfect holiday dessert!

Orange Marmalade Tiramisu

The orange flavor is subtle, I’ll give you that. It doesn’t scream orange, rather, it whispers sweet nothings as it slides down your tongue. This tiramisu is what dreams are made of, or, more aptly, this tiramisu is basically made of dreams, with a hint of orange essence, a dusting of cocoa, and a cloud-like mascarpone filling, so light that you’ll wonder if you’re actually awake (reality check: you are, so eat up!)

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