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Cocoa Pecan Torte

Cocoa Pecan Torte Recipe - Kosher for Passover

From Grandma’s recipe files… I made this one for our Hanukkah dinner, though it’s intended as a Kosher dessert recipe for Passover. If you’ve ever tried to bake according to the strict rules and restrictions surrounding such a holiday, you’ll know it is no easy feat. The torte (or is it a cake?) relies solely on egg whites for leavening (since the jury is out as to whether baking soda/powder is suitable for Passover or not), and it uses matzo cake meal instead of flour (you can also use almond flour, just don’t use regular matzo meal as it is too coarse in texture). For non-Passover occasions the recipe will work with all-purpose flour as well.

A perfect Passover dessert: Grandma's Cocoa Pecan Torte

What is a torte? Well, in this case it falls somewhere in between a light chocolate cake and a chocolate souffle in terms of texture, essentially a chocolate sponge cake if you will. If you’re looking for a rich chocolate cake, this is not it (this red-wine chocolate cake however, is what chocolate-cake-dreams are made of, albeit not exactly Kosher.) This cake/torte/whathaveyou, on the other hand, is light and spongy in texture, nutty from the pecans with the barest hint of cocoa and cinnamon, and topped with a bittersweet chocolate glaze (lest the cake itself not be chocolaty enough for you). I garnished it with chocolate sprinkles and pecans, to hint at the ingredients found within.