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Horchata French Toast

Horchata French Toast with Cinnamon Sugar and Toasted Almonds

I’m on a mission to horchata all-the-things. I’ve done horchata ice cream and boba, and now, I guess, French toast.

The second I heard about a local joint here in Nashville that serves a horchata French toast, my brain started salivating. I immediately made brunch reservations, on the pretense of getting together with some friends (sorry friends, I was just using you for French toast).

Over the course of the next few weeks I built this thing up in my mind as something beyond amazing… unfortunately, when I finally took a bite, it was a little anti-climactic. Good French toast, I’ll give them that, but it was missing the pronounced horchata flavor I was so looking forward to. In fact, if you hadn’t told me there was horchata in there, I wouldn’t have known.

Not satisfied and yet still not able to shake the idea, I set out to make my own version.

Horchata French Toast with Cinnamon Sugar and Toasted Almonds

While homemade horchata would be ideal (if you have the time/foresight to make it ahead of time, of course), I found two pre-made horchata products to test for this recipe. One was a rice/almond/tiger nut blend from Califa Farms, sweetened and spiced with cinnamon. The other was a pure tiger nut milk (legit horchata like they serve in spain) that I was surprised and psyched to actually find. Both worked equally well and you can certainly use whatever brand you can find where you are. Or, heck, march on down to your local Mexican restaurant and order a cup of horchata to go.

The flavor of the tiger nut milk came through more in the end product, as it is a much more unique flavor to begin with, whereas the blended horchata was much more subtle (and if it weren’t for the cinnamon, it’d probably taste like plain French toast). I added cinnamon in both cases, moreso for the tiger nut version as it didn’t have any cinnamon in it to begin with. Based on whatever horchata you use and the level of cinnamony-ness you’re going for, just adjust the recipe accordingly.

Make French Toast with Horchata Instead of Milk - you won't regret it!

While I think this Cinnamon Cream Syrup would be amazing here, I didn’t want to overpower the horchata flavor. So instead, I went with plain maple syrup, lightly toasted sliced almonds, and a dusting of cinnamon-spiked powdered sugar.

Breakfast of champions.

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