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Dipped Colorblock Sugar Cookies

Colorblock Sugar Cookies - Lemon Sugar Cookies Dipped in Colored Candy Coating

Spring is here.


At least, it was when I wrote that sentence. And hopefully it’ll be back by the time this post publishes, but right now the heat is running and I’m having chilly flashbacks to February. I should have published this recipe last week.

Regardless of the bipolar weather, it IS spring now, technically, and I thought these bright and cheery dipped cookies would be the perfect way to celebrate.

Colorblock Sugar Cookies - Lemon Sugar Cookies Dipped in Colored Candy Coating

Colorblocking may be the latest fashion trend, but I’m out to make it a food trend as well.

Rather than tediously piping and flooding royal icing as is typical with decorated sugar cookies, I chose to simply dip them in colorful melted candy wafers.

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