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Mexican 7-Layer Dip

A fresh take on a classic party recipe: Mexican 7-Layer Dip with Chorizo and Cilantro-Lime Guacamole

What’s a party without dip? Not a very good party, if we’re being honest.

If you think about it, every culture has contributed their own version of chips and dip to the American culinary playbook, from Italian artichoke dip to Middle Eastern hummus and pita. But I’d argue that Mexico has definitely given us our all-time favorite dips, from salsa to guacamole to bean dip. And this party-friendly recipe combines them all into a single, beautifully layered pan of awesome.

Mexican 7-Layer Dip with chorizo, pickled jalapenos and cilantro lime guacamole

We created this summery twist on a party favorite featuring KitchenAid’s newest attachment: the Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder. Because, let’s admit it, pre-shredded cheese is kind of gross, and shredding it yourself in large quantities is a royal pain. But this attachment is, quite simply, beautiful. To put it in perspective, I shredded about a cup of cheese using this attachment in, oh, 15 seconds, without sacrificing my knuckles in the process. It also crumbled the cotija cheese AND shredded the radish using the same blade. Brilliant!

A fresh take on a classic party recipe: 7-Layer Dip with Chorizo

Technically, if you counted each and every ingredient here as a layer, it’s actually 9-layer dip; 10 if you counted the two varieties of cheese as separate layers. But 10 Layer Dip just sounds pretentious, so we’re going to stick to 7 and call it a day. A delicious, dip-filled day.