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Beyond the Kitchen: Bookworm Edition

It’s been about 10 months since my last book post. In that time I’ve probably read 25 books. Some good, some great, some downright awful. I actually felt like there were a lot more good ones in that 10 month period, but going back through my reading list, only a handful got five stars.

Maybe I’m a harsher critic than I realize.

Honestly, I’m easily entertained. I have an active imagination and it doesn’t take much to surround me in a story, which is probably why I enjoy reading so much. If a book keeps me engaged, it’s going to get at least 3 stars. If I can truly say I enjoyed the book, it’ll get 4 stars, which is probably my most common rating. I reserve my precious 5 star ratings for the books that have me reading as fast as my little eyes will allow, dying to find out what happens next. Books that make me consciously turn off the TV to read instead. Books that have you still lost in their world long after you’ve read the last page.

On the other end of the spectrum, a book has to be honestly and truly bad for me to give it 2 stars. A 1 star book would be one I couldn’t even finish. And so far, there haven’t been any of those.

Anyway, as un-scientific as my rating system may be, today I want to share my latest 5-star books. I figure every time I have about six new 5-star books to share, I’ll do another book post. Sound like a plan?

Now, get reading!

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Six Books Worth Devouring (My favorites for 2015)

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