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Cold Spicy Kimchi Noodles

Cold Spicy Kimchi Noodles with Soft-Boiled Eggs

Can a recipe be both spicy and refreshing at the same time? Because that’s exactly what this one is.

Other than boiling the eggs and the noodles, this recipe requires no additional heat or cooking, so it’s a perfect dish to prepare on the hottest of summer days.

Granted, the ingredient list is a bit long and daunting, but the result is well worth the effort (just a note, we were able to easily find everything we needed between Whole Foods and an Asian market.)

Cold Spicy Kimchi Noodles with Soft-Boiled Eggs

Cold rice noodles are topped with a spicy sauce composed of kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage… a spicy sauerkraut, essentially), pepper paste, red miso, sugar, orange zest, and ginger (among other things, but those are the primary flavor elements that come through in the end), and then topped with an array of fresh ingredients like radish, cherry tomato, cucumber, and cilantro. The soft-boiled egg is a nice touch as well that makes the dish more substantial and filling on its own.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when Taylor first showed me this recipe… but it definitely wasn’t that. Maybe with all the spicy, heavy-sounding ingredients I was anticipating a strong and pungent sauce, almost like a hot chili oil or something that would top a hot dish like Kung Pao chicken.

But in reality, the sauce, while definitely spicy, is surprisingly light and fresh. The notes of orange and ginger give the sauce a brightness that is resoundingly un-oily. I mean, I feel strange calling a spicy noodle dish refreshing but there’s really no better word to describe it.

Cold Spicy Kimchi Noodles with Soft-Boiled Eggs

We followed the NY Times recipe almost exactly, and so there is no reason for me to reprint it here, though I am making a few notes/comments, for my own reference as much as yours (because this is one dish I’ll definitely prepare again and again).

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