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The Antioxidant (Aperol & Tangerine Cocktail)

The Antioxidant (Vodka, Aperol & Tangerine Cocktail)

Cocktail making is perhaps an under-appreciated art. While it seems simple, finding that perfect balance between ingredients is no easy task.

This bright and citrusy vodka-based cocktail recipe features a quadruple dose of citrus, including fresh orange juice, lime juice, tangerine syrup, and Aperol (an Italian apertif made from bitter oranges). With that much citrus it’s no wonder they call it The Antioxidant. I mean, this thing could kill a cold with fire.


The Antioxidant Cocktail (made with vodka, Aperol, orange juice, & tangerine syrup) topped with a flaming orange twist garnish

Any drink that comes with it’s own flaming orange peel HAS to be good.

The trick to this fiery finish is a simple squeeze. The fresher your orange peel is, the more volatile the oils are, and the bigger and brighter the flame will be. Warm the peel near the flame for a few seconds, then give it a quick squeeze, making sure to aim towards the top of the glass (where the ignited spray will settle on the top of the drink). Then rub the spent peel around the outer rim of the glass for an extra pop of flavor as you sip.

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