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Blueberry Peach Jam

Blueberry Peach Jam from

I’ve been hoarding fruit.

We’ve been blueberry picking and peach picking and would have gone cherry picking if they grew here, so instead I bought some cherries when they went on sale. All the excess fruit that wasn’t devoured immediately is now stashed in our freezer.

Usually it all gets turned into jam within days, but this summer has been unusually busy, interspersed with travel and home projects and deadlines that have interrupted my normal canning process.

So I froze it all, bagged, tagged, and labeled, fully intending to can it all once things calm down.

The beauty of freezing fruit is that you can combine fruits that might not normally be available during the same season.

Blueberry Peach Jam from

Peaches and blueberries do overlap, but we went blueberry picking early this year as soon as we heard the berries were ripe. You saw one of the results of that outing.

The jam is primarily peach with about a cup or so of blueberries. I knew the blueberries would have a stronger color and flavor and didn’t want them to overpower the peaches.

The result is a gorgeous ruby-toned jam, rustic in texture and alluring in flavor.

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