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Homemade Horchata

Homemade Horchata from

Hello, horchata. You sexy thing you.

Horchata is a traditional Spanish or Latin American beverage, made from soaked nuts and/or rice and seasoned with cinnamon. Almond and rice or just rice is probably the most common iteration, although it can also be made with barley, sesame seeds, or tigernuts (whatever those are, but I bet they are delicious!) When developing this recipe for the KitchenAid® Kitchenthusiast blog, we chose to keep it pure and simple with a mix of rice and almonds, and lightly scented with Mexican cinnamon.

Homemade Horchata made with white rice, almonds, and Mexican cinnamon from

Making homemade horchata is surprisingly easy, although it does require a bit of patience and planning ahead. First, grind up your rice and cinnamon (I find a coffee grinder is the best tool for the task). Then you’ll want to soak the rice and almonds overnight, making them easier to blend the next day. Finally, blend them with water and a bit of sugar until smooth and frothy.

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