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White Chocolate-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

White Chocolate-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

These superb stuffed cookies are everything and then some: ultra rich and deeply chocolate with a surprise nugget of warm white chocolate hidden inside.

Best enjoyed warm right out of oven (but, let’s face it, more than palatable even when they’re cold), these cookies are nothing short of a dream. And yet, here they are, as real and as solid as the dishes in the sink (ugh, I’ll get to those later, I promise, I’m having a moment with a cookie right now don’t ruin it for me).

Stack of White Chocolate-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies, top cookie broken in half to show the melted white chocolate center. White Chocolate-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

These incredible cookies were inspired by Van Stapele Koekmakerij in Amsterdam, a tiny little bakery that serves one and only one kind of cookie: a rich chocolate cookie stuffed with white chocolate. If you’re lucky enough to stop by when a batch has just come out of the oven, well, you can thank me later. It’s quite possibly the best cookie I’ve ever eaten (and that’s not something I say lightly).

So obviously I had to recreate it.

You might think that a fairly basic chocolate cookie stuffed with white chocolate would be rather simple, but you’d be wrong. It took me more tries than I care to admit to get these just right, mainly with regards to the chocolate flavor of the cookie itself.

Close up of White Chocolate-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies, one cookie broken in half showing melted white chocolate center.

My normal MO when it comes to cocoa powder is my trusty Cacao Barry Extra Brute. It’s by far my favorite cocoa powder and I use it pretty much everywhere, from cakes to brownies to hot cocoa.

But for whatever reason, in these cookies it came out tasting… a bit one-dimensional. It was missing that robust chocolate oomph, that well-rounded flavor and sigh-inducing intensity that I remembered so vividly in Amsterdam.

I tested a few different cocoa powders and ultimately decided that a mix of Valrhona cocoa powder with a bit of the Cacao Barry was the best. The Valrhona cocoa powder has an incredibly rich and profound chocolate flavor. I implore you to splurge on the good stuff for these cookies. It’s really worth it!

Stack of two chocolate cookies broken in half to reveal the gooey white chocolate centers

I also added dry milk powder and cornstarch, which, in combination with the cocoa, is basically a scratch-made chocolate pudding (and I know you’ve seen plenty of cookie recipes that use box pudding mix… that’s the idea here). These two ingredients enhance the texture and deepens the rich chocolate flavor of the cookie.

And, much like MSG intensifies the flavors of savory food, a touch of instant espresso powder does the same to the chocolate here (but it’s such a small amount you can’t taste it in the final cookie, I promise!) Instant espresso powder is really a secret weapon that can and should be used in any and all chocolate desserts (I always have some in my freezer for this reason!)

Flat lay view of chocolate cookies arranged randomly on a wire rack, with a bowl of white chocolate pieces.

For the centers, I used Valrhona Ivoire white chocolate feves. Ideally I’d have been able to find solid white chocolate ‘cups’ like they use at Van Stapele, but the feves are a good substitute. About 2 feves (7-8g) per 40g ball of dough is just about right, though I think the original cookies do have a slightly higher proportion of white chocolate (10g would be perfect I think)

To stuff the cookies, split the ball of dough in two pieces, and flatten each piece slightly. Press two feves into the center of one piece, then place the other piece on top. Pinch the edges to seal the dough around the white chocolate, then gently re-roll the dough into a puck-like shape.

The dough is quite soft, especially in the summer months or if your hands are particularly warm. If you find the dough getting too soft as you work just pop it back in the fridge for a few minutes until it’s workable again.

Wire rack with chocolate cookies, one cookie broken in half to show the white chocolate stuffed center. Hands breaking a chocolate cookie in half to reveal the molten white chocolate center. Wire rack with chocolate cookies arranged randomly, two cookies broken in half to show the white chocolate filling, with a bowl of white chocolate pieces.

These cookies are best enjoyed warm while the centers are still melty. To bring cooled cookies back to their ideal molten state, bake in a 350º oven for 2-3 minutes or pop them in the microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds.

You can also freeze the stuffed and shaped dough balls and then bake fresh cookies on demand, whenever you like (this is a beautiful thing).

When freezing cookie dough, freeze the dough balls on a parchment-lined cookie sheet until solid, then transfer to a zip-top bag. Label the bag with the recipe name, date, and baking instructions (trust me, you might think your memory is good but better safe than sorry!)

Place the frozen pucks on the cookie sheet and pop them straight in the oven (no need to thaw first), and bake for 2-3 minutes more than if baking from room temperature.

White Chocolate-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

White Chocolate-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies


  • 2 cups (250g) all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons (57g) Dutch processed cocoa powder (I used a mix of 43g Valhrona and 14g Cacao Barry)
  • 2 tablespoons (14g) whole milk powder
  • 2 teaspoons cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon Diamond Crystal kosher salt (use 3/4 teaspoon Morton’s kosher or table salt)
  • 1/2 teaspoon instant espresso powder
  • 3/4 cup unsalted butter (1 1/2 sticks or 170g), at room temperature
  • 3/4 cup (150g) packed light brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup (100g) granulated sugar
  • 2 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 160g Valrhona white chocolate feves (44 pieces) – you can also use white chocolate callets or chips or even a cut up chocolate bar; you’ll want about 7-8g per cookie.


  1. Measure flour into a large mixing bowl. Sift cocoa and dark cocoa over top of flour. Add milk powder, cornstarch, baking soda, salt and espresso powder. Whisk until evenly blended and set aside.
  2. In a mixing bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer, cream butter with sugars for 1-2 minutes on medium-high speed until fluffy. Beat in eggs, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. Mix in vanilla.
  3. Add half of dry ingredients and mix slowly until partially incorporated, then add the remaining dry ingredients and mix, scraping down the sides of the bowl, until no streaks of dry ingredients remain.
  4. Cover and chill dough for about 2 hours or until firm enough to handle; alternatively, you can use a medium cookie scoop to divide your room temperature dough into balls (about 40g each) on a baking sheet, then lightly cover and refrigerate for about 2 hours until firm enough to stuff.
  5. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  6. Stuff the cookies by splitting one 40g dough ball in half. Flatten out each half slightly, leaving one flattened piece in your palm. Place 2 white chocolate feves (or equivalent amount of white chocolate, about 7-8g) in the center of the circle, then top with the other circle. Press edges together to seal in the white chocolate, then roll re-shape into a slightly flattened ‘puck’ of dough approximately 2 inches in diameter by 1 1/2 inches tall.
  7. Arrange on a parchment lined baking sheet with a generous 2-inches of space between cookies.
  8. If you find the dough softening too much as you work (which will definitely be the case in warmer months), return dough to the fridge until it is workable again.
  9. Refrigerate shaped dough pucks on baking sheet for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also freeze the pucks as well to bake at a later time (freeze completely on baking sheet, then transfer to an airtight container or ziptop bag labeled with the recipe name, date and baking instructions).
  10. Bake cookies for 11 to 12 minutes (slightly more if baking from frozen) or until tops are puffed and matte and edges are beginning to darken. Remove from oven and let cool for about 10 minutes before eating. Cookies are best enjoyed warm while the centers are still melty, but you can easily reheat cooled cookies in a 350º oven for 2-3 minutes or pop them in the microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds.
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  1. Yep made the cookies again and again they are perfect! My grown up son requested them in the holidays!

  2. Rating: 5

    These are the best cookies I’ve ever made.  I’ve tried other versions of this cookie and this is the only recipe that gets its right.  Thank you!!!  The only change I made was to freeze the white chocolate to make extra sure it held its shape.  

  3. 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons (57g) Dutch processed cocoa powder (I used a mix of 43g Valhrona and 14g Cacao Barry)

    Does the 1/2cup refers to the cup measurement of the cocoa powder? Thank you

  4. 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons (57g) Dutch processed cocoa powder (I used a mix of 43g Valhrona and 14g Cacao Barry)

    Do you mean 1/2 cup or 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder? Sorry what does the 1/2 cup refers to? Thank you!

    • Measurement is 1/2 cup plus an additional 2T (so more than 1/2c but less than 3/4c). If you have a scale you can just weigh out 57g.

  5. Do you split the cocoa 50/50?
    I’m making these soon and I hope they’re perfect! :)

  6. Where do I store the cookies? For how long will they last?
    I made them and they are so good! Thank you!

    • Definitely store in an airtight container. They will start to get dry after a few days, though they are still edible. You can also freeze them before/after baking for longer storage.

  7. Hello Lindsay,

    I made them last week and it turned out SO good. Thank you for replicating the cookie since we are not able to go there during this time.

    would you recommend adding milk chocolate chips/chunks and how much to making it almost exactly like the cookie shop in Amsterdam?

    Thank you

  8. Hi, thanks a lotttt for the recipe. It tastes soooo good surely reminded me of Van Stapele, especially on this pandemic era thet we can’t travel anywhere, your recipe sure transfer me back to the taste of when I’m in Ams :( 
    However, my cookies are not as flat as yours, any tips on making them flatter? I baked them for 12 mins; followed every details of your measurement.

    • Cookies that don’t spread are usually a result of too much flour. Try measuring by weight next time to be completely accurate. You could try reducing the flour by a 1 or 2 tablespoons (10-15g) which should definitely make them spread a bit more.

  9. I tried this recipe to make the cookies with the exact ingredients and quantity. However, the cookies came out with cracks on top. What could be the reason behind it?
    Are you not supposed to use self rising flour together with the baking soda?

  10. Excellent recipe! Thank you!

  11. Too cakey for my liking, not crunchy enough. How can I make them more crunchy?

    • Baking them a bit longer would give you a bit crispier bottoms/edges, but overall they’re not meant to be crunchy cookies. You’d want to seek out a recipe that was written as such as the proportions of ingredients will be completely different.

  12. Wow Thank you so much for your hard work finding the exact taste ! I will definitely try your recipe ! My question is, in the Van Stapele cookie I remember seeing small chunks of milk chocolate. You seem to want to reproduce the exact taste so I am wondering if it is by choice that you did not put them or you put milk powder instead ? I have valhrona cocoa powder and Valrhona white chocolate but not the milk one so I am wondering if I should add some regular milk chocolate chunks or nothing to do exactly as you did! Thank you in advance!

  13. thnx for recipe, however my cookies taste great, the white chocolate does not melt..I used chocolate from a bar, and tried several diffrent brands
    the white chocolate becomse firm and something else which i cant describe..I tried to bake longer and also with higher temperature..still same result..

    Do u think its because of the brand? that I dont use Vahlrona?

    thank you

    • It is possible that different brands of white chocolate have different properties. Something high quality is going to have a high % of cacao butter, which is what makes it nice and melty. A lot of cheaper white chocolates are more vegetable oils and things, and won’t melt as nicely.

  14. Do you use regular white sugar foe this recipe or does granulated sugar refer to the castor sugar/really fine white sugar? 

  15. What could I replace the milkpowder with? Really excited to try this!

  16. Hi Lindsay

    These tasted great but mine puffed up a bit. Maybe too much air in my dough? How can I make mine more flatter like yours please? Many thanks 

    • Thank you for the recipe. I will definitely try. I watched them a little while they were making the cookies and I think I saw them stuff small pieces of dark chocolate in the dough, after they okace the white in the middle. Does that sound righr?

  17. Hi Lindsay

    These tasted great but mine puffed up a bit. Maybe too much air in my dough? How can I make mine more flatter like yours please? Many thanks 

    • Did you weigh the flour or measure it with cups? It’s possible you over-measured, as extra flour will prevent cookies from spreading. You can try reducing the flour by 2-3 tablespoons next time, see if that makes a difference!

  18. Wow, thank you so much for this recipe!! I’m so happy right now, just had two of these cookies fresh out of the oven and they’re so similar to the amazing cookies I had in Amsterdam, delicately crisp on the outside, soft and brownie like on the inside, and an intense chocolate flavour. I also added milk and white chocolate chunks to mine as that’s how I remember them from the shop, as well as the white chocolate centre. I didn’t invest in the Valhrona cocoa, but they were still absolutely delicious using Bournville cocoa. I know I’ll be coming back to this recipe over and over again!

  19. Amazing cookies!!!!

  20. Is it possible to replace milk powder of leave out? We don’t have that in my country

  21. Hey!can i freeze them after baking them?.. thank u!

    • I’d actually recommend freezing the stuffed and shaped balls of dough instead, that way you can bake then bake them fresh right from the freezer (add 2 minutes or so to the bake time listed).

  22. Dear person,

    Thank you SO MUCH from me and my sister! We are making your cookies as we speak, they are so AMAZING! I live in Amsterdam and van stapele is my favourite bakery, it’s so cool we get to make them at home now! We couldn’t find the valrona chocolates, so iur cookies don’t have the nice flat edges u have, but other than that, they’re perfect.

  23. Hello. I was recently in Amsterdam and had the pleasure of tasting these amazing cookies, and I appreciate your efforts in figuring out the recipe!  I am stumped by the white chocolate feves.  I have a photograph that shows the type they use, and it is one that I can not locate on line anywhere. It is not as flat as the Valhrona ones. I wanted to send you the pic so you can let me know if you have any leads..? or if maybe we should be doubling the feves to get the height and depth? Can not attach a picture here… Thanks so much! 

    • I had a photo of the cookies being made as well (lol), and it almost looks like a peanut butter cup-shaped piece of solid white chocolate. I’m guessing maybe they temper the chocolate and mold these themselves or order them custom, as I wasn’t able to find anything similar in all my searching. The feves I used were the closest big chunks of white chocolate I could find, I stacked two of them together inside each cookie which seems to be a pretty close approximation of the originals.

    • I thought this exact same thing! Hunted high and low (online) for valhrona white chocs that came in that almost reese-cups shape to no avail. Would tempering the white chocolate affect how long it stays melted in the cookie after baking? I find that my white chocolate solidifies pretty quick after the cookie cools  

  24. How many cookies can you make with this recipe? 

    Looking forward to try it out!! :D

  25. How many eggs in this recipe? :)

  26. I’ve tried your recipe lindsay! It really tastes good and moistt. However, it turned my cookies easily broke apart, maybe bcs it was too soft. I think of maybe I should bake them longer or raise the temperature? wdyt? thanks :)

  27. Hi lindsay, I’m nidya, thank you so much for finding this recipe! 1 Question from me, I believe these cookies are basically moist inside, then how long these cookies stay moist? Bcs this is an common issue when everyone’s making cookies that cookies are basically easily dry out even in the next day. thank you

    • My cookies kept pretty well for 3-5 days. Store them in an airtight container to keep them soft, also be sure you don’t overbake them which can dry them out more than anything!

  28. Gracias por responder tan rápidamente. Usé las medidas en gramos, y no salió bien. Digo que no corresponden las medidas porque mi taza de medición dice 60 gr.cuando mido 1/4 de taza de cocoa, y el azúcar usted dice 3/4 de taza ó 150 gr y enseguida 1/2 taza de otro azúcar ó 100 gr, entonces como dos tazas de harina son igual a 250gr? Estas equivalencias son las que no comprendo, no soy nueva en reposteria, y la he hecho exactamente igual que usted la escribe, leche en polvo y 170gr de mantequilla. Lo que digo es que la receta si la hago en gramos la masa es blanda que se derrite en mis manos sin poder hacer una bola y al hacerla midiendo en tazas, mi taza de medir dice una medida en gramos distinta a la de usted.

    • Weight and volume is not always the same especially for dry ingredients, for example a cup of flour weighs less (125g) than a cup of sugar (200g). I am guessing the grams on your measuring cups are for water (1/4 cup of water weights 60g). Be sure you are actually weighing the ingredients using a kitchen scale if using the gram measurements, otherwise, stick to the cups and ignore the gram measurements on your measuring cups.

  29. Hola! He hecho su Receta dos veces y en ambas ocasiones la masa es tan blanda, incluso congelada, es imposible hacer una bola! Al meter en el horno se derriten por completo llenando la bandeja de una sola masa blanda que no se pone dura. Creo que hay un error en las medidas porque no coinciden las tazas con los gramos. Por otra parte, no lleva chocolate derretido?
    Si todo está correcto, cual puede ser mi error?

    • Not quite sure I fully understand your comment… did you use the gram or cup measurements? I reread the recipe and everything seems to be in order. There is no melted chocolate in the recipe, only cocoa powder. Did you maybe use actual milk instead of milk powder? Or maybe too much butter? Not sure what else could

  30. Does it taste like van staple? I just had some in Amsterdam, now I’m feening back in the UNited states.

  31. What a wonderful recipe. In this original Van stapele recipe, does she also use cocoa powder or use melted dark chocolate? What is your opinion of how it looks better?
    Thanks for sharing :)

    • I’ve never found a copy of the original, but everything I’ve read mentioned Valrhona cocoa powder.

    • I tried this recipe to make the cookies with the exact ingredients and quantity. However, the cookies came out with cracks on top. What could be the reason behind it?
      Are you not supposed to use self rising flour together with the baking soda?

      • The recipe calls for all-purpose flour, not self-rising. The extra leavening is probably what caused the cracks!

  32. Hey, the recipe looks so promising! Can’t wait to make it! But I have one question. Did you put the correct amount of granulated and brown sugar in grams? Because the sugar quantity seems too little for cookies. So I checked the cup to grams conversion on the internet and turned out to be different from your conversion. I’d be really happy if you could answer my curiousity. Thank you! :-)

  33. This looks GREAT but Valrhona actually IS dutch-processed – see their website for the same product you linked to –

    • Well look at that, you’re right! Processing aside, for these cookies specifically it’s far superior to other brands. :)

  34. really interesting cookie, wow, thank you for sharing this Amsterdam inspired filled cookie!

  35. These cookies look so delicious and chocolatey!

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