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Three scoops of Sourdough Ice Cream in a metal tin, with a spoonful on the site and an old fashioned ice cream scoop in the background.

Sourdough Ice Cream

You won’t believe your tastebuds: this homemade ice cream tastes just like freshly baked sourdough bread! Topped with crunchy caramelized breadcrumbs, it’s a truly unique...

Matcha Strawberry Tart on a marble background, with turquoise basket of strawberries and a bowl of mini meringue kisses.

Matcha Strawberry Tart

Savor springtime with these luscious strawberry and matcha tarts: with a rich matcha pastry cream filling and ripe fresh berries, it’s a unique combination your...

Handmade ceramic bowl filled with hearty turkey stew, on a blue background with blue napkin, wine glasses and a bit of parsley in the background.

Taylor’s Ultimate Turkey Stew

This rich and hearty turkey stew is a perfect, heart-warming winter meal. With a thick and velvety broth and chock full of shredded turkey, peas...

A spoon drizzling homemade whiskey caramel sauce into a jar full of caramel

Whiskey Caramel Sauce

Rich and creamy, sweet and boozy – this whiskey-infused caramel sauce makes a perfect homemade holiday gift! The boozy secret ingredient in this luscious homemade...

White chocolate dipped biscotti cookie sitting on the rim of a blue gingham coffee cup, with more biscotti in the background.

Crunchy Pecan Praline Biscotti

Light and crunchy pecan praline biscotti dipped in a white chocolate praline coating and sprinkled with a caramel praline crunch, this pecan praline biscotti might...

Modern white baking dish with sliced beef brisket and sauce poured over top

Slow Cooker Hanukkah Beef Brisket

This tender and flavorful slow cooker beef brisket is cooked low and slow until it practically falls apart, served with a sweet and tangy sauce...

Alternating tree-shaped pistachio cut out cookies on parchment paper

Pistachio Cutout Sugar Cookies

Holiday baking season is upon us, and these pistachio-flavored cutout cookies are the perfect canvas for holiday decoration. These incredibly soft, subtly green sugar cookies...