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Rectangular cut Nutella Chocolate Crunch Candy Bark arranged diagonally in rows on a gray background.

Chocolate Nutella Feuilletine Crunch

This easy and delicious crunchy candy is a textural delight: made with just 3 ingredients, this no-bake recipe comes together in under 15 minutes (plus...

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Scones on a pink serving plate with fresh raspberries and a ceramic mug of coffee, pink napkin and bowl of raspberries in the background.

Chocolate Raspberry Cream Scones

No dry, bland scones here: these cream scones are tender and fluffy and ultra flavorful! This particular version has dark chocolate chunks and freeze-dried raspberries...

Crackly top Lemon Olive Oil Sugar Cookies on marble with a small glass pourer of olive oil, lemons, and a plate of more cookies in the background.

Lemon Olive Oil Sugar Cookies

Soft, chewy, and lemony sugar cookies made with extra virgin olive oil instead of butter for a unique flavor and a delightful chewy texture—with a...

Raspberry and chocolate entremet-style cake with a dark chocolate mirror glaze with a few slices cut out to show the interior layers, with two raspberries and a gold cake server on the side.

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

This gorgeous layered dessert features a brownie-like chocolate cake, luscious chocolate raspberry jam, and a light and fluffy raspberry and ruby chocolate mousse all enrobed...

Slices of Pistachio Sour Cream Cheesecake on white porcelain plates and silver forks, full cheesecake with slices cut out on the background with a bowl of scattered pistachios.

Pistachio Sour Cream Cheesecake

Pistachio lovers… this one’s for you: with a green and nutty pistachio flavored filling, creamy sour cream topping, and a sweet and salty pistachio cookie...

Stack of Toasted Coconut Sugar Cookies on a plate with one cookie leaning up against the stack to show the toasted shredded coconut on top of the cookie.

Toasted Coconut Sugar Cookies

Coconut lovers, this one’s for you: these toasted coconut sugar cookies are soft, chewy, and coconutty to the max, packed with a triple dose of...

Overhead, Freezer Jam Ice Pops in three different color/flavors, scattered on crushed ice cubes with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and peaches scattered around.

Homemade Fresh Fruit Freeze Pops

These summery fresh fruit freeze pops are made with pectin for a less icy, more pleasing mouthfeel; they’re essentially a quick freezer jam in popsicle...