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Strawberry Vanilla and Strawberry Balsamic Jam

Strawberry Vanilla and Strawberry Balsamic Jam

I’ve been (not-so-patiently) waiting two years to make strawberry jam. The year I learned how to can I didn’t start until June or July, well after the last luscious red berries had been plucked. And last year, well, I’ve already lamented about missing strawberry season last year.

Sweet Charley and Chandler Strawberries

This year, we were lucky enough to catch the tail end of the Sweet Charlies and the beginnings of the Chandler strawberry crop; the Charlies are a super sweet, early berry, while the Chandlers are large, gorgeous, flavorful berries, each delicious in their own right. We picked a bucket of each, and didn’t waste any time turning them in to two batches of beautiful ruby red jam.

Strawberry Vanilla Jam

The strawberry vanilla jam might be my favorite. It is a traditional pectin-free jam, and so it’s cooked longer to bring out the natural pectin in the berries. The resulting flavor is sweet and sultry, and almost tastes like strawberry ice cream on it’s own, but when drizzled over ice cream becomes otherworldly. The strawberry balsamic is a quick pectin-based jam, so the flavor is brighter, more like freshly picked berries, with a hint of balsamic vinegar lingering just beneath the surface.

Fresh Picked Strawberries

The strawberry season will likely last for a few more precious weeks; something I need to take advantage of. I’d love to explore more variations, I’m thinking a strawberry basil or a strawberry lavender jam could be life-changing. Strawberry peach? Meyer lemon? Chocolate? Black pepper? Red wine? So many possibilities, so little time.

If you’re interested in the strawberry balsamic jam recipe, I just added 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar to the basic strawberry jam recipe that came in the low-sugar pectin package. When I’m looking for a bare-bones basic jam recipe, that’s usually the first place I go. Although the basic non-pectin recipe below could easily be adapted, replacing the vanilla with a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.

(Psst! Download the printable labels for this jam here!)

Strawberry Vanilla Jam

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1 quart strawberries (approximately 4 cups, chopped)
2 cups granulated sugar, divided
2 vanilla beans, split and scraped
1 lemon, juiced


Wash, hull, and roughly chop berries. Toss with 1 cup sugar and vanilla beans and seeds in a large bowl. Cover and chill for at least 2 to 3 hours or up to 72 hours.

When you’re ready to make the jam, prepare canner and wash/sterilize 3 half-pint mason (or equivalent) jars. Keep jars in hot (not boiling) water until ready to use. Warm lids in hot (not boiling) water to sterilize and soften seal.

Pour the berries and all liquid into a large saucepan along with remaining sugar, discarding vanilla beans. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and simmer until the jam reaches 220 degrees F, stirring regularly. Add the lemon juice in the final 5 minutes of cooking.

You can test the gel of the jam by placing a spoonful on a chilled plate. Return to the freezer for 1 to 2 minutes, then check for doneness. If you want a firmer gel, cook for a few minutes longer.

When jam has reached the desired consistency, remove from heat and skim off foam. Ladle hot sauce into jars, leaving 1/4-inch of headspace. Wipe jar rims and threads. Screw on lids and rings. Process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes. Remove from water and let cool completely, 12 to 24 hours. Check seals. Any unsealed jars should be refrigerated and used within 3 weeks.

Recipe from Food in Jars.

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  1. This sounds fabulous! I especially love the vanilla recipe without the pectin. And I love the labels you decided on! Super cute!

  2. Thank you! I love your recipes and play with them to suit my tastes. This jam usually comes out a tad sweeter than I would like. So this time, I reduced sugar to 1 and 3/4 cup and added the rind and half the juice in while cooking (instead of the end). I kept the juice of 1/2 the lemon to adjust tastes at the end but didn’t need it. It turned with the right amount of sweetness for me, but also a little tangy, which I liked a lot. The fourth burner pot is wonderful for small batches like this!

  3. Very Well nerrated with images to make the strawberry with vanilla, good combination and i love strawberry flavour thanks for nice recipe

  4. Looking forward to making the Strawberry Vanilla Jam, question, how long was the vanilla beans you used? The ones I have are 6 inches long which are a little longer then the ones in most grocery stores.

  5. I made the strawberry vanilla jam last night, and it is delicious!! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  6. I made the strawberry vanilla jam a few times last year and it was incredible. I’ve got bother batch in the fridge macerating right now!! I have enough strawberries left over for another batch which I’m thinking will be the balsamic. Thank you so much for this recipe!!!

  7. I have been all over this and cannot find the recipe for the strawberry balsamic jam. Am I missing anything? I would love to make this!

    • From the last paragraph:

      If you’re interested in the strawberry balsamic jam recipe, I just added 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar to the basic strawberry jam recipe that came in the low-sugar pectin package.


  8. I was wondering what the strawberries convert to in weight (lbs.) Thanks! Love the label.

  9. Hi Lindsay
    Went on to Amazon UK and ordered the book after coming across your blog – looks great!

    Can you tell me where you get your labels from? Your packaging looks absolutely lovely – just can’t seem to find in the UK! Anne

  10. Hi Lindsay,
    A friend sent me over here to check out your adorable jam labels. She was so right, I’m making a lot of jam this season and was looking for a cute way to label the jars. Hope you don’t mind if I steal your look. I will have to be on the lookout for your cookie dough book it sounds sinful.

  11. I prepped the berries yesterday (Sunday) afternoon…your recipe says they can stay in the fridge for up to 72 hours before canning, but if it’s a little over, will that be okay? Wednesday evenings are really the only ones I have that aren’t filled with other things, so that’s when I’ll be canning. I’m just worried the berries might over-ripen, since they were perfectly ripe to begin with.

    Oh, and it took all my willpower not to just eat the vanilla-and-sugar-covered gems out of the bowl to begin with…can’t WAIT for the finished product! :)

    • I think you’ll be fine. Mine were in there a good 3 days with no ill-effect. The sugar is in essence preserving them somewhat. :)


  12. Ufff I love it! I love Strawberries, I’m crazy about Strawberry Jam!
    And I love every variation of it!! I haven’t tried yet Vanilla, I don’t know why! But sure is something that I will have to do! I always use rosemary or mint :P
    By the way! I love your jars and I adore your labels!!! How do you make them??

  13. Can I substitute vanilla extract for the beans?

    • Sure, try 1 teaspoon. You won’t get quite the same look without the vanilla specs but should taste just as good. :)

  14. This looks amazing!! We just came out of the strawberry fields and can not wait to make this! But, I want mine to look as pretty as yours…where do I find these labels? Thank you for such a wonderful recipe!

  15. I just made the strawberry vanilla…Super Delicious! This was my first time making jam or any kind of preserves; it was easy, so much fun, and so good! Thanks for the recipe!!

  16. I love the idea of adding a little vanilla – I usually just go for straight strawberry as it’s my daughter’s favorite but I fell in love with a spicy version from Sommer @A Spicy perspective that I tried last year as well.

  17. making jams homemade is so worth it {except my husband will eat the whole jar in one sitting every time, so I have to make a lot}! both versions of this strawberry jam sound delicious. I love that you showed us the two varieties of strawberries!

  18. I am so glad I searched for strawberry jams on pinterest! I canned 6 pints of jam today for a friend – using honey instead of sugar. I wanted to find another recipe to try out as well and I am going to try your strawberry and balsamic recipe. It sounds delicious! I have a gallon of strawberries so I can make a bunch. :D Next on the list, is blueberry jam…do you have a recipe for that?

  19. Love the jars – can’t wait to try the recipe.

    Where did you find the adorable labels?

  20. just found your blog, love the title so much

  21. I love the combo of strawberries + balsamic. Looks so yum!

  22. Can you reuse old jars from the store (ie. salsa, jam, spaghetti sauce jars)?

    • No, I wouldn’t trust that store jars would hold up to the high heat of canning. If you’re just refrigerating the jam, that’d be fine, but for canning I’d be sure the jars were made to hold up to high heat.

    • good to know! thanks for the info!

    • Classico spaghetti sauce is packed in mason jars so we reuse those with no issues. They’re too big for jam though.

  23. just needed to say, that shot of the strawberries in the carton is phenomenal! … and the personal labels are just about the sweetest thing ever.

  24. I just love those jam stickers. So adorable!

  25. Like you, I’ve missed making strawberry jam the last two years. My husband made it with his mother when he was little so he keeps saying we need to make some. I did, however, get to the strawberry patch and we did crepes and a spice cake topped with strawberries that everyone enjoyed. You jam looks terrific and the labels are perfect.

  26. I never knew the differences in strawberries! Now I’m going to think of “Friends” when I see the Chandler ones… :) These both look delicious!

  27. I love how you used vanilla in there. I love the two compliment one another in desserts, so I bet this is perfect! Your jam looks wonderfully delicious!

  28. Love love the label and cute jam bottle. Not to mention the recipe. Beautiful photography.

    Chanced upon your blog today. Gorgeous space you have here.

  29. This sounds fabulous! I especially love the vanilla recipe without the pectin. And I love the labels you decided on! Super cute!

  30. Aren´t you having the best of times canning! Beautiful everything, the jam and those labels!

  31. I actually just learned a ton! I am going to have to devote a whole day to this (I know I’m going to totally mess up a few times!)

  32. oh wow… have always made simple strawberry jam.. with no added flavouring.. am quite taken with the strawberry and vanilla pairing!!!

  33. Wonderful recipe! I love making strawberry jam! It’s my favorite!!

  34. These are beautiful flavors- can’t wait to start experimenting with some jams this summer!

  35. I made strawberry basil ice cream last summer, and that flavor combination is outstanding. I can’t wait to try this one!

  36. These flavors make me excited for summer!!!!!

  37. If I wasn’t doing the Live Below the Line challenge this week, I would be hop-skipping to make this. I grew up making raspberry jam from my backyard patch and there is nothing more satisfying than making your own spread! Keep them coming.


  38. I just need to find the right strawberries and then I’m making this jam for sure!

  39. Loving your jam posts! This is something I’ve always wanted to try making, but it seemed so daunting. Your recipe makes it seem doable; can’t wait to try it!

  40. I made a strawberry lemon marmalade last year; very bright and sunny. Meyer lemons would probably elevate it to magic.

  41. Looks like a tasty combo! (And liking the labels too!) :)

  42. Those strawberry jams are looking good! I can;t wait for the local strawberries to be in season!

  43. Love this!! Yum!

  44. Both of these flavors sound wonderful. There is just nothing like homemade strawberry jam. Your jars are so cute, did you just reuse jam jars from the store? I love the ribbon with the label. Very sweet.

    I made a peach rosemary and peach lime last year that were incredible. I love concocting new flavors.

    Pinning for next year’s crop.

  45. I had never heard of “Sweet Charley” or “Chandler” strawberries, but after seeing your photo, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I used! The Chandler ones came from the same place you guys went and picked from (except mine were delivered to me courtesy Nathan & Newschannel5!), and the Sweet Charley ones look exactly like the ones I received from Delvin Farms. I must say, those strawberries made for some AMAZING jam!

    Thanks again for the label!

  46. Strawberry-peach sounds like it would be absolutely amazing… I should really try canning again this summer. Last summer was too crazy what with moving and all!

  47. Oh this jam sound delicious, mu grandmother makes some amazing strawberry jam, I remember how much I loved it when she would open a jar during cold winters!

  48. we just pulled the first little bowl of strawberries off our plants last night. i’m hoping i get enough to make my first ever batch of jam this year! i’ve done blueberry and fig, but not strawberry.

    this is going on my to-make list.

    i love those labels!

  49. These delicious jams you’ve been cookin up and canning have definitely inspired me to try out some canning myself. You really go the extra mile with the beautiful labeled jars!

  50. Hasn’t hit yet here, but boy, do I need it to! A friend’s mom is going to teach me how to make jam, I am quite excited!

  51. I would love to make my own jam, and this recipe with strawberries and vanilla just sounds perfect. Your photo’s are beautiful and the jam looks delicious. Can’t wait to try this out!

  52. strawberry vanilla jam that tastes like ice cream? Yes, sign me up for that one! Great recipe, Lindsay!

  53. Lindsay, I love the jars that you used, can you tell me where you purchased them?

  54. Lindsay this is just gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to make jam and this summer’s fruit season may be the perfect time!

  55. Love this post! I made strawberry balsamic jam last year and you reminded me how wonderful it is and that I need to make this soon. Love your labels – I need to get more creative on that end. Have a great week!

  56. Canning scares me! But this jam looks splendid. Gorgeous labels, too :)

  57. I had no idea there were different names for strawberries!

  58. Can I use frozen strawberries that I picked last year and still have not finished eating?

  59. All great flavors, Lindsay. I love vanilla beans!

  60. I would love to make this for my wedding favors, but I’ve never made jam before! I need to start practicing :)

  61. This looks so yummy! My new lunch obsession is strawberry and mascarpone on toast, but this jam would be a nice addition!

  62. I love the idea of strawberry and lavender! Although I’m not sure it would be able to dislodge the idea of strawberry and vanilla jam from my heart…

    • i have been making strawberry vanilla jam for three years now…i cant keep it on hand! people ask for it over and over again! if you can, can DO IT!

      smeared on a piece of toast with a little bit of melted butter….there arent even words for how good that is!

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