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Truly Sweet Art by Sarah Wain

Our kitchen has a new addition. Hung perfectly on the wall right over the completely useless phone jack. It’s not just pretty, it’s utilitarian. And I love it to death.

Cupcake Painting by Sarah Wain

You’ve seen this cupcake before, you say? Why yes! They’re the adorably delicious cherry-filled almond cupcakes from two years ago, interpreted in painting form by Indiana artist Sarah Wain.

Cupcake Painting by Sarah Wain

Sarah contacted me a few months ago asking to use some of my dessert photos in her paintings. And if you’ve seen her paintings, it is obvious Sarah has a sweet tooth just like I do. She is one talented lady, able to capture the texture of cake and buttercream with paint on canvas. I was honored that she wanted to use my images and even more thrilled when she offered to send me a print of the final product.

Cupcake Painting by Sarah Wain

The original painting is large and gorgeous, a whopping 24×36″. If I had a bigger wall in my kitchen I just might have to buy it. But for now, the print will have to do.

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  1. I’d love to put prints of fresh produce of the walls of my kitchen, or photographs from the farmer’s market that I like to dream I’ll take someday. I don’t have a kitchen of my own yet, but will soon, and I’m so looking forward to making it my own space!

  2. Liked Sarah on FB, too! Love her work! Jennifer R

  3. I am already one of your FB fans! Jennifer R ;-)

  4. My kitchen is currently decorated in CUPCAKES!! I do have one wall in my dining room that is BEGGING for this print!

  5. Our kitchen is small but mostly open. But on the one open wall I have a small octopus painting my husband found and bought for me. He knows I love octopi so it’s such a cute addition to our kitchen area.

  6. We don’t have anything on our kitchen walls at the moment. My dream kitchen…exactly this picture. I would love to have lots of delicious looking pictures and paintings hanging on the walls. It’d make a kitchen just so beautiful.

  7. I just got a pot rack and it’s the best $50 I’ve ever spent. Looks so awesome and frees up an entire bottom cabinet of space.

  8. “Liked” Sarah on FB

    Christina W

  9. Fan of loveandoliveoil on FB!!

    Christina W

  10. Love that!! Right now I have one small little picture of a cupcake in our kitchen :) I need more!! :)

  11. I think I’d get on of the paintings on Sarah Wain’s website and make that the jumping off point for the whole room. Then add a clock.

  12. This is sooo cool! I have different plates hung around the upper reaches of my kitchen – giving it some color. Also my mom made a wall hanging of different fruit and veges. She donated it to be auctioned off – and I was her highest bidder – so I got to take it home! neat huh?

  13. All I have hanging in my kitchen is my pizza peel; would be nice to add some color…PLEASE!

  14. I just tweeted about the giveaway! @kokocooks

  15. My kitchen is poorly designed and does not have much wall space except above the cabinets. I would love to hang up some food pictures.

  16. I also like Sarah E. Wain!! -Avery K.

  17. I like your facebook page, too! -Avery K.

  18. My boyfriend and I made prints with fruits and veggies on white canvas that hang on one wall of my kitchen.

  19. On my Kitchen walls are several framed photos of Antique items along with old baskets but my favorite photo is of a large Watermelon slice complete with with a fly on it :)
    I could really use a dessert photo!
    Hope I win!!!

  20. Currently my kitchen walls are very lackluster since I just moved into a new apartment. However, I do have a clock and a calendar on the walls, along with a photo of a Chicago Dog from a recent visit. I am definitely in the need of something new and exciting to spice up the kitchen!

  21. Right now I have nothing on my kitchen walls! I just repainted and took down an entire wall of kids art. I have been looking for some food related artwork and this would be perfect!

  22. It’s beautiful!! I love it!

    In my real kitchen i’ve a lemon pictures, tomatoes, orange and one artichoke. They are fun because they are doctored pictures. Orange has the face of evil, innocent artichoke, tomato and lemon rogue rogue.


  23. I couldn’t find Sarah E. Wain on Facebook! I searched but her name didn’t come up!

  24. I follow Love & Olive Oil on Facebook!

  25. I would love to have more food art in my kitchen. I love Sarah’s work and this piece would look perfect in there!

  26. I currently have a set of vintage carnival photos on my kitchen walls! But my dream kitchen would hopefully have a chalkboard to keep my family organized and together, and lots of (protected) prints of things in pastels. :]

  27. I just “liked” Sarah on FB (Jennifer B.F.)

  28. a black and white sketch of strawberries done by my little brother

  29. Already a fan of yours on FB (Jennifer B.F.)

  30. The walls of my kitchen have silver magnetic boards that are filled with family photos that we change out often. This cupcake painting is amazing, and would be a great addition to my walls!

  31. Love the cupcake! My fav wall decor is a wooden cake rack handmade by my Uncle Donny (love him!)…specially made large enough to accomidate my largest cake pan…which I use as a base on my wedding cakes!

  32. I have beautiful kitchen art by local artists! In the process of having some custom cupcake art for our kitchen too! What a beautiful painting =)

  33. Looks great! And I liked you on Facebook!

  34. I have a painting of tea cups that I did myself and a big canvas filled with pictures of the great grandkids!

  35. So far, we have just a clock on our kitchen walls as there is not a whole lot of wall space! my dream kitchen would have some of my food photos on canvases :)

  36. I also “liked” Sarah on Facebook. Heather L. E.

  37. I am a fan on facebook. Heather L. E.

  38. I love this print! It would go beautifully on the walls of my kitchen to replace some boring posters I got at Hobby Lobby a few years ago…

  39. An old fruit crate label but it’s too small for the space :(

  40. I like that chalkboard idea that Mrs. Meredith mentioned. I also want to put up pictures of loved ones.

  41. I want to put up a chalkboard weekly menu on the wall!

  42. I still live with my parents but there is a large tea cup display that were my great grandmother’s. Sometimes I think I would have them in my own kitchen too, but maybe not. I have a wonderful collection of art prints I could use when the time comes!

  43. my twitter is akonk. i tweeted you!

  44. Fan on Sarah’s FB too – Natalie W. :)

  45. Fan on FB! :) Natalie W.

  46. My favorite thing on the wall on my kitchen is a photo of a friend and his daughter in their kitchen. Their backs are to the camera…he’s cooking and she’s sitting on the counter with her legs crossed in her footsie pjs. It’s an adorable father-daughter moment. :)

  47. Right now I have a TINY kitchen, so the only thing hanging on the walls is a small canvas of wine corks. In my dream kitched, however, I would LOVE to have artwork hanging of beautiful pictures/paintings of food. Lemons, limes, oranges etc. Pops of color. Just like this painting! I love it!

  48. I looooove this print. I saw it when you posted it on instagram and died immediately. :) SO fun!! I want to hang some of my own food photos on my kitchen walls – but I will have to wait until I have some $$$ to afford that! ;)

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