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Truly Sweet Art by Sarah Wain

Our kitchen has a new addition. Hung perfectly on the wall right over the completely useless phone jack. It’s not just pretty, it’s utilitarian. And I love it to death.

Cupcake Painting by Sarah Wain

You’ve seen this cupcake before, you say? Why yes! They’re the adorably delicious cherry-filled almond cupcakes from two years ago, interpreted in painting form by Indiana artist Sarah Wain.

Cupcake Painting by Sarah Wain

Sarah contacted me a few months ago asking to use some of my dessert photos in her paintings. And if you’ve seen her paintings, it is obvious Sarah has a sweet tooth just like I do. She is one talented lady, able to capture the texture of cake and buttercream with paint on canvas. I was honored that she wanted to use my images and even more thrilled when she offered to send me a print of the final product.

Cupcake Painting by Sarah Wain

The original painting is large and gorgeous, a whopping 24×36″. If I had a bigger wall in my kitchen I just might have to buy it. But for now, the print will have to do.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that’s SO gorgeous! My dream kitchen would be filled with paintings/photographs just like this one! It’d be colorful, cheery, and whimsical without going over the top.

  2. Liked Sarah Wain on Facebook also. Her art is amazing! Dina L.

  3. Liked on facebook :) Dina L.

  4. liked both love and olive oil and sarah wain on facebook – betsy h.

    i currently have some clay plates from mexico on my kitchen walls, but a cupcake print would be WAY awesome!!

  5. Following on twitter and sent out a tweet :)

  6. Currently we do not have anything on my kitchen walls. My husband and I are newly weds and moved into a small one bedroom apartment for the time being. I would love to have a painting or something on my wall :)

  7. Our two kitchens, in our winter and summer homes, are adorned with family art. A copper sculpture by daughter Robin, an antique clock of Dairy Made Ice Cream and a Hatch print of cooking equivalents from daughter Lindsay ( the same one of Love & Olive Oil) and a pear painting by sister in law Sally, Auntie Sal to Lindsay and Robin. There is definitely room for a painting of LIndsay’s delicious cupcake with a cherry on top!!!!!! Put my name in the drawing.
    Love, Mom

  8. also just became a fan of Sarah Wain (Mandy A), totally loving her prints. Might have to get my hands on the cherry one.

  9. I am also a fan of Love & Olive Oil on Facebook, my name is Mandy A :)

  10. I love this print! I have some retro ads for my kitchen that I love, but this would go awesome with my cupcake coasters.

  11. We have quite a bit of wine paraphernalia on the walls of our kitchen, and I love it! But I also love your kitchen theme.

  12. I have framed photos from all my travels on the walls of my kitchen at the moment.

  13. I have a tiny kitchen with one blank wall on which hangs a painting of a monkey with a watermelon hat. I also have a small painting of an egg that hangs on the side of a cabinet. Both painted by my husband.
    We love your blog by the way and have tried many of your recipes.

  14. Love the kitchen! and Painting! I have a set of Andy Warhol/Marilyn silk screen plates on the wall and an awesome George Nelson Atomic clock – I really need a Sarah Waine painting to complement the kitchen we are renovating – even as we speak… the guy is here right now tearing down the wall!!!!!

  15. oh my god, this is just so wonderful. i LOVE this. my kitchen is tiled, so it’s hard to put things up – i just have a little snowflake bentley print up that my mom gave me for christmas, although i just ordered the de long wine map of france and i’d love to find a home for that in my kitchen too…we’ll see :)

  16. Sara Wain’s facebook fan!
    ~Merium C

  17. already your facebook fan!
    ~Merium C

  18. Well there’s nothing really decorating my kitchen walls right now. If I had my choice my kitchen would be chili peppers in every color of the rainbow with yellow accents!!

  19. Right now, it’s our Star Trek calendar and the poster with the cake flavors I made to accompany our wedding cake (which we made ourselves!).

  20. LOVE the painting! Great way to add spice to the space! I am always wanting to do my kitchen in citrus.
    PS Liked you on Facebook too!

  21. (True confession, if I won that painting, I’d be sending it on IMMEDIATELY to my best friend who loves cupcakes. Not that I don’t think it’s lovely myself, but it’d just be SO PERFECT for her.)

    We have one decorative thing hung on the walls of our kitchen, and it’s got a cute story with it. We went to the Columbus Flea (yup, good old Columbus, trying desperately to be Brooklyn) and my husband spotted this screenprint done on wood, of these hand-drawn faceted diamond shapes, black lines with slightly-offset green interior, against a beautiful honey-colored wood, with a black frame. He goes “these are the colors I want to do our kitchen in” (we are in the midst of remodeling the house we bought last year, and the kitchen is going to be A Project, but it’s not happening for a few years). So we bought it from the printer as an “inspiration piece” to hang on our wall for when we’re ready to take on the remodel. I just love that my husband is invested enough and thinking about the detail/design to a point where he can say “hey, I like this palette, can we keep it in mind?” So delightful.

  22. A subtle happy color (maybe faint peach) for the walls, pot/pan hangers, magnetic knife holders, pot holders.

  23. This has got to be the coolest painting I have ever seen. And it fits so perfectly in your kitchen! Just adorable!

  24. I also liked you on Facebook! Hilary S.

    Great blog! Thank you!

  25. Love the print! Right now I have a copule pinapple wood trivets/cutting boards on my wall. The rest of my walls are blank!
    rncstrong at gmail dot com

  26. I tweeted!

    @fruct0se is my twitter name.

  27. I hope one day to have space to decorate using less utilitarian decorations. For now, in my teeny tiny kitchen I decorate using brightly colored pegboard from which I hang my pots and pans.

  28. I follow you on facebook, and Sarah Wain.

  29. yummy print! currently my kitchen wall are blank, except for doorless cupboards (stalled kitchen reno..) and I’ve been looking at different types of kitchen art~cupcakes would be a marvelous addition!

  30. I follow you on Facebook. :)

  31. Gorgeous! There is absolutely nothing (except cabinets) on the walls of my kitchen. It could definitely use some sprucing up! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. In my kitchen, I would want the walls to be robin’s egg or Tiffany blue with black, white, silver, and red accents (including a Candy Apple Red Anniversary KitchenAid Standmixer :)

  33. I liked you on FBOOK! =)

  34. I would love to have pastel hues of green and blue with decorative plates placed on the walls !

  35. Right now the kitchen contains a large painting that my husband did. We also have some water colors that my father-in-law painted as well. We love artwork.

  36. The walls are currently cream with nothing on them. My dream kitchen would be Texan themed with beautiful pictures of the Texas Hill Country.

  37. we just moved in a few months ago and have nothing on our walls, but I’d love that cupcake! and a giant clock :)

  38. I’m already a fan on FB.

  39. Not much on the walls yet…hint, hint :)

  40. i like sarah on fb as aubrey laine f
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  41. I like you on facebook as aubrey laine f
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  42. I would love a copy of that print OR anything by Carolyn Kinder in my kitchen!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  43. My walls are covered with wallpaper a spice rack, some wooden spoons, a magnetic knife holder. I have a small kitchen so I don’t have very much wall space.

  44. I love the art! I currently have a rooster theme, but am ready to do some updating. Just need some inspiration and ideas!

  45. My kitchen walls are currently empty but I always wanted to get someone to paint a cute picture of fruit but a cupcake would be even better!!

  46. Love the kitchen! Huge fan of cupcakes and love baking them for the guys I support at work. Th picture would go perfect in my reto kitchen and I have just the spot to display!

  47. I have a Guinness plaque on my wall which I love so another food/drink related goody would go just great!

  48. My kitchen is kind of wine related. Pictures of Italian countryside and wine bottles. I love the cupcake picture!

  49. I like Sarah Wain on facebook

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