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Truly Sweet Art by Sarah Wain

Our kitchen has a new addition. Hung perfectly on the wall right over the completely useless phone jack. It’s not just pretty, it’s utilitarian. And I love it to death.

Cupcake Painting by Sarah Wain

You’ve seen this cupcake before, you say? Why yes! They’re the adorably delicious cherry-filled almond cupcakes from two years ago, interpreted in painting form by Indiana artist Sarah Wain.

Cupcake Painting by Sarah Wain

Sarah contacted me a few months ago asking to use some of my dessert photos in her paintings. And if you’ve seen her paintings, it is obvious Sarah has a sweet tooth just like I do. She is one talented lady, able to capture the texture of cake and buttercream with paint on canvas. I was honored that she wanted to use my images and even more thrilled when she offered to send me a print of the final product.

Cupcake Painting by Sarah Wain

The original painting is large and gorgeous, a whopping 24×36″. If I had a bigger wall in my kitchen I just might have to buy it. But for now, the print will have to do.

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  1. I like Love and Olive Oil on facebook

  2. The kitchen walls in our apartment don’t have much on them at the moment. In my dream kitchen I would love to display some of the plates my grandmother painted.

  3. In my dream kitchen I would put rows and rows of antique kitchen tools on shelves and hanging up on hooks. The print is super beautiful!!

  4. Adorable, adorable!!! I am super, super impressed. I wish I had painting skills, but sadly it’s stick men for me.

  5. That painting is truly phenomenal! She is so so talented! hmmm on the wall we just have a spice rack at the moment (sad!) but in my dream kitchen I would like lots of kooky crockery hanging up and old style vintage items/signs i think :) maybe one day! (oh yes, and this painting of course!)

  6. I have a really small (and white) kitchen. That’s why I only have one picture in there. It’s called “Shared Soup”. (The name in finnish is yhteinen keitos.) It’s a lovely picture about too pigs making a soup. You can find the picture from here:

    I love the picture for two reasons. First it’s describes my small kitchen and me very well and secondly it describes my love to cook with other people. (Of course I love the colours too. ^^)

  7. I would love to have lots and lots of different coloured teapots in my dream kitchen – all along the tops of the cupboards or hanging on the walls somehow. It would look so cute! :)

  8. Currently the only thing on my kitchen wall is framed handwritten recipes, one of my dad’s and also one of my husband’s mother, well used with food stains.
    A print of a cupcake would look great!

  9. I would wish for some beauuutiful new kitchen cupboards to deck my kitchen walls!

  10. All I have in my kitchen is a clock – can’t decide what else to hang! But I would definitely hang this cupcake!

  11. I am a love and olive oil fb fan!

  12. I would love to have a rotary phone hanging on my wall! And I’ve been collecting the past few issues of the Edible magazines in hopes of one day framing all of them and hanging them up in the kitchen. One day…!

  13. Right now I have a quilted wall hanging in bright yellows/oranges to go with my cheery yellow kitchen. Love the shortcake picture!

  14. I like Sarah on facebook! Beth Anne M, my link is

  15. I like you on facebook! Beth Anne M, my link is

  16. I follow you on twitter and tweeted he contest :) My twitter handle is NOLAkitchenCats

  17. My kitchen currently has a severe lack of wall space since it’s a small galley-style kitchen. Sigh. The one real wall that I have is dominated by a potrack. This print would really help make that awful thing a little more feminine and friendly. In my dream kitchen there would be windows and walls galore. I can’t think of anything that I want more in my kitchen than some natural light!

  18. What’s on my wall? Paint! I desperately need the cupcake!

  19. As a college student, I don’t have a kitchen of my own. But if I did, one of Sarah’s paintings would definitely be on my wall ;)

  20. I think I’d choose a picture of fruit. Or maybe pasta.

  21. I have tile and cupboards on all three of my kitchen walls.

  22. My apartment’s kitchen walls are pretty sparse right now, aside from a print of a fat French chef with a baguette + wine. I think my dream kitchen would have built-in wine racks, an island for a cupcake bar :) and tons of wall space for hanging pots and pans (love yours!), a beautiful recycled tile backsplash and some cookbook storage.

    Hope I win!

  23. I decorate my kitchen and walls with Fiestaware. I change the wall display colors regularly to match the season and my mood. This would be a great addition!

  24. I also like on Facebook (Kim Wallace). Yay for extra credit points! :)

  25. I like you on Facebook (Kim Wallace). Hope I win!

  26. I have a cute canvas of a boston terrier that says “boston creme pie”

  27. I have pictures drawn by my two beautiful grandchildren Mikayla and Emma. I think the print would look terrific with this collection. I also follow Love and Olive Oil and Sarah Wain on Facebook.

  28. I liked Sarah Wain on FB and left a comment.

  29. I liked you on FB and left a comment there.

  30. We just moved into a new apartment and all we have so far is a clock. We’ve been on the hunt for some new things to put up!

  31. I am embarrassed to admit it, but the only thing on my kitchen walls are my cabinets.
    I’m too old to Tweet. I feel pretty proud of myself just for learning how to blog.

  32. Nothing…I NEED this print!

  33. Oh, and I LOVE you on facebook!

  34. My kitchen walls don’t have much because the hubby and I live in a tiny apartment, but the thing we do have is a gorgeous clock that I love. I’d love to have the pretty print as inspiration for our future dream kitchen. Something food related has always been a favorite of mine!

  35. Embroidered vegetables made by my mom in law!

  36. I follow Love and Olive Oil on Facebook

  37. I follow Love and Olive Oil on Twitter and I tweeted the giveaway.

  38. I don’t have anything on my kitchen walls (I’m starting to ‘prepare’ for my near-future kitchen renovation), but I really want a painting of something food related. I always thought a big painting of a cow in a field. They are so beautiful!

  39. I have a big lemon painting on my walls and my dream kitchen walls would also include bright paintings of fresh and delicious food.

  40. What enormous talent this is…beautifully done Sarah. My kitchen walls have vintage pots and pans, and I think nothing would make it look better than one of Sarahs masterpieces. Gorgeous!

  41. I would put a lovely black and white print or maybe a van gogh painting on my dream kitchen walls!

  42. i don’t have anything on my walls – but i would totally put up this print if i won it. :)

  43. I have decorative plates and not a lot free space- but would love this picture.

  44. Well, I have lots of free space, & I would love to have a nice painting of a bakeshop. Pretending is my shop. Love baking, love cupcakes and cakes!

  45. I don’t have any bare spot but I would make room for this cupcake:)

  46. twitted @mysweetzepol

  47. I have an Alton Brown “Good Eats” poster and a large movie style poster of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s “Once More with Feeling”. I could use something food inspired.

  48. What an awesome giveaway! I liked, already follow and will tweet in a bit. Hope you had a good weekend!

  49. I also “like” Sarah E. Wain on Facebook: Jill D.

  50. I am already a fan on Facebook: Jill D.

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