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Chocolate Lavender & Earl Gray Bundt Cake

Chocolate Lavender & Earl Gray Bundt Cake

If Taylor’s whiskey bundt cake was the manliest of bundt cakes (if one could ever call a bundt cake manly, that is), then this is definitely the girly version.

I guess purple flowers or whatever make lavender seem feminine. However, that doesn’t mean that boys can’t enjoy lavender-scented sweets sometimes too. Likewise for girls and whiskey. That whole girls and boys and sugar and spice nonsense is seriously outdated.

Chocolate Lavender & Earl Gray Bundt Cake

Just pretend there’s Earl gray in that teacup, ok?

Because there’s actual earl gray tea in this cake. Not imaginary tea like the empty teacup might indicate.

Why earl gray? I don’t know. It just sounded fancy. And seemed like it’d be a good combination with the lavender. Basically, I thought that adding a whole cup of hot water to this cake was a waste of precious flavor space. So I used hot tea instead.

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