Baked Lemon Risotto Recipe for Le Creuset

Hello, spring.

Hello, sunshine.

Hello, gorgeous flower cocotte.

Who would have ever thought cookware could bring such happiness?

In part 2 of our ongoing partnership with Le Creuset®, we’ve developed two delightful spring recipes for this gorgeous new piece.

This baked Lemon Risotto (pictured above) is perhaps the easiest risotto we’ve ever made. One pot. In the oven. 25 minutes and done. It’s tart and creamy and would be perfect topped with some seared scallops or grilled fish.

Starfruit Upside Down Cake Recipe for Le Creuset

Also, in a unique twist on a classic, our Starfruit Upside-Down Cake is nothing short of stunning, and perfectly fitting of the flower shape. We’d never worked with starfruit before developing this recipe, and were intruigued by the unique flavor, somewhere in between a pineapple and a concord grape. It’s a tart and fruity compliment to the lightly-spiced and oh-so-buttery cake. I’m not one to indulge in cakes that aren’t chocolate and/or smothered in frosting, but this cake is definitely an exception to that rule.

Like the Heart Casserole we featured in February, the Flower Cocotte is the perfect size for a meal for two or side dishes where a larger dutch oven seems like overkill (which is often the case in our two-person household). Not to mention Le Creuset’s newest color, Soleil, is stunning. Can you say great Mothers’ day gift idea?

Le Creuset Flower CocotteToday’s your lucky day, because Le Creuset is offering up one Flower Cocotte (valued at $150) to one lucky L&OO reader! You know you want one.

So, what are you waiting for? Click through to enter this fantastic giveaway!

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The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by Le Creuset®. All opinions written are purely my own.

That's My Jam: Summer edition Now Available!

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  1. Agarita Berries! We make jelly using them. The hard part is harvesting them from the bushes.

  2. I subscribe to your news feed… and LOVE it!

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  4. Hmm….must be the can of sardines and fennell. It’s for my favorite sicilian pasta dish.

  5. nothing too exciting – I have made Elk Chili

  6. I know I’m a little late to the game, but I’ve recently discovered Kefir and use it in many things from smoothies to muffins!

  7. I used to think that capers and shallots were unusual about 20 some-odd years ago, but not anymore!

  8. I subscribe to your emails.

  9. My husband’s an entomologist…Some creepy crawly things have made there way into my kitchen. Anyone ever had chocolate covered crickets? Yeah, me neither.

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  14. What a cute little pot. The risotto looks really good too. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  16. bonus entry #1—Subscribed for new posts and newsletter (was already subscribed for posts!!!)!

  17. I’m a big baker and a butter purist, but my son has dairy allergies, so I use a lot of shortening. Not a “weird” item, per se, but just not something I ever thought I’d use a lot of :)

  18. Jack fruit seeds is one of the unusual ingredient that i cooked recently. You can find the fresh fruit in any asian stores and after consuming the fruit (in yellow color), I cook the seeds which tastes like any bean! Its healthy and tasty!

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  21. I’m sure it is quite normal for some, but the most interesting ingredient I have right now is bulgur. I also had kumquats last fall and they were pretty interesting.

  22. I made Cooks Illustrates recipe for jambalaya last night. It required clam juice which I had never used before.

  23. My husband constantly brings me home new and exciting things to cook for us. His favourite strange thing that I’ve cooked for him was chicken gizzards. Not my favourite, but I am glad he liked them!

  24. Don’t use anything out of the ordinary. I love to cook and bake.

  25. I suppose lavender is the most unusual ingredient in my kitchen right now.

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  27. Most unusual ingredient is probably rose oil or fresh lavender.

  28. Teff flour. Not SUPER unusual….but the homemade naan was delish!

  29. Also, I “like” both on facebook!

  30. Interesting question. I guess I would have to say two Australian spices: Ground Wattleseeds (nut, coffee, chocolate flavor) and ground Bush Tomato (caramel and yet tomato flavor as well). I also recently discovered Microbeets at my local farmer’s market and they are amazing because they look like red- leafed large tarragon leaves, but taste like beets.

  31. Most unusual?? I guess ginger root. None of our friends or family have used it but we love it. A little in a glass of ice water.

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  33. Hmm…I haven’t really cooked with anything too strange…I guess a lot of people would consider Chia seeds strange. Especially if they had a Chia pet (I did!) Loving the Le Creuset pot…I’m gonna die from cuteness!!

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  37. I ate [dirty] vegan for almost two months and I used “nutrional yeast” in certain foods for B vitamins and to get a cheese taste. It looks like fish food – but it tastes perfectly fine in things.

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  39. I receive email subscribtions :]

  40. Almond Flour! Since I recently started realizing I have issues with gluten, I’ve been learning about all kinds of great things I can make with it!

  41. The most unusual ingredient we have in our kitchen is cloves!

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  46. I ‘ve taken to using Teff a lot lately.

  47. Cactus leaves for nopales tacos. First time we bought them with the needles still attached– removing them was a painful endeavor. Then we learned to purchase the pre-de-spiked version!

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  49. i recently bought barberries for some recipes from the jerusalem cookbook

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  52. like both on facebook already!

  53. Living with an international grad student who is really knowledgeable about all cuisines, not just her own. She’s introduced me to sumac, pomegranate molasses, and miso among other things.

  54. I’ve subscribed via email :)

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  58. Not that exotic, but coconut milk.

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  61. Most unusual? Beer is my primary cooking ingredient! But that’s not quite unusual. Lately it’s been Black Soy Sauce – can’t get enough of it.

  62. Totally subscribed, too! And follow on Twitter :) Love the posts!!

  63. This might not be strange to some people, but for me it’s lard. My husband grew up eating pies made with Tenderflake, which is Canadian, and now he won’t eat it any other way. It’s stacked up in our fridge.

  64. I would have to say the large amounts of venison in our freezer from the hunting that my boyfriend and I do! I never thought I would hunt, but it had become a great hobby and using the meat in a million different ways has become a fun challenge!!

  65. annnnnnd I guess the most unusual thing we’ve used, to me, is fresh catfish my husband caught and cleaned. that’s not really all that strange, but I never would have imagined cooking something like that when I was first learning to cook.

  66. Most unusual ingredient? I don’t think I’m very adventurous. Maybe putting olives in brownies?

  67. apricot jam. and i use it weekly!

  68. i subscribe to your rss!

  69. I’ve started making my own cheese. Mascarpone isn’t too unusual, but Quark is. And I love it! Awesome Giveaway!

  70. I follow both on Twitter and sent that birdie off with the message!

  71. I have flax oil in my cupboard for seasoning cast iron pans. It works way better than any other method I’ve tried.

  72. The most unusual ingredient? I really don’t know. I like usual things. Local things. Paired in unusual ways! Umm. Maybe Meyer Lemons. Yes, we’ll go with those. Though not unusual, they were a first for me this year, and this little Cocotte makes me think of them. And smell their lemony floral fragrance. MMMmmm.

  73. I own a gourmet popsicle company and have made gorgeous magenta popsicles using prickly pear cactus!!

  74. Strangest thing in my kitchen? Probably guava flower petals for salads and glycerine for a British cookie recipe!

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  80. So far the most unusual ingredient has been sund dried tomatoes but I am always willing to try something new!

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  84. A ghost pepper! HOT!

  85. Most unusual right now, probably dry mung beans and coconut milk

  86. Weirdest thing– this seems crazy. but buttermilk was brand spanking new to my kitchen as of last week

  87. I also subscribed to your mailing list :)

  88. The most unusual ingredient in my kitchen would probably be one of our spices like Curry or Cumin.

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  90. I would have to say the strangest ingredient we’ve started using is anchovies! My husband and I both hate them alone, but minced up into salsas and such, they are so delicious!

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  93. I would have to say guava paste.

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