Baked Lemon Risotto Recipe for Le Creuset

Hello, spring.

Hello, sunshine.

Hello, gorgeous flower cocotte.

Who would have ever thought cookware could bring such happiness?

In part 2 of our ongoing partnership with Le Creuset®, we’ve developed two delightful spring recipes for this gorgeous new piece.

This baked Lemon Risotto (pictured above) is perhaps the easiest risotto we’ve ever made. One pot. In the oven. 25 minutes and done. It’s tart and creamy and would be perfect topped with some seared scallops or grilled fish.

Starfruit Upside Down Cake Recipe for Le Creuset

Also, in a unique twist on a classic, our Starfruit Upside-Down Cake is nothing short of stunning, and perfectly fitting of the flower shape. We’d never worked with starfruit before developing this recipe, and were intruigued by the unique flavor, somewhere in between a pineapple and a concord grape. It’s a tart and fruity compliment to the lightly-spiced and oh-so-buttery cake. I’m not one to indulge in cakes that aren’t chocolate and/or smothered in frosting, but this cake is definitely an exception to that rule.

Like the Heart Casserole we featured in February, the Flower Cocotte is the perfect size for a meal for two or side dishes where a larger dutch oven seems like overkill (which is often the case in our two-person household). Not to mention Le Creuset’s newest color, Soleil, is stunning. Can you say great Mothers’ day gift idea?

Le Creuset Flower CocotteToday’s your lucky day, because Le Creuset is offering up one Flower Cocotte (valued at $150) to one lucky L&OO reader! You know you want one.

So, what are you waiting for? Click through to enter this fantastic giveaway!

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  2. I am such an eclectic cook, I don’t know what is unusual anymore. Sticky rice from Thailand is a staple in my home (cooked in the ubiquitous sticky rice basket)… I add rosewater and/ or orange water to my Moroccan tagine, use tamarind to sweeten curries, melt oaxaca cheese on my Latin burgers (Ingrid Hoffmann)… I also find unusual uses for more typical ingredients… Ground coffee in a beef rub, anyone?

  3. When I lived in my sorority house, I always got the weirdest looks when I’d add chia seeds to my oatmeal and yogurt!

  4. Nasturtium is the most unusual ingredient I’ve used recently.

  5. Not really strange, but it was our first time making fava beans this week!

  6. I like you both on Facebook!

  7. Oh gosh, there have been all sorts of strange ingredients and now I can’t think of anything more exciting than rennet tablets!

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  10. Already subscribed.

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  12. Liked you both on FB –

  13. I think the most unusual item I have used was bags of Swedish Fish that I melted down and incorporated into a frosting for last years Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.

    The next time I make it I plan on making a white cake with Swedish Fish buttercream frosting.

  14. Maybe not an unusual ingredient for others but cherokee purple tomatoes have been making their way into some of my savory dishes. Yum!

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  17. This is definitely not unusual, but I have a new found addiction for coconut oil.

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  19. I follow you both on Twitter and tweeted about this awesome giveaway.

  20. I follow Le Creuset and tweeted about the giveaway!

  21. Kohlrabi!

  22. I use pistachio paste (home made)

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  24. I subscribed ;)

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  26. fennel seed (can’t say i like it either! & garam masala (excited to try it for the first time next week!)

  27. Last year my father in law and I shot a wild turkey that was in his backyard. We ended up eating that for dinner! My wife and mother in law were a little sketchy on eating it…but it turned our fantastic!

  28. I already follow Love &Olive Oil (& love it!)

  29. I’m just getting started trying to be adventurous. A jicama made it’s way into my kitchen, but I’m afraid I never used it. Just stared at it on the counter for weeks and feel good about myself for buying it.

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  33. Canned jackfruit!

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  35. Bone marrow is definitely the most interesting ingredient I have had in my kitchen!

  36. Fish sauce when making Thai!

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  38. I just bought Kaniwa the other day and had it for dinner. I’ve heard about it for months. Little baby quinoa. So cute.

  39. I don’t have much hope of winning your giveaway, but let’s give it a try…

    the most unusual ingredient – gosh, it’s hard to answer. Id’ say fermented soy beans….

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  41. The most unusual ingredient I’ve used? that’s a hard one.. I’ve been cooking and baking for a long time. Recently I’ve been using rose petals.. I’m all about chocolate.. I love this Flower cocotte, and I think it will be perfect to bake a chocolate cake… I follow your blog.. love it!
    whodunit AT murderonthemenu DOT com

  42. The most unusual ingredient I’ve used recently is goat meat… to make some festive Cinco de Mayo tacos. You can see the recipe here:

  43. I have cooked beef tongue. If you can get past the thought of it (and the look of it!), it’s actually pretty good. Never have eaten or cooked anything with starfruit ~ that little cake is adorable and looks yummy! Thanks

  44. I’m trying to branch out with new ingredients! I’ll skim the comments for suggestions :) My CSA membership has definitely helped introduce me to new and unique vegetables I wouldn’t normally purchase at the grocery store!

  45. I think the most unusual ingredient that has entered my kitchen is kohlrabi. It came direct from the farm (yay CSA) and I had no idea what it was. When I finally found it online, it was described as looking like Sputnik. Pretty accurate, actually!

    Also, I’m already subscribed to your email updates :)

  46. I actually don’t know about strange ingredients…we usually keep it pretty boring around here. Somebody did bring over calamari once, and that was kind of weird…

  47. I’m an email subscriber
    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  48. I have a can of St. Hubert Canadian BBQ sauce. Kind of bbq sauce, kind of gravy…not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet.

    Already a FB fan!

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  50. Since I have not been cooking very long yet the strangest ingredient that has come into my kitchen is probably buffalo meat, sadly.

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  52. I have a bad habit of purchasing new/unusual ingredients called for in a recipe and then not having anything else planned for them. The one that comes to mind now is ghee, which I bought for a Veg Times ‘cleanse,’ and now languishes in my cabinet waiting for me to either get creative or give up and toss it out.

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    (Sharon O.)

  54. The most unusual ingredient that’s made it’s way in our kitchen is molasses. I know it’s not unusual but I’ve never cooked or baked with it before.

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  56. I’m in the process of moving, so the most unusual ingredient in my kitchen right now is probably miso!

  57. seaweed!

  58. I love, love all your recipes,,enjoy your posts. I would like to be a winner, as I really enjoy cooking and baking.

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    Thanks for the raffle!

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  61. Because my husband would not want to know about it being added into our diet I would say it is ground flaxseed I add to foods.

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  63. The strangest ingredients always come from my dad! He loves to search the wild northwoods for edibles. What comes to my mind right now are his mushrooms. He brought me a giant poofball mushroom and a chicken of the woods. Both were delicious, but the poofball reminded me too much of a softball!

  64. The most unusual ingredient in my kitchen right now is bone marrow. After hearing about the GAPS diet we are trying to make bone broth soup. I never imagined we would want to keep the bones we’ve been tossing for years.

  65. Most unusual ingredient…Asafoetida

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  67. The most unusual ingredient in my kitchen would be dried okra powdered or shrimp powder. I used both in cooking traditional Sierra Leonean dishes.

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  70. It’s not really an ingredient per se, but I bought a little vial of edible gold dust about a year ago and it has made deserts sooooo much more fun. A little sparkle goes a long way!

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  72. Hmm…probably various kinds of seaweed? I also have a package of chickpea flour but I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet.

  73. and I’m subscribed to your newsletter!

  74. Nutritional yeast… I know, even sounds crazy right?

  75. Tweeted!

  76. I have recently bought some dragonfruit which was delicious and beautiful!

  77. Recently, dukkah. Tasty stuff!

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  79. The oddest ingredient I’ve ever used while cooking is a part of my thumb. I was using a mandolin to cut pizza toppings and cut off some of my thumb. I couldn’t find it but the pizza looked so delicious I didn’t want to throw it all out. So my husband and I are probably cannibals. Oh well.

  80. I have a Chinese exchange student, so we are use to having unusual ingredients in the kitchen. How about black rice powder!

    Love the casserole dish!

  81. hmm maybe dragon fruit!

  82. I liked both on facebook

  83. My most interesting ingredient is probably flax seed. I’m still relatively new to using it. Although this has made me realize I should start being more adventurous.

  84. I would have to say that capers would be the most unusual thing in my kitchen.

  85. I subscribe to L&OO via bloglovin’.

  86. I have added a lot of strange foods to my diet lately in an effort to eat healthier. Some of which include kombucha, kefir water, ghee, and I just bought a buttercup quash which I have never seen or heard of before!

  87. Very cool!

  88. and, I receive your newsletter/email updates.

  89. We have been loving quinoa, daikon and beets!

  90. Love that flower pot– how cute! The most unusual ingredient..hmm..I’d say tumeric? I cant spell or pronounce it but it adds some good flavor!

  91. I’ll say cactus is the most unusual ingredient that’s made its way into my kitchen. Thanks!

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  93. Hmm I think the most interesting i have used is goat cheese.

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