Breakfast for Dinner Cookbook

First of all, thank you all for kind words and support on yesterday’s post. It makes us so happy to hear you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look and are as excited for the book as we are. While Breakfast for Dinner doesn’t officially hit stores until February 12th, we just happen to have a few extra copies sitting around. Actual, physical copies.

And we’re giving them away. To you. Today. Three weeks before they are released into the wild.

And hey, we’ll even sign them for you!

Awesome, right?

Breakfast for Dinner Cookbook

Breakfast for Dinner Cookbook

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

Congrats to our lucky winners: Maryam (#759), Abby (#857), Katie (#280), Lisa (#87), and Elyssa (#618)! Remember, you can still pre-order a copy of the book via Amazon or you can purchase an autographed copy directly from us (will ship on February 12th).

Thank you to everyone for your heartfelt congratulations and well wishes. We hope you enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed making it!

Happy eating!

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  1. Oh Yum! This looks so good right now!
    I’m sure this book is full of yumminess!

  2. Love breakfast for dinner.

  3. Please send me this so that I can have breakfast for dinner here in Sunny Singapore!! I’m sure breakfast will be the best meal of the day, even when it’s at dinner time :D Thank you!!

  4. Thank you for generous opportunity to win you amazing book :)

  5. I loved the post on the making of your book – and the cats are such a great bonus!!

    Best of Luck
    xo Cayla

  6. Congrats on your new book! Would love to win a copy!!

  7. i love breakfast for dinner! this book looks awesome.

  8. The book looks amazing, congratulations. I adore breakfast and look forward to your book coming out.

  9. I would love a signed copy! This book has been on my Amazon wishlist for weeks now.

  10. I would really love to win this Breakfast For Dinner book!

  11. This cookbook was made for me! I am a breakfast for dinner addict! :)

  12. Sounds great. I love breakfast for dinner.

  13. Thank you for your beautiful work! As a lover of breakfast food for dinner, I’m looking forward to the book…maybe it will help convert my husband to loving breakfast in the evening, too :)

  14. Thank you!
    Ilove what you do!!!

  15. Lindsay, I love the theme you chose! Breakfast for dinner is my favorite, as well as, both my niece and nephews’s! A perfect month to’debut!’ (My birthday and my nephew’s are in February). A terrific present it will be!! :)

  16. I am SO excited for you! If I don’t win a copy, I’m totally going to buy one :)

  17. Congratulations on the book. My girls always love breakfast for dinner. This would be so great.

  18. love your site! and would love this cookbook!

  19. Can’t wait to see the book. My kids love breakfast in bed & I love working in my PJ’s, so it should be perfect for us!

  20. Thanks for this opportunity!

  21. Looks like an awesome book!

  22. I’m super excited about this book! I love having breakfast for dinneer as it’s usually too heave to start the day out with. Looks like there are lots of lovely photos as well!

  23. As I told you, we have breakfast for dinner a lot and I’m awaiting my copy to be delivered from the pre-order! Great success with this one too, XOXO

  24. We love breakfast for dinner. The book looks amazing.

  25. I absolutely love your blog! I am always trying out your recipes with my sisters. Breakfast is absolutely my favorite meal of the day, and I am always looking for more delicious recipes. Congratulations on your book!

  26. Mmmmm…pizza over easy…

  27. Breakfast is my favorite meal!

  28. how fun breakfast for dinner is my favorite would love to win!

  29. We love breakfast for dinner, the best part is that everyone has a dish to make and then share. The table looks amazing with lots of different breakfast items for dinner. This book is a keeper for sure, thanks for the opportunity to win one! Best wishes on your new book!

  30. This will be a great addition to my teens cookbook collection! She’s cooking/baking her way through books to get ready for culinary school. Can’t wait to try out some of the recipes with her!

  31. This looks like a great cookbook. Breakfast is the best meal of all.

  32. My boyfriend and I recently moved in together and I’m DYING to surprise him with more homemade meals! This book looks amazing and I’d love for it to be a part of my collection. Congratulations on all of your hard work!

  33. Looks like a great cookbook…I would love to add it to my cookbook collection!


  34. Congrats!! It looks great! :)

  35. Congratulations you guys!!!! Im so happy for both of you and I cant wait to see the new book!

  36. Looking forward to the new cookbook!

  37. I think you guys are AWESOME! I love your blog and I know I would love your cookbook just as much. Thank you for the opportunity of this giveaway!
    Congrats to your accomplishments, blog and book-wise and also best of luck to you in your future endeavors. :)


  38. I remember when my parents made pancakes for dinner, always a special occassion! I’m looking forward to seeing this book.

  39. All those delicious shots of eggs! Definitely need to put myself in here as a contender for a free copy!

  40. I’m so excited for your book to be released!

  41. Congratulations on the new book! I’m looking forward to it.

  42. Congratulations on the book. You’ve combined two of my favorite things: tasty food and gorgeous photography. I’ve been following your blog from California to New Zealand. Love seeing you in my inbox. Hope I can add you to my bookshelf ;-) Cheers!

  43. Thanks for giving us a chance to win your book

  44. I have Breakfast for Dinner every day! I would love to win.

  45. Congratulations! I look forward to enjoying your book as much as I enjoy your website.

  46. The book looks absolutely beautiful.
    I would love to have a copy of this!

    yay for the international shipping.

  47. I love your blog. I love your recipes. I bought your first cookbook for myself and one for my daughter. I cannot even tell you how much I would love a copy of this one. Thank you for the offer.


  49. every week my husband and i try to write out a menu plan – at least once a week, if not twice, we just write “breakfast for dinner.” can’t wait to get my hands on some of these recipes!

  50. Beautiful cookbook! Can’t wait to check it out!

  51. Hope I am a lucky one ! Otherwise ,who wins it, enjoy!

  52. Please, please, please, I need this beautiful book. Can’t wait for the ultimate breakfasty dinner party with friends. Share the love so I can pass it along! Thanks!

  53. Our favorite breakfast for dinner meal is sausage balls, scrambled eggs, and strawberry jam. Yummy!

  54. Looking forward to seeing your book! I hope I can win :) We do BFD once a week! :)

  55. Ooh, i love breakfast foods any time of day. The book looks great.

  56. That Pizza Over Easy looks AAAHHMAZING! Can’t wait to pick one up and make it myself!

  57. I can’t wait to read your cookbook!

  58. I would love to win this book…I have your Cookie Dough cookbook and made the cookie dough truffles as presents and everyone loved them.

  59. Congrats on the new book! It looks great!

  60. I cannot wait to make the recipes from this book. I love the breakfast for dinner concept and those burgers on the cover are making me drool on my keyboard. Congrats on the cookbook!

  61. Oh my! I have a friend who would ADORE this book — she’s a big proponent of breakfast food for dinner :) I love it! Thanks for the opportunity, and congratulations! I always love behind-the-scenes looks, too!

  62. Enjoy your blog… very inspiring!
    Thank you!

  63. I would love a copy of Breakfast for Dinner!

  64. Your new cookbook looks delicious! Plus who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?!

  65. Inspiring blog, which I enjoy day after day :) would love your cookbook!!

  66. I’ve always love having breakfast for dinner! This looks like an awesome cookbook!

  67. Cookbook looks great! Love having breakfast for dinner.

  68. your book is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-!!!!!!! this is the sorta food i’m definitely gonna cook!!

  69. Would love a copy of your book! Thanks for the contest:)

  70. Love breakfast for dinner!

  71. What a beautiful book! And breakfast for dinner happens to be my favorite… :)

  72. Thanks for the giveaway. I am looking forward to check out your book!

  73. I’ve been in a bit of a breakfast slump recently. I think I know the solution!

  74. Looks like a great book. Here’s hoping I win a copy :-)

  75. I love breakfast all day long. This looks like a great book. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  76. Yay, I would love to win!

  77. Please pick me! I’d love a copy of this book. :)

  78. I only eat breakfast when it is for dinner so your book will be perfect for me!

  79. congratulations!! how exciting. i *love* the name of your new book. and i would absolutely love a copy!

  80. I would love to win a book, the recipes look so good! And it was interesting to see how it was made. A signed copy…wow!

  81. So Pumped! I love breakfast for dinner days!

  82. Oh, how I would love to have a copy of this new cookbook!! I haven’t added a new cookbook to my shelf for months…how awesome would it be if I got to add a signed copy!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!! :)

  83. Would love to win a copy of this book!

  84. Thanks for the great blog, I’ve really been enjoying it. Thanks for the chance to win some more of your great recipes.

  85. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. congrats on your new book!

  87. Wow! Already over 300 comments. Would LOVE a copy of your latest book. :)

  88. I would love to win a copy.

  89. The cookbook looks wonderful!

  90. Your book sounds amazing! I can’t wait for it to come out in a few weeks :)

  91. Yay! I’d like to win one!!!

  92. Oh please please! I would love your new cookbook!

  93. Breakfast for dinner is my Mom’s specialty. Over easy eggs, thick slices of toast, served with a side of olives, colby jack cheese deli slices, fresh cut toms and cottage cheese. I know, such a weird mix, but it’s so delicious!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. Looks like a beautiful book! I eat breakfast for dinner all of the time and am ready for some culinary adventures. I hope I win!!!

  95. My husband LOVES breakfast for dinner!

  96. Congratulations!

  97. congrats on the new book!

  98. I LOVE eating breakfast for dinner! This cookbook would definitely help me spice up my meals.

  99. Congrats on the book!!:)

  100. I truly enjoy reading the behind-the-scenes vantage point you give us! Your photography is so perfectly in tune with your recipes both equally delightful. I’ve been inspired so many times by how absolutely delicious photography. We eat with our eyes, after all. Yours is the only blog I read. Others are big on text and less on everything else. Thank you for your lovely blog!

    Your chosen title is a perfect eye-catcher. If I saw it on the bookstore shelf, I’d pick it up just to see what fun ideas were in store. Can’t wait to see the book!

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