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Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Wrapped Figs (and a GIVEAWAY!)

I’ve decided that I really need friends with fruit trees. The kind of friends that have so much delicious, ripe fruit bursting from their trees that to them, I am doing them a huge favor by taking some.

Lucky for me, I found a friend in the California Fig Advisory Board. They have lots of fig trees in their backyard (the whole state, really! Lucky ducks!) and were kind enough to send me some.

I take that back. They didn’t just send me some figs, they sent me a ton of figs. Two massive boxes, five flats worth, each a different variety. I’m not kidding here. I think Taylor’s eyes were bugging out of his head when he saw the sheer quantity of figs spread out on our counter. Some of the figs didn’t make the trip so well, but in my mind, squished figs make the best jam.

Yes, I said jam. More jam.

At this point I think I need to get rid of some shoes or something to make room for it all. We’ve got jam jars filling up every square inch of extra space in our cabinets, both in the living room and kitchen… and I have a feeling we’re going to need to make room in the bedroom pretty soon.

But jam isn’t all I’m doing with these special fruits. Aside from eating them whole, we’ve been doing our best to enjoy as much fresh figgy goodness as possible before these delicate fruits disappear. I’ve even frozen a batch of them to try to preserve them in their freshest state. We’ve been having fun comparing each different variety, the green ones slightly floral, the darker kinds sweeter and more robust.

Our favorite use so far has been this simple starter. Figs, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, and prosciutto. All wrapped up in a neat little package. This dish would make a fabulous (and impressive) appetizer, or, as we did, part of a larger tapas-style meal.

Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Wrapped Figs

Easily adaptable for any quantity. Plan on 3-4 figs per person for a starter.


Fresh figs, halved
Goat cheese
Balsamic Vinegar


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Arrange fig halves on a foil or parchment lined baking sheet. Top each half with a teaspoon or so of goat cheese. Press into fig. Drizzle lightly with balsamic vinegar (about 1/2 teaspoon per fig).

Cut prosciutto lengthwise into 1-inch wide strips. Carefully wrap each fig in one strip.

Bake for 7-10 minutes or until heated through. You may choose to bake them longer if you like for crisper prosciutto.

All images and text ©

What’s even better is that my new friends at the California Fig Advisory Board have offered to share another fig bounty with one of you. Yes, they are giving away a fig jackpot; five flats, 15 dozen, nearly 30 pounds of fresh figs. Don’t underestimate this. Prepare yourself. Because if you win, you will be swimming in figs. Not that that’s a bad thing.

TO ENTER: simply leave a comment on this post with your favorite fig recipe. I want to know what you would be most excited to make if you won. Jam? A delicious dessert? Something savory? Tell me! I’ll be selecting the winner the morning of Thursday, September 2nd. One entry per person. Prize will be shipped to the winner directly from California Fig Advisory Board. Because of the perishable nature of this prize, this giveaway is open to residents of the continental US only. (But don’t worry, I’ve got another giveaway lined up that is open to everyone!)

You can also get yourself a BONUS entry by twittering about this giveaway, sharing it on facebook, or mentioning it on your own blog. Simply leave an additional comment with a link to the tweet and/or blog post. One bonus entry per person (multiple tweets won’t get you multiple bonus entries).

Be sure you enter a valid email address, because if your name is drawn and I can’t get ahold of you within 72 hours, I will choose an alternate winner. You may also want to add me to your address book (lindsay AT loveandoliveoil DOT com) for good measure, I’d hate for your congratulatory email to end up in the spam folder.

Good luck!

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  1. 1
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:05 am

    What a great giveaway! :) I have made this fantastic vanilla poached figs dish that I like to serve with honey ice cream. SO tasty! Yum…I love figs!


  2. 2
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:06 am

    This is a great use for some of that fig jam:

    (quick appetizer)
    thinly sliced baguette + smear of fig jam + dollop of caramelized onions + a sprinkling of blue cheese.

    Might also be great with a smear of goat cheese, then jam, then onions.


  3. 3
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:09 am

    Ooo fabulous!!! Fig jam sounds heavenly… I make a goat cheese and caramelized onion dip/spread that uses dried figs and rosemary and is delish- I bet there’s some way to translate it with fresh figs- perhaps something similar to the recipe you shared but stuffing the fig with the goat cheese spread before wrapping with prosciutto? oooooo I’m drooling on my keyboard now!


  4. 4
    Jaya K
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:19 am

    I made a wicked good fig gelato over summer but if I were to be perfectly honest, my favourite use for figs is eating them out of hand. I had to go to the grocery store three times for that one gelato because I kept finishing the figs on the drive home.


  5. 5
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:22 am

    Anything with figs and goat cheese….I’ve never really lived in a place with access to figs before so I’m sure I’ll have to come up with something!


  6. 6
    Katherine M.
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:22 am

    I love figs!! My favorite thing to do with figs is just drizzle a little olive oil and honey over them and roast them for a few mins. Serve with goat cheese or gorgonzola and they make a great before dinner treat! i would also love to experiment making fig jam.


  7. 7
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:24 am

    What an amazing giveaway! I would make figs in honeyed wine and lots of jam and … Sorry, I’m drooling.


  8. 8
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Great idea!!!! I will share for sure!


  9. 9
    gina bianchi
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:36 am

    Yum. I have a fantastic goat cheese and fig on puff pastry appetizer that I would be making tons of if I won!


  10. 10
    Scott P.
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:48 am

    Ooo. I love figs. Figs and goat cheese. Oh, and I love fig jams too.


  11. 11
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:52 am

    I love figs, especially on pizza. My friend made a fig prosciutto & arugula pizza last month that was out of this world, and I’d love to duplicate the recipe…and try out a few new ones! I’d also love to attempt homemade fig newtons. Yum!


  12. 12
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:58 am

    I love figs! They’re amazing in cream cheese fig cookies… way indulgent, but soooo good!


  13. 13
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:58 am

    I have never had figs. Except in Fig Newtons. So sad.
    I’m not sure I can get them here in MN, but now I will be looking.
    You will have to help me out a lot if I were to be the lucky winner!
    They sound wonderful!


  14. 14
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    I love fresh figs! Here is my recipe: Ingredients: figs, and locally made aged cheddar cheese (Kenny’s Cheese). Method: 1. cut figs into quarters. 2. cut aged cheddar cheese into small slices. 3. instruct the eater to take a bit of fig and then a bite of cheese. This is simply delicious.


  15. 15
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:05 pm
  16. 16
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    i’m going to have to go with on pizza with prosciutto and gruyere.


  17. 17
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Figs with goat cheese! Mmmm Mmmm


  18. 18
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    I love figs with cream cheese! I would prepare chutney of course :)


  19. 19
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    I love fig and pig together, classic combo. But I’d say my favourite fig dish is a fig pavlova. :)

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!! (If I win my boyfriend will probably faint with happiness.)


  20. 20
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    My grandmother had an enormous fig tree in her backyard that, according to family legend, grew from a small cutting her father took from a tree in Sicily, kept damp in his pocket on the long trip across the Atlantic in steerage, and smuggled through Ellis Island to be planted, first in a pot in a tenement on the Lower East Side and then, finally, in a tiny backyard in Brooklyn. I remember, as a kid, going to my grandmother’s and picking the figs from the tree weekend after weekend for what felt like months. We ate so many figs.

    So with a bounty of figs, of course, the first thing I’d make (after stuffing my face with fresh figs) would have to be the sweet, dense moist fig cookies I remember from my grandmother’s kitchen.


  21. 21
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Please count me in for your giveaway.

    How will I eat them? All kinds of ways. Specifically, Wolf has been wanting to make his grandmother’s fig cookie recipe. He did once but the figs weren’t fresh so the cookies weren’t very good. For him to make them the same way as his grandmother will be a trip down tastebud memory lane!


  22. 22
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    Count me among the fig fans. If I win, I’ll make fig jam for sure, but I usually just eat them fresh. We just got back from Colorado where there were plenty of fresh figs available. I had them every day. EVERY DAY.

    And if I don’t win, I may just order some figs for myself.


  23. 23
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    I twittered about this too.


  24. 24
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Oh my goodness. I would stick with the fig & goatcheese combo- their forces combined are absolutely heavenly! Then I would drizzle honey with some pepper on top for a little bite. So rich it works as a dessert or an appetizer!


  25. 25
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    WOW! Great giveaway!
    I just got Matthew Kenney’s new book Everyday Raw Desserts yesterday, and there’s a recipe in their for RAW fig newtons! I’m dying to try that, but there’s seldom good figs to be found at my WF, and I can never afford them anyway.


  26. 26
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    I tweeted! @AlmostVeganBlog


  27. 27
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    my favorite fig recipe is actually the one from your site with the goat cheese and the honey! I saw some figs at the store and tried it and I have been craving them ever since. I hope I win some figs, because I haven’t been able to find *any* locally lately!


  28. 28
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    I love figs! stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon, roasted and then drizzled with honey… sigh! :)


  29. 29
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Am I allowed to say that THIS is my favorite fig recipe? Every incarnation of figs that I like best involves either prosciutto or bacon, & some sort of cheese, preferably goat cheese or manchego. Sometimes honest… the best I’ve ever had were at some weird, hole-in-the-wall pub in Philly, & I had some tasty one last night with almonds wrapped in there, too!

    I recently went on a fig jam kick, where I made a ton of paninis – I think the recipe might’ve been from you, actually? – with thin-sliced chicken & muenster & arugula…

    Oof, this is an amazing giveaway.


  30. 30
    Katharine Cook
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Fig preserves are my absolute FAVORITE thing in the world, hands down. I’d make a boat load if I won!


  31. 31
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    my fav thing is topped with goat cheese and reduced balsamic, all warm and delicious :)


  32. 32
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    This recipe looks AMAZING!!! I LOVE figs and I love pairing it with savory things too =) And because I LOVE lamb as well, I would make rack of lamb or lamb chops with a fig sauce and perhaps seve it with this recipe too!


  33. 33
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    Yum! I’d make it into preserves, drool….


  34. 34
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    I LOVE figs!!! What a terrific post. One of my favorite things I have made this year with figs is the Ad Hoc Fig Jam.


  35. 35
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    I would eat my weight in figs, goat cheese, and prosciutto. It’s one of my absolutely favorites. I drizzle them with honey instead of balsamic vinegar. Yum, yum, yum.


  36. 36
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    You know, I’ve never had a fresh fig! But I’m dying to wrap some in bacon and broil…


  37. 37
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    oh. Yum. I was just thinking about getting some figs from Trader Joes!


  38. 38
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Oh yum! I’ve been wanting to make a fig galette and fig jam just sounds wonderful!


  39. 39
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    I don’t think I’ve ever had fresh figs, but I’d love to try this recipe! New foods intrigue me; I’d have so much fun finding uses for them in the kitchen!


  40. 40
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    YUMMY! living in Utah its mighty hard to find good figs… my favorite recipe is figs wrapped in bacon and cooked under the oven broiler


  41. 41
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    I have a recipe for Gorgonzola, fig, and walnut tartlets that is just heavenly. I’d love to see how this recipe tastes with all the different fig varieties.


  42. 42
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 3:50 pm
  43. 43
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    I make a fig and prosciutto pizza with caramelized balsamic onions, rosemary and crumbled gorgonzola cheese that I love! Fig Newtons are also pretty damn good!


  44. 44
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    figs figs figs.
    I actually never tried one until last year and fell in love~
    I’ve only had one season to experiment with them so far and can’t wait to buy my first batch this year!!
    I heard grilling them is divine and would like to give it a shot :)


  45. 45
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    My favorite savory dish to make with figs is to brown some butter, toss in some black mission figs, toasted hazelnuts, and basil and cook until all heated through, then toss it with some fresh spaghetti noodles and grated parmesan. So easy and delicious – perfect summer to fall transitional dish.


  46. 46
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    I would totally do jam and then some fig stuffed pork loin, and then some fig pizza, and then…. I don’t know! The possibilities are endless!


  47. 47
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    I miss my fig trees….fig me!


  48. 48
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    Fig scones!


  49. 49
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    Yum, this recipe looks delicious! I don’t think I’ve ever had a fresh fig, but I saw this recipe for “Figs and Toasted Almonds Brie” which i would love to try, along with all the recipes the other commenters have written about!


  50. 50
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    Oh, I would love to win this so much! I had my first fresh fig this year and I have been scouring the stores for more, but to no avail! If I got 30!!! pounds of fresh figs, I’d definitely be making some fig cupcakes, fig jam, and fig newtons. and whatever else I could think of! I am so excited at just the prospect of winning this!


  51. 51
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    I love figs! 5 dozen you say? Bring it on!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  52. 52
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    I made the best burger of my life and figs was the main star of the dish. It was a turkey burger stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and basil with an arugula fig topping. It was TO DIE FOR – salty, tangy, sweet and savory all in one bite. Just an explosion of flavors. If you want to try it out here’s the link:
    If I won all those beautiful figs, I would make jars and jars of delicious sweet jam. Thanks! I just discovered your blog and it’s beautiful :)


  53. 53
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    we’ve just now discovered figs at the market. fresh figs in everything, we say! our favorite so far has been a pizza with figs, feta cheese, red onion and a cumin-pomegranate molasses dressing. though they’re great any which way you prepare them… and fig jam is delicious on bread right out of the oven, too.

    cheers and congrats on finding a figgy friend,



  54. 54
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    tweeted! happy saturday night.



  55. 55
    Jennifer Atchley
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    this might sound silly, but i had never even tasted a fig until last October when i went to Barcelona, Spain for a friend’s wedding (they live in Spain). they serve figs every day there, at practically every meal. i fell in love with them…just eating them plain! i haven’t had one since and would love to win this prize. what a treat. i do know that if i won this many figs, i would for sure try many recipes for them as i wouldn’t want ANY to go to waste. :) yummm!


  56. 56
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    I would LOVE this giveaway! I think one thing I would make is this fig pizza:


  57. 57
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Thomas Keller has this great recipe in his Ad Hoc cookbook for a fig and balsamic vinegar jam. It’s so amazing!


  58. 58
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    Ooh, I love figs! Let’s see… I would make fig ice cream! And probably just have the rest fresh, yum…


  59. 59
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Mmmm….My mom used to make a fig cookie that was yummy. If I had any left from just eating them, that’s probably what I’d make first. Then some jam.


  60. 60
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    The best fig recipe I’ve ever made was based on a tapas dish at a great restaurant here in Philly called Bar Ferdinand. They make ‘datiles con tocino’ with dates, bacon and cream cheese baked in puff pastry. The first time I tried to make it my awesome, wonderful and unobservant boyfriend picked up figs from the supermarket instead. So, we shrugged and got a little uncoventional – figs, a seriously beautiful smoked bacon, neufchatel cheese, honey, chopped almonds and dried cranberries.

    With that many figs, I would also want to get a little funky and make something new. I’ll probably celebrate by cooking my boyfriend some big piece of meat with a fig and red wine sauce. And fig muffins.

    Oh, and I tweeted this –


  61. 61
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    My neighbor tried unsuccessfully to grow a fig tree in his backyard a couple of years ago. So I’ll share some with him because he probably would have shared with me. But with so many figs, I would try a fig jam and fig, prosciutto, and caramelized onions pizza. Yum!


  62. 62
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    I LOVE Figs and so does everyone else in my house!

    I would make one of Bobby Flay’s recipes – it’s a Grilled Lamb Porterhouse with a Fig-Cascabel Chile sauce and an Ancho Chile-Fig Jam with Mint. It’s 2 ways to have figs in one dish and it’s delicious!

    Best, Vivek


  63. 63
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    I like a fresh fig tart. It is simple and yummy.


  64. 64
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    I love figs. Growing up my grandpa had a fig tree and I used to eat them off the tree.

    I do not have recipes. I like to eat them out of hand, or smear them on bread, or chop them up and add them to oatmeal.

    Have you poached them in white wine and a splash of frangelico then used that as crepe filling with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon?


  65. 65
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    I have actually never had a fresh fig, but my mouth is WATERING from reading all these recipe ideas. I love goat cheese, so the prosciutto and goat cheese idea sounds fantastic. I’m also a big jam maker, so I am intrigued by the idea of making fig jam. I also just saw a recipe for fig and goat cheese pizza that sounds delicious. Thanks for doing this giveaway!


  66. 66
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    I also tweeted the giveaway.



  67. 67
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    The first thing I would make would be fig jam. I love fig jam with all cheese. Then maybe a fig tart and some stuffed figs too. YUM!


  68. 68
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    Have you ever put figs on the grill? The heat brings all kinds of goodness out.
    It only takes five minutes, then I sprinkle some honey or agave nectar, and eat with with slice of a good white crusty bread and St. Andre cheese. 


  69. 69
    Kristina Mansoor
    Posted On August 28, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    Fig Tart. or pie. or plain. mmmm


  70. 70
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 1:00 am

    Great giveaway! I have no idea what I would do with the figs…so many recipes and delicious ideas. I would probably go with making a tart or jam.

    Oh, and I tweeted this. :)


  71. 71
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 7:39 am

    Sweet giveaway! =) So many options with that many figs…but I’d start with the Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Wrapped Figs to get me started!
    I sent out a tweet too!


  72. 72
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 7:44 am

    Up until this year I had only had dried figs, which i LOVE. But I spotted the fresh ones and grabbed them.. yum! I ate them all plain and fresh because they were new and special :) If I won I would try fig jam (just got some canning stuff and can’t wait to try that out too) and homemade fig bars, i loooove fig bars.


  73. 73
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 8:05 am

    Can I have just 6 figs? I’ve never had them before and am anxious to see what fresh figs are like1 =)


  74. 74
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 8:20 am

    fig jam! oh, it’s my favorite and so much better homemade with fresh figs. i put it on everything. yummy.


  75. 75
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 9:52 am

    Figs + any kind of deliciously creamy cheese (see brie, goat, etc.) + a drizzle of honey. Drooool. I’d also love to try fig jam as well!!


  76. 76
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 10:34 am

    I have been wanting to make David Lebovitz’s fig ice cream ever since I got his book back in June. But I haven’t had the courage to buy figs. Help me!


  77. 77
    Vickie A
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 10:41 am

    If I won your generous giveaway, I would call my BFF Janelle, who is from California and get her over here pronto! She, my gourmet friend, would be thrilled to school me on all things Figs. I have NEVER had a fig, have no clue how to prepare and eat a fig. It is not a fruit that we have in Oregon. Winning this would open up whole new culinary doors for me! Fig jam, wonder if its anything close to homemade raspberry freezer jam?? Be still my beating heart.


  78. 78
    Vickie A
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 10:48 am
  79. 79
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 11:08 am
  80. 80
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 11:19 am

    I love fig jam… But besides that, I think they’re best served simply. Grilled with vanilla ice cream, or in a simple galette.


  81. 81
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    I’ve honestly never had a fig. Ever. I’d be interested in trying lots of new ways to find out what makes them yummy, though. Plus, in this household, there’s always room for jam. ;D


  82. 82
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    I haven’t cooked with figs that much. I would really like to try several of the recipes mentioned so far! We do like to add dried figs to our oatmeal bars.


  83. 83
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    Fig tart and fig sauce of some sort to go with pork or turkey. I think I would probably have enough to make some jam too :) what a great giveaway!


  84. 84
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    I love fresh figs, so I’d have to start by eating a bunch fresh out of the box. Then I think I’d like to try making fig jam, grilled figs with vanilla ice cream, and after reading some of these suggestions – fig pizza!


  85. 85
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 1:31 pm
  86. 86
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    Sun dried figs are the best, pop them in the oven at low heat for several hours for great homemade snack.
    thanks for the great giveaway.


  87. 87
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Not a lot of experience with figs – heartland of Kansas…but interesting in trying new recipes.


  88. 88
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    I love figs and wish I had more recipes up my sleeve for good uses! I think they are the best when paired with gorgonzola, walnuts, and drizzled with local honey. Serve with water crackers. Heaven in your mouth!


  89. 89
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    My favorite way to eat figs is just stuffed with some cream cheese with a balsamic drizzle. Yummy Yummy


  90. 90
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    I would love to make blue cheese stuffed figs wrapped in bacon!


  91. 91
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    Ooh, figs, that sounds amazing. I could have so much fun with that many…


  92. 92
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    I’d love to try some honey fig jam! Mmm, or fig butter! I’ve been on a canning SPREE lately, and fruit butters are my favorite thing to make.


  93. 93
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 6:56 pm
  94. 94
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    My favorite fig recipe is fig jam(any kind), makes it last for a year after all :)
    But apart from jam, I love my Essentials of Baking book’s fig galette recipe….it is so simple and yet so delicious(and the recipe is online…so I don’t have to type it out!)
    There’s also a very nice sounding fig preserves that I have a feeling will be fabulous from Williams Sonoma’s new book, The Art of Preserving cuz the blackberry preserves I made from the book came out so fabulous that I’ve made 10 jars so far! And lo and behold that recipe is oline too.
    (Maybe I should stop buying Williams Sonoma cookbooks and just search online!)


  95. 95
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    I would be extremely excited to make figs stuffed with a sweetened cashew “cream cheese” and a wine reduction sauce. I’ve made it before and it’s one of my favorites.

    I would also make a fig spread and use it with apples, parrano cheese and this walnut/cranberry bread that my work sells to make some awesome sandwiches.

    AND! I would make vanilla bean ice cream mixed with fig compote and then swirl in some vanilla cake crumbs. Mmmm


  96. 96
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    I a vegan and I love my fruits. I would make different vegan desserts and raw parfaits using fresh fruit. My favorite would be making a fig jam to slab on homemade crackers.


  97. 97
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 7:27 pm
  98. 98
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    I love figs! I recently planted a fig tree and I should have some of my own next year :)
    I think my current favorite is linzer tart cookies -with figs – but those jams look great! I canned my first set of jams last week – I could make some of these and start a collection


  99. 99
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    I absolutely love figs and with that many I can think of many things to do with them, but I’m most excited about making a Fig and Frangipane Tart and pairing with a great blue cheese and port!


  100. 100
    Posted On August 29, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    I also tweeted this!!!


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