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Mojo Clams (Steamed Clams with Green Mojo Sauce)

Mojo Clams (Steamed Clams with Green Mojo Sauce)

Mojo Clams steamed in garlic, olive oil, and white wine and tossed with a green 'mojo' sauce made with cilantro and parsley.

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Did you know that one out of every two bottles of olive oil consumed in the world contains Spanish olive oil? Indeed, Spain has one of best climates in the world for olive cultivation, more than 260 varieties to be exact, so it’s no surprise that some of the world’s best olive oils come from its fertile soil.

It’s also interesting to note that Spain has one of the longest life expectancies in the world.


I think not.

This recipe makes the most of the delicious (and healthful) qualities of olive oil in one quick and easy (and utterly impressive) dish.

White Wine Steamed Clams with Mojo Verde Sauce

Just in the last few months I’ve fallen head over heels for clams. It all started with that amazing lamb & clams recipe from earlier this summer. It really didn’t take much to get me hooked on these salty little molluscs. Granted, I’m still not quite there on oysters (it’s a texture thing), but clams, when cooked properly (trust me, it’s easier than you think!) are tender and briny and not at all gooey or rubbery.

The other thing I love about clams? They are so, so quick to prepare. Just try a cook to chicken breast in that amount of time (I’ll save you the effort: you can’t). That’s why when you want something ridiculously quick and easy, but also downright impressive, there’s no better option than fresh clams.

Steamed clams with cilantro and parsley 'mojo' sauce

The most common preparation is to quickly steam the clams in white wine, garlic, and olive oil, where they’ll pop open to let you know they’re done. We then upped the flavor by tossing the steamed clams with a green mojo sauce.

No, not the sauce that Austin Powers lost (har har). Rather, mojo sauce is a herb-and-vinegar-based sauce from the Canary islands region of Spain, and comes in both red and green variations. This green version, made with cilantro and parsley and a generous amount of delicately fruity Olive Oil from Spain, is very similar to the Argentinian chimichurri sauce, which is also cilantro-based. Feel free to add a jalapeno or other green pepper to the mix too if you want to add a little spice. And, because I know you’re out there, you can use all parsley in this recipe too if you really can’t stand cilantro.

White Wine Steamed Clams with Cilantro Mojo Sauce

Serve this dish with some slices of crusty bread, brushed with more Olive Oil from Spain (of course) and lightly toasted. It’s perfect for sopping up that leftover sauce (seriously, it’s so good you won’t want to waste a drop).

You could also go tapas-style with this dish, serving it to a crowd alongside stuffed olives, fried patatas bravas (with aioli, or the mojo sauce is great on potatoes as well), and a platter of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, and preserves.

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  1. I’ve never tried mojo sauce, but it sure looks simple to make. And I absolutely love clams! I’ll be buying some this weekend and trying this recipe for sure.

  2. I made these last week! Absolutely delicious! Thank you , ???

  3. Calms are one of my favorite and special treat meals. These look delicious.

  4. Yummy! The one thing I miss about living on the coast of North Carolina – fresh seafood!

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