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Clips & Quips: Cats, Kittens, and Cat-shaped Pastries

Sometimes I want to talk about things OTHER than food (I know, shocker!) I figured I’d give myself an outlet to do so in what I’m calling Clips & Quips. This won’t be a regular feature, maybe something I throw up here and there every few weeks, but in it I’ll share my random thoughts of the moment along with some links and photos that I feel like sharing. Don’t worry, I’ll be back with more recipes shortly. :)


After picking 8 pounds of them a few weeks ago, we went back for even more blueberries. Trust me when I say I’ve got exciting things in store for you, starting next week (our tongues and fingers might be stained permanently purple by the time I’m done).


I’ve got kittens on the brain. It doesn’t help that it’s kitten season and whenever we go to our local pet shop to pick up food or litter we are bombarded by dozens of adorable kittens. If we had less cat drama already… or a bigger place… you can bet I would have adopted a whole bunch of them by now. That said, if you happen to be in the Nashville area and are looking for a kitten, the Cat Shoppe has some precious babies right now. I was particularly fond of the little ginger with the epic ear tufts.

Of course it doesn’t help that our neighbor recently adopted two tabby babies (pictured above). Or maybe it does help since I can get my kitten fill by just going down the hall. Currently dubbed Dusty and Bunny (after their adventure into the back of the sofa where they disappeared with the dust bunnies), they are adorable to the say the least, although we still can’t quite tell which one is which. Once they come out of their shells a bit and get used to their new home, they are going to be such fun.

Sgt Pepper and his Tsum Tsum buddies

I am obsessed with the Disney Tsum Tsum game. It started when we picked up some of the stuffed characters for our cat Sgt. Pepper (who adores them more than any other toy) and I discovered that it’s a game, too! So while he plays with his stuffed versions, I play on my phone. My current favorite characters to play with are Belle, Tinkerbelle, and Maleficent. If you happen to be on and are looking for some friends, my LINE ID is linds3485. :)

While TsumTsums definitely have me on my phone more than I probably should be, I’ve still been reading like mad (probably due to the fact that summer TV is the pits). I’m currently half-way through All the Light We Cannot See and am enthralled. Sometimes these overly-hyped books turn out to be duds (in my mind) but this one just might be different. I have to finish it first, but it might very well be featured in my next Books to Devour post.

Around the web…

Speaking of Tsums… check out these incredible Tsum Tsum macarons. Mind. Blown. This Jakarta bakery creates some of the most amazing macarons I’ve ever seen.

I requested an entire box of summer tops from StitchFix. We’ll see if they pull through because I’m tired of boring tshirts. Also, is it just me or do your shirts form teeny tiny little holes in them too? Always in the same place right by my belly button.

Glad to see I’m not the only one on a mission to passionfruit ALL THE THINGS.

Is it wrong that I want this backpack?

Because sprinkles.

My cats are not nearly this talented. I feel proud to have trained them to touch their paws on the scratching post for a treat. That’s about the extent of it. In reality, they probably trained me to give them a cookie, not the other way around.

Let’s all go to Africa!

And Tokyo too, while we’re at it, if only to get some of these adorable cat-shaped cream puffs.

This place sounds like a reason to go to LA. Strawberry rose geranium jam something or other? Yum. I just wish they had included a recipe with the article!

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  1. The dust bunnies truly are identical twins. How about some Lindsay Landis cat collars to tell them apart. Do you still have any in stock? (Your readers may need an explaination).

  2. Ahhh the Tsum Tsum game! I cannot stop playing that dumb thing. Glad I’m not the only one.

  3. OMG. That fluffy cat was so cute! Great for Y’ALL to add to the family!

  4. In our house we attribute the holes to brushing up against the edge of the counter for countless incremental hours while washing dishes. 

  5. The little holes in my t-shirts are typically from the little claws on our kitties. Nearly every single shirt has at least one. 

  6. The holes in your shirts are from little tiny bugs that live in your closet. We moved to a new house 5 years ago and it started happening to all my husbands and my t shirts. I think they are called carpet beetles. They are attracted to pheromones that we apparently release from our belly button area. I think that we solved the problem with a pyrethrum bomb in our closet but it’s been a while and can’t remember if we had to do anything else.

  7. GREAT new series! I have that book sitting beside my bed right now. My daughter whizzed through it, really liked it. Now I need to set some time aside to get through it!

  8. I LOVE this new series, Lindsay! How fun… all those kitties! Too cute. <3 

  9. Love fun posts like this! And I was curious what the back story was to the kittens on IG! Too cute/too tempting. I walked by a rescue place in Chicago the other day with dogs staring at me with puppy eyes through the window. Dangerous. 

    Thanks for including my Africa post!!! :) Also, can we do a passion fruit week together or something? 

  10. I agree with Wendy. I attribute these shirt holes to my belts. So frustrating!
    I can’t believe you all didn’t adopt the orange kitten with ear tufts. He was so cute!

  11. I’m moving into a new apartment in August and my ex is keeping our cat. I’m so sad because she had the best personality, and I have serious kitten/cat fever too! I realized it’s better for me to not adopt another cat right away, but I can’t wait until I’m at a place where I can really care for one again!

  12. I always thought the little holes I got in my tee shirts were from Roxy sleeping in my lap while I watched TV. Or from rubbing up against the rough edged granite kitchen slabs. 
    Funny to hear that others get those same little holes in the same places:)

  13. yes!! To little holes in all my tshirts! Can only assume it’s my belt buckle , although I have tried all sorts of belts and it still happens. I have taken to ALWAYS wearing a little camisole under tshirts and in the front I wrap it over my buckle. So the cami gets holes instead but cheaper to replace a cami than a much loved shirt.

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