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11 Best Ginger Beers

11 Best Ginger Beers

11 Best Ginger Beer Brands (from a self-described ginger beer fanatic)

I’ve become somewhat of a connoisseur of ginger beer. As I’m not huge fan of beer/wine/cocktails, but still want something a bit more exciting to drink than just water, ginger beer is my jam. It is not only delicious, but also great for digestion too, a fact that my sometimes-squirrelly stomach much appreciates.

Not all ginger beers are created equal, as I’ve discovered over the years. Not only that, but ginger beer and ginger ale seem to be drawing farther and farther apart. Warning: if you’re expecting syrupy sweet soda, you will not find that here. I’ll be honest, most ginger ales shouldn’t even be allowed to be labeled ginger; they’re basically just sugar, carbonated water, and caramel color (blech). If you’ve never had a true ginger beer before, you might find it shockingly spicy (yes, ginger is inherently spicy, with its own unique kind of burning heat) and less carbonated than typical soda. Sip it slowly, and enjoy the warm, effervescent sensation that fills your mouth and belly.

I have a few main characteristics that I look for in a good ginger beer:

1. I like it spicy. Essentially, it should burn a little going down, and leave a pleasant tingly sensation on your lips.

2. I like it just a little bit sweet. While the sweetness level of these ginger beers varies greatly, in general they are much less sweet and syrupy than ginger ale.

3. I like it fresh. The best ginger beer should taste like freshly juiced ginger.

4. I like it untainted. The ginger beers with added fruit juices, spices, or other flavors are typically not my favorite (with a few notable exceptions). The best ginger beers, in my opinion, contain little more than fresh ginger, spring water, and natural cane sugar, with maybe a dash of citrus juice or citric acid for zest.

5. I like it cloudy. I noticed a pretty common thread among my favorite ginger beers in that they are very pale yellow and cloudy, some almost chalky. Crystal clear, caramel colored beverages usually fall under my description of ginger ale, and thus, subpar (in my opinion).

11 Best Ginger Beer Brands (from a self-described ginger beer fanatic)

These ginger beers come from around the world, from Bermuda to England to Australia to Maine, each with its own unique characteristics and flavors. My notes on each ginger beer are below.

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The UltimateRachel’s Ginger Beer. If you live in Seattle, color me jealous. This locally made brew is the single best ginger beer I’ve ever had in MY LIFE. It tastes like freshly squeezed ginger, with just enough sweetness and tartness to balance the spice. They offer growlers (of ginger beer! I die.) as well as a number of specialty and seasonal flavors. You CAN order it online but it’s definitely a splurge. If I could get my hands on this more easily I’d never drink anything else (seriously).

That said, if you aren’t in Seattle you’ll need other options. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. :)

The Go-ToFever Tree Ginger Beer. If I had to pick my absolute favorite ginger beer, this would be it: my tried and true, my go-to, and the winner of the title “Lindsay’s All-Time Favorite” ginger beer. I also love the small 6.8 ounce bottles, which are the perfect size to enjoy (12 oz is often more than I want in one sitting). Note that Fever Tree also has a ginger ale, which is sweeter and not as spicy as the ginger beer version.

Most RefreshingRegatta Ginger Beer. One of my newer discoveries, this one is lightly carbonated, fresh and zesty with plenty of gingery bite but no painful burn afterwords. It’s got an interesting cloudy appearance and almost chalky texture (in a good way), made by blending Caribbean & African ginger in traditional stone crocks. You can also find this guy in adorable little mini cans.

The NaturalMaine Root Ginger Brew. A bit different, there are some interesting flavors and spices in this one other than ginger. Maine Root Ginger Brew is made with all organic ingredients, including pure evaporated cane juice. It’s got a nice tingly after-burn that you’ll feel on your lips, in an enjoyable sort of way.

The SweetestBruce Cost Ginger Ale. The only one in the lineup that calls itself ale instead of beer, but it’s got more in common with the other ginger beers than not. At the same time, it’s noticeably sweeter than most of the others, with a fruity, almost tropical, candy-like sweetness. If you ever come across the Bruce Cost Passionfruit Ginger Ale, it’s definitely worth trying. I stumbled upon it once in NYC, and it was nothing short of amazing. Alas, I have yet to find it again, despite my pestering of all the local stores that carry the original variety. I mean, talk about my worlds colliding: passion fruit meets ginger beer.

The FreshestSpindrift Ginger Beer. My newest discovery, this one has a delightful hint of fresh lemon juice to accent the spicy ginger, producing a very fresh and zesty tasting ginger beer. Another one you can’t buy online (yet), but I found it locally at the Turnip Truck.

Most VersatileBundaberg Ginger Beer. A classic, you can’t go wrong with Bundaberg. A perfect balance of sweetness and spice, and clearly made with lots of fresh ginger. It’s one of the most enjoyable ginger beers to drink straight, but also makes a great base for mixed cocktails.

The OriginalBarritts Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer. Pleasantly sweet with just a hint of spice, this ginger beer was designed to be mixed with rum and thus is a bit more laid back than other, spicier varieties. Barritts comes in both cans and bottles (they’re filled with the same stuff but the cans are much less expensive).

The HipsterGosling’s Ginger Beer. You can’t go wrong with Gosling’s, which was designed to be mixed with Gosling’s rum for the ultimate Dark & Stormy. I call this one the “hipster” ginger beer, as it’s the brand that all of hip local eateries seem to stock. It’s on the sweeter side with just a hint of spice. (Tip for ordering ginger beer in restaurants: you’ll rarely see plain ginger beer on a restaurant drink menu. Instead, scan the cocktail menu: if they have a ginger beer cocktail like a Moscow Mule or Dark & Stormy, you know they’ve got ginger beer on hand).

The SpiciestGoya Jamaican-Style Ginger Beer. By far the spiciest of the lot, this one burns on the backend not unlike straight whiskey, a heat that builds as you continue to drink it. Whatever you do, don’t drink it too fast, the last thing you want is this going up into your sinuses. Ouch. This one is definitely not as fresh-tasting as some of the others. I am not a huge fan of Jamaican-style ginger beers (too much spice and not enough ginger), but this one is an exception.

The MildestParker’s Ginger Beer. Perhaps the least spicy of the lot, I’d call this one a “beginner’s ginger beer” as it’s just barely tingly on your tongue. If you’re not a huge fan of spice but still want to enjoy some ginger flavor, this one is a great option. It has a good amount of sediment that settles to the bottom, which is how you know it’s made from fresh ginger. This one doesn’t seem to be available on Amazon (gasp!) but I always see it at Whole Foods.

Most UniqueFentimans Ginger Beer. This one goes slightly against my ‘untainted’ rule, being that it is “botanically brewed” with added herbals and flavorings and fermented ginger which give this ginger beer a very unique flavor. I think it’d be amazing with gin as it has some of the same herbal/floral notes. It’s pricy, but it’s worth it!

11 Best Ginger Beer Brands (from a self-described ginger beer fanatic)

Granted, just because it is called ginger beer doesn’t mean it’s good. In fact I’ve had some pretty bad ginger beers in my quest to try them all. Cock ‘n Bull, Reed’s, Saranac (although their Root Beer is AMAZING), GuS, Trader Joe’s, Stoli… meh. Not my favorites. No offense to any of these brands, that’s just my personal taste, and I know I have very specific opinions about my ginger beer.

I find my ginger beer at World Market (Bruce Cost, Bundaberg, Fever Tree, and Fentiman’s), Whole Foods (Parker’s and Maine Root), Kroger (Fever Tree – in the British section), Publix (Goya – in the Latin Foods section), and locally in Nashville at the Turnip Truck (Spindrift and Bruce Cost), Midtown (Gosling’s, Regatta, Bundaberg, and Fevertree), and Craft Brewed (Bundaberg, Fentiman’s, Fever Tree, and Barritt’s). Wherever you happen to live, shop around at your local liquor stores, health/specialty food stores, and independent grocery stores… chances are you’ll find at least a few different varieties of ginger beer. The majority of the brands I’ve listed above are also available online, although usually only in case quantities.

I’m sure there are other amazing ginger beers out there that I have yet to find, especially as craft sodas become more and more prevalent and Moscow Mules seem to be the ‘hip’ cocktail of the moment, and that this list will continue to grow. Do you love ginger beer as much as I do, and if so, what is your favorite brand?

11 Best Ginger Beer Brands (from a self-described ginger beer fanatic)

And if you’re up for a challenge… did you know you can make your own ginger beer? I’ve done it a few ways, both naturally fermented with champagne yeast (the old fashioned method), as well as from a fresh ginger concentrate mixed with club soda (the quicker method). This works with any old grocery store ginger, or if you can get your hands on fresh baby ginger… you’re in for a real treat. :)

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  1. I just found the second ginger beer/ale that I can stomach (Bundaberg). Other ginger beers/ales either have no ginger taste, have no body, or taste like soap. Raised in Michigan, the only other beverage in the ginger category I have enjoyed is Vernor’s, which should be on this list.

  2. The reason the Goya version is so spicy is that it has cayenne pepper added to make it burn. My favorite so far is Royalty. 

  3. Barritt’s ginger beer is the real deal.

  4. Llanllyr Fiery Ginger Beer is my favorite.

  5. I found Bruce Cost Passionfruit Ginger Ale in my local grocery store in Baltimore. Want some. So far my favorite is Fever Tree.

  6. An excellent array of Ginger Beers tested. I thoroughly recommend Saxby’s Ginger Beer which is manufactured in Australia. Bundaberg, the other Australian Ginger Beer as you tested, is too weak in my opinion and misses that sweet spot. But Saxby’s is by far much better than Bundaberg as agreed by a number of close friends who also love the odd Ginger Beer taste testing. If you every get a chance, grab a Saxby’s and be pleasantly surprised. Its also relatively cheap in Australia being $2 for 750ml bottle. I also comes in a 4 pack at 4 x 375ml bottles.
    A recent one I taste tested was Schweppes Signature Series Ginger Beer with added Mexican Lime flavouring. I cant say there was anything worth being excited about the Schweppes product as it was not very nice.

  7. I’ve had my feelings hurt reading this article because it didn’t include the TigerShàrk or DG Genuine Ginger Beers… Follow me on IG – anthonymitchelljr….. I’m sampling and posting various ones….

  8. I love good spicy Ginger Beer, and here in Chicago the local Aldi stores seem to carry Maine Root seasonally; good to learn Whole Foods also carries it. I like Fever Tree okay but it’s a bit pricy. (I’ve only read like 30 of the 120+ posts here, so far).

    I do like regular beer as well but found Crabbies to be AWFUL, personally. I found the combination of an alcoholic beer plus sweetness to be just plain disgusting, like putting ice cream in beer or something (and I KNOW I’ve eaten ice-cream along with sipping the rest of my IPA or whatnot from dinner on at least one or two occasions, so I can enjoy beer plus sweet bites, but not IN the brew I guess!). I was anticipating the best of both worlds, but to me it was more like worlds in collision. Obviously some other people really enjoy it, as seen in this thread.

    Lindsay, and any others who may make it to the Chicago area, FYI there’s a local brewery (in the suburbs) that brews fresh ginger beer (that you have to refrigerate, but it keeps for a good month or so, probably more in my cold fridge) and is really worth trying. It’s got a more delicate carbonation, and is unique, it really isn’t like any of the other ginger beers I’ve ever had, and for a while it spoiled me for any other ginger beer— but at the former price/ packaging of $12 for a 32 oz bottle, it was a special splurge. They’ve since started packaging it in $7, 16oz bottles (again, which I assume have to be refrigerated) but if you buy 3 of these 16oz bottles the 3rd one is $3 so the grand total is $17 for the three 16oz bottles. Okay this may be too much information since I’m not sure you can get Windmill Ginger Brew except locally in the Chicagoland area, but it’s wonderful enough that I called the business a couple weeks ago to see if they’re still selling at the Chicago downtown Farmers Market, that’s when I learned of their new packaging sizes. It’s lovely, homemade ginger beer. Their flavored ones (mango, blood-orange etc) are delightful but I prefer the Original Flavor because you can taste the ginger better with the unflavored.

    Everything else paled in comparison to the freshness and sheer HEALTHY WONDERFUL quality of Windmill Ginger Brew, but then I’ve only tried Maine Root (good), Fever Tree (good, pricy), Reeds (BORRRRR-ring), Gosling (forgettable? I forget), Crabbies (GAAAHHHH), WBC (passable), and oh yes “Q Spectacular Ginger Beer”, I LOVE Q Ginger Beer, it’s available at Chicago area Whole Foods, on sale now for $2.50 instead of the usual $3 for a 16.9 oz bottle (half a litre). It’s cloudy, has spice and is delicious. My tastes seem to run pretty much exactly the same as Lindsay’s as far as ginger beers go.

    If you’re ever in Chicago check out Windmill Ginger Brew. At least one west-of-the-Loop wine store carries it, as well as the brewery having a stand at the downtown Thursday Farmers Market which runs June (or May??) through almost Halloween. I realize this is a rather lengthy detailed post but I’m so thrilled to find fellow ginger beer addic— er, aficionados, especially ones with such similar preference for spice versus sweet, and cloudy rich natural-tasting ginger beer! Check out the “Q” though, that to me is the closest to the freshly brewed Windmill Ginger Brew. I do intend to try as many of the spicy ones you recommended as I can if they’re affordable and not too much hassle to get. Thanks!

  9. Jackson Hole Ginger Beer. Simply the best. Spicy, sweet, goes down clean. Haven’t found a better yet. When they stopped making it circa 2010-2012, I began brewing my own, trying to get that flavor. Fortunately, they returned to producing it… I still brew though.

  10. You need to try the Aldi brand ginger beer, it’s great!

  11. Another vote for Blenheim’s! The red cap hot is the spiciest I’ve ever had. Tasty tasty stuff!!

  12. Have you tried reds golden ginger ale yet. Its made in Atlanta, GA and from real ginger. It is my go to for mixing with rum n lime. It is pleasantly spicy and oh so good.

  13. I just found – The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer Co. in Dallas. Very good with Rye. (I’m kinda a snob also about my G B)

  14. I loved Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer but sadly it has become a victim of the ‘suger tax’ in the UK. For the last few months I have only been able to find the ‘refreshingly light’ version in store and that isn’t a patch on the original – still a premium price but no longer worth it!

    The company website implies both versions are still made, but when I contacted them to find a stockist they confirmed that only the ‘light’ version is now produced.

  15. I live in Ontario and the only ginger beer I can find in my area is called – The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer Co. On the bottle it says ^natural flavour*. I find that it bit confusing. Does it have *real ginger* in it?

  16. I just tried Rachel’s (original and agave). I think I still like Cock & Bull the best, but the Rachel’s agave is good too. I was reading the posts here, and someone mentioned the XTRA Rachel’s, with 2x the ginger. I will definitely try that next time I get to Seattle.

  17. Thanks for this list! I love ginger beer as an alcoholic alternative when I don’t want to drink. It’s also great for my stomach that gets upset more often due to a med I’m taking.

  18. Q ginger beer is my absolute favorite. I’m a ginger beer snob. I like fever tree alright, and the Bruce cost is pretty decent just too sweet for me. Since I’ve had Q, I can’t go back!! Nice and spicy with good quality ingredients.

  19. Did you ever try a ginger beer with alcohol? Like Crabbie’s Original alcoholic ginger beer?

  20. I must say the name beer and ale are at times blended or ignored regarding the way they are made or advertised. There have been many comparisons as to what a ginger soda should be but at it’s root “pun intended” it should always begin with Jamaican ginger. If you want to know a ginger ale that is pure clean and spicy it’s called Blenheim made in South Carolina since 1903. They begin with a local mineral water and while clear it is in the red top very spicy and makes a stunning dark and stormy. They have a gold top less spicy but for the uninitiated it is still far more aggressive than your Canada dry or Vernors. And they have the diet which is like the gold cap sans sugar. To my tastes the best ginger soda on the planet.

  21. If you ever get to Auckland, NZ try Stoke ginger beer. It’s very gingery & has a slight cinnamon ending to it. I’ve tried to talk them into sending some to the US, but for a small operator it must
    be a daunting task.

  22. Got turned on to Cock & Bull when visiting Portland OR 3 yrs ago. Had a Moscow mule (or a few) served in a great little tavern, Barlow on Greeley Ave. Have no idea about ingred for Cock & Bull. Only place I could get it when I got home was online, $20 for a 6 pack. OUCH! Only ginger beer readily available close to home was Goslings. Ick! Musty taste, & has HFCS, which I try to avoid @ all costs. Found Q brand ginger beer @ Fresh Thyme. Agave sweetened, w/ a kick of cardamom & coriander, a little spicy, and I find it quite satisfactory as a mixer.

  23. You have to try Buck Snort from Boise, Idaho. That was my first’s and very impressed. Since I’ve tried a few and so for its the best. It’s definitely better than Gosling, reeds or Stole.

  24. Has anyone found a ginger beer that is stronger than those mentioned above, please. Many thanks.

  25. I haven’t read all the replies but my vote is for Bedford’s ginger beer out of Port Angeles Washington…. it is fantastic.

  26. Ive recently discovered a ginger beer from BigLots here in Chillicothe Oh. Belvoir Fruit Farms is the brand name and it is right on top of my list with Spindrift and Maine Root. Definitely spicy, just the right amount of sweet, and that pale and cloudy yellow color you were speaking of. Not sure where else you can find this newly acquired favorite of mine. But it comes in a 25.4 oz bottle and in apparently made in the UK. Was very excited to find this yesterday as it’s been difficult finding anything around here that meets my standards. Does that make me a ginger beer snob?? Anyway, just thought I’d let you in on a new brand to check out if you haven’t known about it thus far. Happy hunting!

  27. I am new to ginger beer (being a red head why)? Loved my dark n stormy with Gosling’s…but tried to be skinny and bought the diet version YICK. It ruined the drink. So now I am not wanting to branch out…thank for your blog I may get adventerous.

  28. You missed Idris Ginger Beer off your list… I grew up drinking this stuff in my native Wales, UK but since moving to the US 16 years ago, it has proven hard but not impossible to find… in my humble opinion, of all the ginger beers that I’ve tried so far… Idris is right at the very top of the list for best ever ginger beers.

  29. Be sure to try Hosmer Mountain Dangerous Ginger Beer – a spicy option for sure!

    I’m definitely a fan of Regatta, and discovered Fever Tree while in England over the holidays… glad to know it’s available in the US as well. Trader Joe’s is also a good option. I agree with your sentiments on Reeds… not my taste. I’ll be on the lookout for some of the others you mentioned. Thanks for the article!

  30. Thank you for this write-up and review! Bundaberg is my favorite and it’s quite cheap where I live, $1.25 a bottle at the local Asian market. I tried Reeds but that has a strange flavor and I agree it’s not very good. I’ve got some new ones to try now thanks to your list.

  31. I kind of like Jamaicans choice/ citadelle brand . Not too sweet and it is quite gingery. It made me burp ( i know you needed to know that!) and it tingled my inner nose. Found it at Kmart and decided to give it a try. I am enjoying it. I usually find reeds and a few others brands in my travels. Would love to have a readily available enjoyable g-b year round. Would be great to pour over vanilla iced cream. Can’t wait to do that!

  32. I don’t like the flavor of regular beer never have. But my husband got a basket of unique beers for Christmas and I saw the ginger beer. Told him I wanted to taste it and now I am hooked on it. Very refreshing and a little spicey to the mouth. Very good, and it is Crabbie’s Ginger Beer.

  33. Main root ginger brew is the best out there. Sweet with enough ginger for a perfect kick. I used to buy it at Whole Foods but I have not been able to find it lately.

  34. Hi Lindsay:

    Thanks for all the great observations, you’ve encouraged me to try the brews I have not tried yet. Mine go about 75% of the time into a Dark n Stormy or a Mule so a kittle different purpose here. I see you mention Ralphs / Kroeger as a source but not for their own ginger beer. They have a Kroger store brand that they sell alongside Bundaberg and Reeds here in San Diego for $2 a 6 pack of 12 ounce cans on sale since before Christmas. A little “bright” by itself but great for a mixed drink. My question is what is in it? Some brands brag about the ounces of ginger in each bottle / can but not a mention with this one.


    • Selection of ginger beers is limited where I live BUT Kroger brand ginger beer is my favorite over Reed’s Cock & Bull, Fever Tree all that I can get locally. Price is awesome too!

  35. Thanks for this post!  I tried Reed’s extra ginger and it was bland and too sweet and basically tasted like ginger ale to me.  I tried Bundaberg and it was okay but not really spicy at all.  The one that they have at my work that I really like (even though it makes me sneeze, lol) is Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer from the Natrona Bottling company here outside of Pittsburgh.  It’s of the “don’t get it up your nose” variety.

    I think it’s the regular variety that I’ve had but it’s certainly the spiciest of all the ones I’ve tried.  I’ll have to get my hands on the  “hot hot hot!” one.   It is also really expensive though.  I am going to try the Goya one you suggest.  And maybe Fever tree.

  36. I have to agree that the Goya is the most intense I have come across and can attest to the sinus thing after sneezing some out through my nose once. Do not attempt. LOL.

    The Aldi stores here just started to carry Maine Root and just got some today, not sure what to think yet, though I have a 4 pack to form an opinion with,

    Cock and Bulls I kind of developed a personal bias for, as for the longest time before more stores started to feature natural sections it was all I could find.

    Also, I know I’m rather late to this article, but thanks for it, I’ll try to seek some of these out.

  37. No Cock and Bull in your top 11???? I’ll have to find the Goya, I like the spicy ginger beers.

  38. Thanks for this. I found you when I was hunting for the spiciest ginger beer for my mezcal mule. Bruce Cost Unfiltered Pomegranate and Hibiscus and Bruce Cost Jasmine Tea flavour are around the corner from me (I’m in Brooklyn) – let me know if you still are looking for some.

    – Amber Marlow

    • ooop! I just found Passion Fruit, too! If you haven’t found it yet, let me know if you need a few bottles. Yes, I’m stranger on the internet, but I’m not sketchy.

  39. I question your judgment since Reeds isn’t on this list.

    • I know it is entirely subjective but, as I mentioned in the post, Reed’s is not my favorite. I’m just not a fan of the pineapply-undertones and spices used to brew it. But to each her own. :)

  40. You need to include Grace’s Ginger Beer. It is superb.

  41. Mmm I love ginger beer, it’s pretty much the only soft drink that doesn’t make me ill. I used to drink D&G back about 10 years ago, but recently have had a chance to sample quite a few. B.Stiff & Sons here in CO. makes a very balanced ginger beer. I also enjoy Cock N Bull due to it’s decent amount of ginger heat. Q brand ginger beer is hot, but more in a cayenne pepper way, and I dislike that it’s only meant as a mixer….I suppose I’m not much of a hipster haha :) Bundaberg is awesome and I always keep it on hand, but it’s so sweet and filling so I only indulge occasionally.
    Anyway, Yay for ginger beer (and quality ginger ale as well)! :)

  42. I’ve been drinking ginger beer since I was a kid. I’m 65. Here in Michigan, it was Schweppes. I suppose it’s no longer available because I can’t find it. It was just the right burn your tongue spicy. I’m pleased with the Moscow Mule phase for it has resurrected an old favorite. Thanks for the post. I can broaden my ginger beer horizons. 

  43. I’m a life-long ginger beer addict, as a kid  (60s) only cock & bull could be found at an English import store, highland games or renaissance faire   . Reeds became available at health food stores yet are now offered in most grocery stores now. That was it till about 5 yrs ago when this delightful ginger beer explosion began>>>I am in heaven! I want to try them all!  Want to make my own some day too.  Have  tried maybe  a dozen.  Fever tree is one of my favorites. Want to try Goya  after reading comments here. Thought some of the ones mentioned did not have enough fresh hot ginger flavor. One thing I have learned is that age & how bottle was stored/temperature  is important!!!  My newest search is to try the new wave of alcoholic ginger beer. Sadly many are malt based which I do not like. Trader joes carries Holman &fenton ginger beer which is Holloman & fenton’s which is 4% & has been made in Scotland since 1905.  Not a bourbon fan yet think with strong ginger flavor it is much better than vodka/mules or rum. It balances the sweeter ginger beers as well without detracting from ginger flavor. Found a new 5% ginger beer made in Colorado  yet can not remember name. Amazon  offers a ginger beer sampler  12 bottles

  44. Try Rachel’s Ginger Beer out of Portland. Fairly strong but I can’t put it down. Three or four flavors

    • No kidding. Discovered Rachel’s last year and it’s pretty much ruined me for all other ginger beers. Too bad it costs so much $$ to ship to Nashville…

  45. I still miss Olde Tyme. I tried a Bundaberg today, and WOW do I have to disagree with you. NO heat. NO ginger flavor. More than anything else it reminded me a lot of Goya’s Cola Champagne. Basically, sugar-flavored water, just cloudy instead of orange. And, yes, I did mix it like the label said. Now I have three bottles left. I’ll probably use them for cooking or something, save myself wasting Goya.

  46. Have you tried Sprecher out of Milwaukee?
    Love it! 

  47. Super service-y! We always keep ginger beer in our home bar (for bourbon and ginger, duh) but only can get Reed’s at the two groceries by us. Meh. I have been stocking up on Trader Joe’s, as well, which is super spicy and not my favorite but more out of necessity than anything else. Might just have to bite the bullet and order some of these!

  48. Great write up and comments. I’m starting a ginger beer company in a place called Lake Okoboj, Iowa. Why? After finding a recipe that was so money that people begged for it so they could add it to their  Moscow Mules;  I knew I had something special. It was to me to step away from the  hobby and get real. Time to bring the party to everyone. Please look for Boji Girl Ginger Beer soon. 

  49. Have you triedVernors? Was made in Detroit. I think Dr Pepper bought them out. I now live in the South and find it at Krogers. Would be interested to know how it stacks up to the others. I keep mine on hand for  when I don’t feel well. Try not to breathe the bubbles in. You will sneeze for sure.

    • Vernor’s, while very good, is ginger ale rather than ginger beer…
      Ginger ale = sweet with a hint of ginger.
      Ginger beer = ginger with a hint of sweet.

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