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My Favorite Juice Glasses

My Favorite Juice Glasses

In the grand scheme of food blogging and food photography, glasses often get left out. I admit that my drinks category is quite sparse (something I vow to fix). Plates, spoons, bowls… they seem to get all the attention.

But I want to spotlight one of my favorite recent finds: these adorable vintage-style juice glasses. They’re the perfect size for a glass of orange juice in the morning. I have about 9 of them now and use them each and every day.

I started with two from World Market. Not realizing how much I’d love them, I only bought two (I tend to buy props, if not singly, in pairs). By the time I decided I needed more (I actually wanted a bunch for my blog birthday party in February), World Market was, sadly, out. They had been discontinued.

I may have shed a tear.

But a few months later I got lucky, stumbling across a set of 3 almost identical vintage glasses in an antique shop.

And then just last month, I rounded out my (mismatched) set by picking up 4 more from Crate & Barrel. Those are still available. You should go buy some.

Photo Prop Shelves

Aside from their intended purpose, they also make great nic-nac holders for wee demitasse spoons, condiment spoons, teaspoons, more spoons (I told you I liked spoons), maybe some forks, extra pixie sticks and paper straws, styling tweezers, q-tips, and um, candy canes? (Don’t ask).

Cookie Dough Milkshakes

And milkshakes. Cookie dough milkshakes, to be exact. Although their diminuative 7oz size means you might very well end up drinking 3 milkshakes all by yourself.

But that’s ok.

I’m not one to judge.

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  1. I love those glasses, too. And I wish I didn’t know that cookie dough milkshakes were a thing. Oh boy.

  2. And to think, my husband just asked me the other day when we had a 20% off coupon to Crate and Barrel if we needed anything…and I said no…ARGH! LOL

  3. I actually have those glasses! I would recommend them as well. It’s so funny that you found enough to make a set from 3 different sources. Love when things like that happen!

  4. I love it when people share where they got their props. Thanks, Lindsay!

  5. I agree completely! I have so few glasses. I need to add some to my prop collection.

  6. I love vintage tableware and these glasses are adorable! I especially love that you were able to find new and vintage pieces that matched.

    I’m totally coveting your prop closet!

  7. Love these glasses! AND love your organized chaos in those shelves! ;)

  8. So cute! Especially for 95 cents!

    Where do you get those vintage straws? I’ve looked everywhere!

  9. I miss World Market. When I lived in Virginia there was one right around the corner from me. Needless to say I was there all the time. Around here I don’t have World Market, C&B. I think we need to move. These glasses are adorable and like you I always tend to buy things in pairs as I am always on the lookout for props.

  10. My Husband gets so angry because I buy one spoon , a plate ect… and he keeps asking where are you going to store this stuff? Why do you keep buying it? What is up with the little spoons? I tell him I need props and he just doens’t get it! I love your post today and now I have the urge to go buy props!

  11. These are just the perfect size–especially for my grands who will be here this summer. I can’t wait to try the cookie dough milkshake with them; in fact all the recipes are appealing for kids and kid in me! XOXO

  12. I love milkshake glasses!!!!

  13. Love your cabinets… I see you fell in love with the same Anthropology bowls I recently bought (only 2 of)! My cabinets look so similar! I love leaving them open and so what if there aren’t full sets of everything! It’s lovely, and haphazard, and happy. I’ve followed you for a while, probably Stumbled Upon you, but now one of my faves. Really nice blog! Keep up the good work!

  14. I have some very similar glasses and blue striped paper straws. Got the straws as part of a lovely easter basket, but haven’t gotten around to using them. In the meantime, I love the idea of showcasing them in a pretty glass! Boyfriend’s going to wonder why there’s one less glass to drink out of. =)

  15. So organized!! I love those juice glasses.

  16. Your props are so neatly organized! Yeah those glasses looks pretty neat .. have to get hold on to few before it vanishes.

  17. I do the same with any glasses! They even hold measuring cups and spoons…

  18. These are my favorite juice glasses, too! We have four from C&B and have held up well, even though I let me 18 month old drink from them. They’re a great size for his little hands and if he breaks one I think I can spare the .95 to get a new one :)

  19. Okay now I’m kinda loving and hating you. LOL Thanks to that Crate & Barrel link (how did I never know about this store???) I just spent $65 on food props. :P

    • You’re welcome? :) We don’t have a C&B here in Nashville, but stopped at the one in Atlanta and spent way too much $$.

  20. Those are beautiful. Glasses are something I rarely keep on hand, mostly because my kids are still small and break them. I admittedly overuse my mason jars for glass props. But I also discovered the little Starbucks frap drinks you buy in the store, the glass bottle from those are pretty for drinks too.

  21. So cute! I love that you found something so similar at Crate & Barrel, World Market AND an antique store. That is the power of classic.

  22. These were the juice glasses that I grew up with! Definitely photogenic. :)

  23. Love! When I finally move all of my props into our office…I’m stealing this idea from you! I think I have those same glasses too!!! LOL

  24. I am so jealous of your props shelves! I hope I have something like that someday

  25. i actually used to have one of these i think. no idea where it went. my current glasses are really similar except without the lines. i will have to check out c&b the next time i am there.

  26. I love this post! I drive myself nuts shopping for props and sometimes buy things on a whim I end up loving only to find I will never find it again. I also buy in pairs for that very reason. But sometimes wind up with 2 of seemingly every plate or cup or bowl that I don’t really want…lol

    I love your prop storage area. Mine has taken over my kitchen and I need to get it organized in one area that’s open like yours is so I can SEE what I am looking at :)

  27. wow, I didn’t realize they were 95 cents at C& cheap! Might have to stop there this weekend :)

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