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Bourbon Cream Root Beer Floats

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Bourbon Cream Root Beer Floats

I discovered something magical this fall: bourbon cream liqueur. Think of it like Irish cream, but bourbon flavored.

Yes, it’s as incredible as it sounds.

For the longest time (well, what seems like an eternity), this delightful concoction was not available in Tennessee. Something about no local distributors or some nonsense like that. I managed to convince a friend to grab me a bottle from Kentucky, as that’s the only way I knew to get it. Needless to say I treated it like liquid gold.

Just recently this divine substance appeared in our favorite local liquor store. Joy! I no longer have to squirrel it away for special-occasions-only.

Bourbon Cream Root Beer Floats

What’s even more magical than drinking it straight is mixing it with root beer (something we discovered when visiting the Buffalo Trace distillery where it’s made). It tastes like a root beer float with a kick of bourbon. So I figured that turning it into an actual root beer float made complete sense.

It’s a classic root beer float, all grown up.

Bourbon Cream Root Beer Floats


2 large scoops vanilla ice cream
1 12-ounce bottle root beer
1/4 cup (2 ounces) bourbon cream liquor


Place ice cream in two chilled cups or sundae glasses. Pour half of root beer over ice cream, followed by bourbon cream. Serve immediately.

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  1. Sounds so yummy! I’ll keep an eye out for that in a store here, but I’m not hopeful since I live in Las Vegas :-(

  2. Wow… I may need to do a quick detour to the booze supermarket tonight. Looks amazing!

  3. Makes total sense to me! I recently made Hummer cocktails with coffee ice cream and they were amazing. I’m all for adult ice cream treats!

  4. You are killing me. I’ve never been so glad to be an adult than I am right now. *swoon*

  5. Ive never even had bourbon cream liquor! I love Baileys Irish Cream & this sounds so good.

    LOVE the pour shot image! Fabulous!

  6. I love root beer floats so I’m totally game for an adult kick!

  7. oh yes–we’ll be trying these REAL SOON!

  8. Now, that looks dangerously delicious!

  9. The pictures are beautiful! I love root beer floats!

  10. Wow, this sounds so good! Gorgeous photos too!

  11. Dear me — this post made me all weak in the knees, and I’m not a bourbon drinker (yet!).

  12. This stuff is dangerously good. . Yummy. I don’t even need the ice cream!

  13. That looka incredible. Perfect for a hot day. I foresee a trip to the market soon.

  14. This post speaks to me on so many levels — I don’t even know where to begin. I love bourbon, I love cream liquers, I love ice cream, I love root beer and I love Lindsay! This is at the top of the list for my Christmas Bunco — nothing like planning ahead! Thanks for the great discovery!!

  15. love bourbon. i’m going to love this. you solved my problem for a dessert for this weekend’s bbq! thanks!

  16. How in the world am I just now finding out about this? I LOVE BOURBON! I usually put some in my root beer floats, but this is so much better. I must find it.

  17. Oh boy what a great recipe!! I can see having this by the pool!

  18. I had no idea bourbon cream liqueur existed until just now! Root beer floats are one of my favorite desserts and adding booze to it is pure brilliance. YUM!

  19. Thank you for this post! I’ve never heard of bourbon cream liquor and I have a friend who adores the flavor of bourbon….I know what she’s getting in her Christmas stocking! FAB pictures (as usual).

  20. Nice typography girlfriend.

  21. Hey-a, woot-woot! Yum, yum, yum…

  22. yummy yummy!!!!! I have to try this!!! looks so good!!!!

  23. Aww yeah! What a great summer treat!

  24. And I thought the whiskey milkshake I had was bomb–this is GREAT!

  25. My husband would love this dessert, so easy but I bet delicious!

  26. Why did you blur out the bottle? I recognize that – BUFFALO TRACE BOURBON CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. that’s MY kind of float! Bless you for posting this! LOL

  28. Ohhh myyy goodnesssss. How have I never heard of this magic treat? MUST pick some up asap. Is it sold in most liquor stores or is it a local thing?

  29. I didn’t think that there was a way to make a root beer float better, but I think that you found it!

  30. Oh girl, this is a brilliant idea!!! Can’t wait to try it.

  31. Such a stunning recipe I just pinned it 3 times :)

  32. Oops, I pinned this one too ~ I pinned the cherry ice cream 3 times ;)

  33. Bourbon cream?! How did I not know about this? I’m hoping it’s available on Long Island because I would love to serve your floats on the 4th.

  34. I just visited Buffalo Trace during a road trip through KY last week (I had a tip from a coworker to swing by) – and holy goodness, this liqueur is my new obsession! I’m so glad I bought a couple of bottles, because they don’t sell it where I live. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site while searching for recipes with this liqueur! Maybe if enough people see this post, the folks at Buffalo Trace will consider distributing this drink from heaven to locales beyond KY and TN…?

  35. I made homemade bourbon “Irish Creme” a few years back for St. Paddy’s day, and now it is a permanent holiday tradition. It’s beyond easy to make and oh-so-good!

    I adore floats (although I prefer coke to root beer), so I will have to try your recipe next time I make a batch. It might not be able to wait until next year…

  36. I was just – very LOUDLY – telling my friends how much I dislike floats…but now I’m reconsidering. :)

  37. Bailey’s was my first alcoholic love! So happy to know that there’s a Bourbon-based alternative out there, though I fear for my figure and sobriety! This float sounds like pure heaven.

  38. This is a delicious recipe, I have had the root beer and bourbon creme at the Buffalo Trace distillery many times. I would also recommend the same recipe, but substitute Wild African Cream liqueur from South Africa, instead of the bourbon creme. It taste like Bailey’s, only better, and less expensive. Thanks.

  39. I mix bourbon cream with equal parts Revel Stokes rootbeer whisky. It is awesome.

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