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Nashville Needs Your Help.

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Nashville is under water.

First of all, we are ok. Our home and office is high enough that we didn’t have to deal with anything other than a leaky window or two. We appreciate all who have expressed concern. We are very fortunate to have come out of this in one piece with little damage to our property. We’re on restricted water usage as one of the two water treatment facilities in the metro area is under water. Downtown Nashville (pictured above) is flooded up to 2nd Avenue as the Cumberland river overflows it’s banks; Opryland resort hotel is under 6 feet of water and all 1500+ guests have been evacuated to local high schools; interstates are closed as mile-long stretches are impassable; over 600 water rescues have been performed to rescue people stranded in their homes; and as of now, 6 people have lost their lives in Davidson county alone.

So many have lost everything in this disaster, caused by the wettest 24-hour period in recorded history (Nashville alone received nearly 14″ of rain). You only have to take a look at some of the pictures or video posted to get a sense for the sheer amount of water flowing through the city.

If you are in or around Nashville, please volunteer to help in the cleanup efforts (we have and are completely prepared to set aside work and volunteer wherever we’re needed). If you are not local and still want to help, please consider making a donation to the Metro Nashville Relief Fund or the Nashville Red Cross. The national media has not been covering this disaster as much as is really needed; right now our city needs all the help it can get. Please spread the word.

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  1. Did you hear? Taylor Swift donated $500,000 dollars to help! I knew I loved her!

  2. My goodness. Its amazing of the lack of coverage about Nasahville, I had no idea it was that bad. I will be hitting the red cross site asap.

  3. Oh my God… we just visited Nashville last year and loved the city… hope it recovers soon… glad to know u are fine… keep dry!

  4. So glad you’re ok. This is just surreal isn’t it. I can’t believe it.

  5. I live in Rhode Island, and our state was under water a few weeks ago. It ruined so many homes and businesses- even an entire mall. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m glad your home is ok…my thoughts are prayers are with everyone who is affected.

  6. happy to hear you’re okay! good luck making it through a difficult time.

  7. So glad to hear you two have made it through ok! Hope you continue to stay dry and the rest of Nashville dries up soon!

  8. Hope things get better! Will spread the word.

  9. I’ve been following your blog silently for a while now, but I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I’m glad to hear you guys are safe. All this crazy weather is really sad, and I’m sorry to hear that it’s kit you guys so close to home. Good luck and hopefully things will turn around soon!

  10. Ohhh NO!.. wish you all the best! I hope you guys are ok! and I’ll send you all my good energy!

  11. How devastating! Definitely keeping your city in my thoughts.

  12. Thinking of you…just retweeted your post. Hope it gets better soon!

  13. Lindsay, Glad you are okay. Things must be crazy right now.

  14. I was thinking about you over the weekend. SO glad that you and your family are okay. Thank you for the posting. :-)

  15. My entire family lives in and around Nashville. My parents live in Hickman County which is now almost completely under water. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in TN right now. Stay safe and stay dry!

  16. Thinking of all of you! Sending prayers and best wishes.

  17. My thoughts are with you!

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