After a week of iffy food, who would’ve thunk that the end of the week leftovers meal would be the best one? Go figure!

Carbonara ala Leftovers

Carbonara ala Leftovers

Basically this recipe was the same as this one, with a few small changes.
– Spinach instead of peas. We added about half a bag of baby spinach (leftover from our Roasted Veggie Salad) right at the end of the cooking, so it just slightly wilted.
– Added a few sprigs of fresh thyme in with the onions and bacon.

Carbonara is a great leftovers recipe. As long as you have a few slices of bacon, eggs, and some white wine lying around, you can do it, and throw in whatever else you have left in the fridge. Like I said, carbonara ala leftovers!

We also made a leftovers bruschetta, where we basically tossed the leftover veggies from the same Roasted Veggie Salad with some Parmesan, balsamic, and seasoning. Should have realized that if they didn’t taste good the first time they wouldn’t taste good the second time either. Oh well!

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  1. recipies look interesting

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