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Double Chocolate Brownie Waffles

Double Chocolate Brownie Waffles from

I’ve been obsessed with chocolate waffles for some time now, but hadn’t yet perfected the recipe. I wanted something crispy on the edges and tender in the middle, yet still deep and dark and packed with rich chocolate flavor.

Turns out, a chocolate waffle is a lot harder than you think. Adding cocoa to a basic buttermilk waffle recipe makes a softer, more cake-like waffle, a sacrifice in texture that I’d make if the flavor were spot on, except it isn’t. Rather, the resulting waffles are pallid and pathetic. Barely worthy of being called chocolate waffles.

So instead, when asked to contribute a chocolate waffle to the KitchenAid® Kitchenthusiast blog, I stopped trying to make a chocolate waffle, and instead looked at the problem from a completely different angle: how could I get a brownie batter (already the perfect flavor and texture I was looking for) to work in a waffle maker?

That’s not as easy as it sounds, either, since brownies, unless grossly overcooked, tend to crumble and fall apart while still warm. The trick lies with the unique swivel feature of the KitchenAid® Waffle Baker.

Double Chocolate Brownie Waffles

In order to maintain the delicate, fudgy texture of a brownie, it’s not going to behave like a normal waffle, and won’t come out of the iron like a normal waffle either. It takes a bit of finesse, tiling the iron while it is open and gently easing the warm waffles out of their molds and onto the plate. Luckily, I ruined plenty of waffles figuring this out so you don’t have to.

The result is delightfully crispy and densely chocolate, rich enough that one wedge is more than satisfying. If you love the edges of the brownie pan these waffles were made for you. Serve them warm, right out of the waffle baker, with fresh fruit and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’ll be in brownie heaven in a fraction of the time it would take to make a pan of traditional brownies.

Visit the KitchenAid® Kitchenthusiast™ blog for the recipe »

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  1. I was so looking forward to making these. Unfortunately, the recipe link to Kitchenaid doesn’t work. Any chance the recipe will be posted on this blog?

  2. It looks just delicious and I am sure it will also taste delicious. Thanks for sharing it I used can’t wait to make it and taste one.

  3. Thank you so much I love brownies I am definitely gonna make it!!!

  4. Wow! These look so good, never thought of chocolate waffles before, can’t wait to try them :)

  5. It’s all about the tilt ;) good one girl

  6. I’ll jump at any excuse to eat dessert for breakfast! These look so delicious!

  7. How decadent—-I love it. What a breakfast.

  8. My kiddos would be over the moon if I served up brownie waffles. Thanks for all your testing to perfect this :)

  9. I’d love to have this waffle baker. I need to get one as mine doesn’t make a good job. I love the colour of your waffles, great work. 

  10. Delicious brownie waffles, yum!

  11. A chocolate brownie waffle?? Perfect! I can’t wait to make these!

  12. This is a really intriguing idea, especially for summer, since a waffle iron is cooler than an oven as well as being faster.  Unfortunately these waffles won’t happen for me – the nutritional profile and calorie level keep me from eating brownies and don’t have a waffle maker…  :-(

  13. Oh yeah, I definitely need this. For breakfast AND then dessert later!

  14. WOW-a brownie that’s a waffle? YES please, sign me up! These look totally delicious!

  15. I usually make waffles in autumn, they are delicious with hot, apples sauce. Your chocolate brownies waffles look very tempting!

  16. Oh my goodness, this still qualifies as breakfast, right? Looks amazing :)

  17. What a creative idea for a recipe!

  18. These look crazy good!

  19. Whoa, could these look any more amazing?!

  20. Looks delicious! In favor of figuring out ways to eat brownies for breakfast! 

  21. These look devine! I am a huge chocolate and rasberry fan, this is my kind of dessert. 
    Bec x 

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