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Happy Birthday, Little Blog!

Blog Birthday Dessert Table

Five years. I’ve been filling this space with words and pictures for five years now. That’s like, 42 in blog years. We’ve come a long way since that very first post. Five years, 588 posts, 16,130 comments, and dozens of cupcakes later, I decided this was indeed a momentous occasion and we had to celebrate.

With a party.

And cake.

And a fancy schmancy dessert table.

Green Olive Oil-Themed Dessert Table

I’m sure you’ve ooh-ed and aah-ed over Amy Atlas’ dessert tables just like I have. They are beyond gorgeous. Especially for a sugar-lover like me. It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to do, but never had a reason to do so.

A 5-year blogaversary seemed like a good enough reason for me, don’t you agree?

Green Olive Oil-Themed Dessert Table

I went with a green/olive-oil theme (of course), which did pose a particular challenge. Green desserts aren’t exactly the norm. But they sure are delicious.

Green Olive Oil-Themed Dessert Table

Meyer lemon and olive oil chiffon cake. Olive oil rice crispy treats. Pistachio macarons. Basil lemonade. Matcha and white chocolate sables. Olive oil granola. Inside out cookie dough truffles. And I’ll be sharing the recipes for all of them over the next few days (well, except for the truffles. You’re just going to have to wait until June 5th for that one.)

Green Olive Oil-Themed Dessert Table

But wait, what are those?

Underneath the fake flowers.

Zoom in.

Grocery List Notepads

Party favors!

Grocery List Notepads

Because really, what’s a party without favors?

As a token of thanks, because there’s no way I could have made it this far without you, I’ve got a present for you. Adorable little notepads. Perfect for grocery lists or doodles or sweet nothings or what have you. And I’ve got 100 of them to give away.

*UPDATE* All notepads have now been spoken for! Thanks everyone for emailing. I’ve got my 100 winners, and I’ll be sending out your party favors as soon as I can!

If you don’t get a freebie, don’t fret. I’ve got some more that I’ll be putting up for sale shortly. In cute little sets (one green, one white). I know I personally go through notepads like they’re tissues. Or hair ties. Or mini peanut butter cups. You get the point. You can never have too many, I say! Stay tuned!

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  1. You have a beautiful blog! I just came across it and have become a fan.
    I wanted to ask you where you got the notepads made? :)

  2. Congratulations on your blogiversary and hitting a wonderful milestone in your blogging journey! Proud to call you my mentor and friend. Hope to meet you face to face one day soon. Happy Anniversary!!!! :-)

  3. Thank you for the notepad! happy blogiversary =)

  4. Congrats!! Would you share a how-to on hanging the ribbon streamers? Love this!!

  5. Wow…what a gorgeous blog you have here. Happy belated anniversary to your site. I love how it’s all color coordinated. :) Looking forward to following!

  6. Congrats! This is so beautiful and everything looks delicious!


  7. Happy Blogiversary!! I love this sweet and well composed dessert table!! Such fun colors! Just perfect!

  8. Happy Birthday! Our blogs were born less than a week apart, how fun!

  9. Congrats on the 5 years! You continue to inspire :)

  10. Happy blogiversary Lindsay! That cake looks so amazing. That green color is really something!

    Here’s to another five years! :)

  11. Congrats on 5 years! That dessert table looks amazing, and the Meyer lemon olive oil chiffon cake is calling my name.

  12. What a gorgeous photo spread! Happy blogiversary!

  13. Happy blog-birthday! Will you share your Meyer lemon and olive oil chiffon cake recipe with us? Sounds & looks oh-so-tasty!

  14. Happy blogversary! I’m new to your site (late to the party), but better late than never! You party spread is sooooo FINE!!!

  15. Happy blogiversary!! I think this is the perfect occasion for a dessert table. It’s lovely!

  16. So cute! Happy blogiversary! xo

  17. Happy Blog-day to you, Happy Blog-day to you, Happy Blog-Day dear Lindsay, Happy Blog-day to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

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