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Grilled Cheese with Apricot Jam and Arugula

Remember a week or so ago when I begged, er, asked nicely to vote for my rainbow cake in the Butter recipe exchange? Well, if you hadn’t heard, I won. And I am pretty darn proud and thankful for all of you who rallied behind me. (Thank you!)

Anyways, the prize for the victory, a $150 Kerry Gold gift basket, arrived shortly after. While I knew I was getting some butter (and fantastically amazing butter at that), what I didn’t expect was the sheer quantity of cheese. Swiss and cheddar and gouda, oh my!

Now the grilled cheese probably makes more sense, huh?

But this isn’t just any grilled cheese, this grilled cheese has class. With a thin layer of homemade apricot jam and a few leaves of fresh arugula added at the very last minute, this sandwich is as delicious as it is simple. I mean, it is a grilled cheese, after all. And what a perfect way to highlight the superb ingredients I was given.

This particular sandwich makes use of Kerry Gold’s unusual Dubliner cheese, described as somewhat sweet, somewhat nutty (sound like someone else you know?). That slight sweetness, when combined with the fruit jam and spicy arugula, makes for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

Grilled Cheese with Apricot Jam and Arugula

Makes 2 sandwiches.

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  • 4 slices country bread
  • 4 oz. Kerry Gold® Cheddar or Dubliner cheese, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons apricot (or other fruit) Jam
  • 1 tablespoon Kerry Gold® salted butter
  • 1/4 cup arugula


  1. Preheat a large skillet or sandwich press on medium-high heat.
  2. To assemble sandwiches, spread a thin layer of jam on one side of bread. Top with a double layer of cheese slices and second piece of bread. Generously butter outsides of both pieces of bread.
  3. Put sandwiches in skillet and toast until bread is golden brown and cheese is melted, about 3-4 minutes per side. Remove from pan. Carefully (it will be hot!) peel apart bread and place arugula inside and replace top slice of bread. Cut in half and serve immediately.
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  1. I love all grilled cheese- but the old velveeta really makes me nostalgic! :)

  2. My ultimate grilled cheese:

    1) Whole Grain bread
    2) Mayo to spread on the outside
    3) Jarlsberg Cheese, possible addition of Extra Sharp Cheddar
    4) Tomato!
    5) Bacon (Optional)

  3. my ultimate grilled cheese has sharp cheddar, ripe tomato (summer tomato!) and sometimes bacon….I love grilled cheese.

  4. Tweeted! And became a fan on Facebook!

  5. My ultimate grilled cheese is on great sourdough bread from the Phoenix Farmers Market, with Gruyere cheese and tomatoes from my mom’s garden. Oh, and if I’m feeling sassy, some grilled green chilies. Yumm!!

  6. My ultimate grilled cheese would have goat cheese, fig spread, and a little prosciutto! delicious.
    I’m also a fan on facebook!

  7. Sourdough bread, cheddar, ham, and black olives….yummmM!

  8. I also “liked” loveandoliveoil on facebook!

  9. One of the best grilled cheeses that I’ve ever had (and the one I’m really really craving right now) is the Asian Pear And Gouda grilled cheese at Syrup Desserts, made with ripe asian pears and fresh gouda cheese, on walnut raisin bread. It was served with a side of fresh fruit, and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar…as a matter of fact, I think I’m going to stop by there for lunch today.

    Yay free yummy cheese and butter!

  10. French Muenster Cheese – the gooey stuff, between two slices of French bread and unsalted butter.

  11. I almost started drooling when I read about this grilled cheese. Plus, it looks amazing. I’d probably eat it off the screen if I could.

    My favorite grilled cheese is pretty simple: good ol’ American cheese with some diced New Mexico green chile. It’s my go to lunch during snowboarding season.

  12. Love and Olive Oil FB Fan Kitty Mayne

  13. Fresh tomato straight from the garden with possibly a bit of fresh basil.

  14. Honey mustard. YUM

  15. my ultimate grilled cheese is a delux grilled pimento cheese (with bacon and tomato) – the more kick the better!

  16. My ultimate grilled cheese is with Dudley’s Potato Bread (local bakery in Julian, CA) & with medium cheddar cheese – cooked low & slow so it melts all the cheese & the bread just gets lightly browned. i have to say that the addition of apricot jam sounds delicious – I think i’ll have to try your version to increase the “classiness” of my sandwich!

  17. Ultimate grilled cheese: crusty white bread, Gruyere cheese and fresh thyme. I make it when I make French Onion Soup and want a sandwich instead of croutons. :)
    (PS. Following on Twitter and Facebook.)

  18. Absolutely awesome flavor profile! Luv the arugula with the cheese and tangy jam! I can practically taste it! KerryGold products are so delicious – first heard about them after my daughter spent a summer in Ireland… It truly is the land of cream and butter!!!

  19. That looks amazing! My ultimate grilled cheese is pretty simple-cheddar cheese, lettuce, and mayo on good crusty bread. Just like mom used to make :)

  20. I ‘like’ you on Facebook!

  21. Following on Twitter

  22. I like it simple….a little butter, some rustic bread…and lots of cheese, different varieties.

  23. Love Kerry Gold- my husband is from Ireland so it is a real treat when we buy this for the house!

  24. I just became a fan on Facebook!

  25. Roasted chiles!

  26. Kerry Gold butter is so great, you can eat it without bread! There is a huge long thread at called Butter Snackers. Some people put butter on their cheese for a snack! I would so try that if I got Kerry Gold butter and cheese!

  27. I absolutely follow you on Facebook.

  28. My ultimate grilled cheese has super sharp cheddar and fresh from the garden sliced tomatoes. These items are sandwiched between soft white bread. Mmm….

  29. Ooh, my favortite grilled cheese is one I used to have in France as a littel girl. So simple – just gruyere and tomatoes with a bit of butter (if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll add mustard). Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog!

  30. My ultimate grilled cheese is an goat milk gouda on lovely grainey bread with a delicious tomato.

  31. Another fan on facebook!

  32. My fav grilled cheese is made up of: sourdough bread, sharp cheddar, heirloom tomato, and maille mustard. Generously buttered, of course. I eat it with tomato soup and a pickle. The perfect rainy day meal!

  33. I love Grilled Cheese on a hearty wheat bread (homemade from my dad) with sharp cheddar, and some Munster of I’m feeling feisty, and some fresh tomato added after. YUM!

    I’m already a Fan on Facebook!!! :-)

  34. My favorite grilled cheese is cheddar and thinly sliced apple on sourdough – with a side of tomato soup :)

  35. I just tweeted about the contest – @christyfike. And I’m on a “break” from Facebook (hey everyone needs one every once in a while) – but when FB and I make up – then I will definitely “Like” you! I use KerryGold butter exclusively – love it! Get it at Trader Joe’s all the time. I’m a redheaded irish gal, so it’s required.

  36. Ultimate Grilled Cheese – Benton’s Bacon, brie & buttermilk cheddar and apple chutney on either multi-grain or sourdough bread! Yummmmmmmmo!

  37. I love brie and granny smith apples on grilled cheese. Ooh, or slices of homegrown tomato with mozzarella. Ooh and bacon. Ooh or…! Yeah, I can’t commit to just one.

  38. My ultimate grilled cheese would be with whole wheat bread, melted butter on each side, 4 slices of cheese, a slice of tomato and caramelized onions. YUM!

  39. My favorite grilled cheese absolutely has to be on sourdough bread with melted butter in the pan. Lay down one slice of bread and swish it around the pan to get butter all over the bread. 3 – 4 slices of white cheddar cheese, add the top of the bread. Cover and brown. When brown, take it out of the pan, add more butter, melt and put the grilled cheese back in and brown the other side. It’s warm, gooey, brown, crusty and delicious!!!! Our family favorite!!!

  40. I love grilled cheese with carmelized onions and sourdough bread. Yum, so good!

  41. My ultimate grilled cheese is made with artisan bread, a slice of white cheddar and a slice of gouda. Makes a great combination!

  42. I’m a fan on Facebook!

  43. My ultimate would have to include havarti and cranberry! But yours looks pretty fabulous!

  44. My ultimate grilled cheese is sourdough bread, cheddar, and butter

  45. The ultimate includes garden fresh tomatoes, bacon and extra cheese!

  46. Well, I love grilled cheese so much, that I have two, and I’m not choosing a favorite, so here they both are!

    1. 12 grain, cranberry walnut bread from the local bakery with melted brie, dipped in dijon.

    2. whole wheat with Huntsman from 9th street in Philadelphia & fresh garden tomatoes.

    Of course, grocery store cheeses & breads may sufice in dire circumstances… perhaps you’re a college student on a budget like me!?

  47. I love a simple grilled cheese made with homemade whole wheat bread paired with sharp cheddar and spicy mustard . I generally pair it with a side of mustard pickles! I love this topic, I will be trying some of the above!

  48. I haven’t had grilled cheese in so long.. but oh man does this combo you put together sound amazing! My ultimate grilled cheese would have to include sharp cheddar, fresh basil and some habanero pepperjack cheese!

  49. Sharp cheddar, fresh tomato, and spinach! With lots of that lovely Irish butter smothering my bread. Mmmm.. I miss Ireland.

  50. What ingredients are in your ultimate grilled cheese

    The ingredients in my ultimate grilled cheese would be sourdough bread with a tiny amount of butter spread on the top, then garlic powder sprinkled on top of that. That gets toasted before it goes on the skillet. Cheddar cheese as the main cheese, with a few shakes of pepper. Maybe some red cabbage for more crunch.

  51. I love making grilled cheese on a Portuguese bun, with Portuguese sausage and either Castelo Branco or Castelo Branco.

  52. I use a good crusty bread, cheddar or fontina, and olive oil instead of butter. But if Kerrygold butter is as good as you say it is, I might have to change my mind!

  53. Well, this recipe could be a new favorite, sounds amazing and I plan to try it right away! I love Robusto cheese in mine and always like a nice generous amount of avocado in mine!

  54. swiss cheese and heirloom tomato with bacon. Yummy!

  55. I also liked you on FB! Now I’m gonna be extra hungry all day, though! Mmmmmmmmm…grilled cheese!

  56. I’m following you on Twitter!

  57. It would have to be chutney, any kind. These days that’s all I’m eating! Thanks for the chance to win such a great treat!

  58. In the middle of winter, i like to whip up grilled cheese on homemade wheat bread. I spread a think layer of Camembert then I add a big ol’ hunk of cheddar, a sweep of oven roasted Roma spread canned over the summer (so we can taste the sun even though we can’t see it), and I top it all with a few of the pale basil leaves languishing on my indoor plant. Then I fry it all up in a good amount of Brummel & Brown and enjoy it hot!

  59. I haven’t made it yet, but I have a post saved that does a Brie and Chocolate Panini- Usually, we’re pretty boring with the grilled cheese at our house- almost always plain old Kraft singles or, if I have it, Organic Creamery’s cheddar- probably because we’re almost always dipping it in some homemade tomato-basil soup and don’t want to compete with those flavors!

  60. Ultimate grilled cheese: sharp cheddar on sourdough with sprinkling of cinnamon sugar

  61. And I just liked you on Facebook. :)

  62. My ultimate grilled cheese:

    Caramelized onions
    Creamy dill sauce you get from good Greek restaurants
    A fabulously melty and smooth cheese, like Asadero or Tellegio

    All packaged into a baguette or a soft sliced bread, like French bread or Challah.

    It. is. so. good.

    Frankly, almost any kind of food that involves melted cheese gets my attention.

  63. Sourdough, a slice of fresh heirloom tomato, mozzerella, with a little sprinkling of canned parmesan on the buttered side of the bread. . . . mmmmmmmmmm. . . .

  64. pepper jack cheese. oh, and pepper jack cheese. one more secret ingredient: pepper jack cheese. :)

  65. And i liked on facebook!

  66. homemade wheat bread and thinly sliced Tillamook white extra sharp cheese… so good… if i’m getting real crazy i do love to throw some tuna and tomato on their too, but… that’s a pretty good start

  67. Even though I am out of the US for the prize bit, I thought I would share my favourite for a grilled cheese… the addition of sliced onion and chutney.
    Kerry Gold’s products are fabulous and I can get them here in Mauritius and back home in South Africa.
    :-) Mandy

  68. I gave you the ol’ “like” on FB!

  69. I follow and tweeted.

  70. We love mozzarella, sliced summer tomatoes, and fresh basil on sourdough brushed in garlic-infused EVOO. Frozen pesto will do, but just barely, in the winter.

  71. I forgot to mention I “like” you on facebook!!


  72. Decent bread, real butter, american cheese…why complicate matters?

  73. Love myself a grilled cheese made with KG reserve Cheddar & some yummy Gouda with a thin Slice of black forest ham. Yum!

  74. good bread, fresh tomatoes, sharp cheddar. and homemade bread & butter pickles on the side.

  75. YUM! I like my grilled cheese with a nice helping of pesto~ off to like you on FB :)

  76. Mmmmm, grilled cheese! My favorite is my husband’s. Sourdough bread, real butter and medium cheddar cheese. Thanks for the chance!

  77. Smoked Gouda and garlic jam.

  78. love grilled cheese!!! so delicious. my ultimate grilled cheese includes whole grain or health nut bread, different shredded cheeses (usually whatever I have in the fridge, cheddar, colby jack, havarti, gouda… mmmm), and butter. pretty simple! oh and ketchup on the side of course

    I liked you on FB and follow on Twitter and retweeted! ;)

  79. My ultimate grilled cheese has bacon and homemade tomato jam.

  80. I tweeted about the KerryGold giveaway on Twitter.

  81. I liked Loveandoliveoil on FaceBook.

  82. Ultimate grilled cheese: great artisan bread, butter, sharp cheddar, apples, bacon. Yeah baby!

  83. So i have the irish butter sitting in my fridge… lets just say YUM! My favorite grilled cheese would include kerrygold irish butter of course sourdough bread spiniach and right now since we are in the holidays cranberry cheese… yummy! and I always have roasted garlic… just run in the over for a few minutes… thats it all very very yummy!

  84. My ultimate grilled cheese sandwiches are tiny slices of baguette with Taleggio cheese, griddled and then drizzled with a little truffle oil. AMAZING. I serve them alongside steamy cups of soup or a salad of chickory and pear slices with crumbled walnuts.

  85. I “liked love and olive oil

  86. Just liked you on FB!

  87. ciabatta – butter – fontina val d’aousta & vanilla-plum butter if I want a little extra sweetness

  88. Gouda, turkey, pesto and tomato…. YUM!!

  89. Best grilled cheese is on homemade bread with just enough butter. Sharp white cheddar or Dubliner and a chutney. My most recent was with a Figgy Lemon Chutney I made and it was fantastic. Or with an Apple, Onion and Ale Relish. Delicious!
    I’m FB fan!

  90. liked you on FB! :)

  91. Okay. Here’s how we do: throw some butter and minced garlic in the skillet. Sourdough bread. Mayo on one side, that side goes up. Bread in skillet. Then, in this order!!: gouda, SHARP cheddar, genoa salami, pickle slices, sharp cheddar, gouda, sourdough with mayo side DOWN. Toasty, delicious, then flip it. Oh, mama.

  92. Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food! I love whole grain bread with cheddar and the adobo sauce from the can of chipotle peppers spread on the bread, grilled in lots of butter!

  93. Cheddar cheese on buttered bread with yellow mustard, grilled and served with soup. AWESOME. Thanks, Mom!

  94. Garden fresh tomatoes, greens, pesto and mozzarella on thick french bread yum!

  95. I like you on FB>

  96. Tweeted on Twitter! @livinglocalnh

  97. Obviously lots of butter but my grilled cheese also has to have a thin layer or grape jelly on top. Mmmmmmm Something I grew up with!

  98. My grilled cheese always comes with a bowl of creamy tomato soup :-)

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