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15 Unique Strawberry Jam Recipes

15 Unique Strawberry Jam Recipes

Looking for something more exciting than plain ol’ strawberry jam? I’ve got you covered! These 15 unique recipes include multi-fruit mashups and fabulous flavor combinations that will take your homemade strawberry jam from ordinary to extraordinary!

Strawberries are one of the most versatile fruits when it comes to jam. They are definitely one of my favorite fruits to jam-ify, as should be obvious by the sheer number of different strawberry jam recipes I’ve shared over the years.

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But what makes strawberries so perfect for jam? Their bold and recognizable flavor and gorgeous ruby-red color makes them the perfect starting point for myriad flavor combinations and variations, from sweet to spicy to boozy and beyond.

Some of these recipes can be only found in my cookbook, That’s My Jam, which, if you’re looking for more beyond-the-ordinary jam recipes, is a perfect place to start! For others, like my favorite strawberry hibiscus jam, the book has an updated version of the recipe (a lower sugar version with Pomona’s pectin, compared to the ‘old-fashioned’ style recipe originally published on the blog).

Want More Jam Recipes?

Check out my new cookbook, That’s My Jam, with 52+ seasonal recipes for jams, jellies, marmalades & more!

Better yet, ALL of these recipes (and all the recipes in the book!) include free printable labels, some also have editable templates available for you to customize (and don’t hesitate to reach out if you want an edible version of any of my past designs, I’ve been slowly creating editable versions of everything and would be happy to bump something to the top of the list upon request!)

Classic Strawberry Jam in a glass jar with fresh strawberries on a marble background, one jar open in the foreground with a spoon in it to show the texture.
Homemade strawberry jam is perfect in its simplicity, no matter whether you make a batch and water-bath process it for shelf stable storage, freeze it, or eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon.
Jars of Guava Strawberry Jam on a marble background with fresh strawberries and whole and cut pink guavas scattered around.
Strawberry and guava come together in one fruit-packed preserve that's bright, fruity, and vibrant, with a perfect amount of sugar and plenty of acid to make the flavors pop.
How to make Homemade Strawberry Jam flavored with cherry blossoms
Classic strawberry jam with a hint of salty-sweet sakura, or Japanese cherry blossoms. Pickled preserved cherry blossoms give this jam its unique flavor, but you could certainly use fresh if you have access to them.
Homemade strawberry margarita jam in hexagon glass jars with custom designed labels, surrounded by fresh strawberries and limes.
This Strawberry Margarita jam recipe is summer in a jar: all bright fruit and tart lime and a hint of booze that can only mean good times ahead.

Tomatoes are a fruit, after all, so why not treat them as such in this ultra versatile jam that walks the line between sweet and savory.
Strawberry & Meyer Lemon Marmalade
Chunks of berries and tender ribbons of lemon intermingle in a jam that is tart, sweet, and delightful. It’s perfect spread onto a toasted English muffin, slathered on a buttermilk biscuit, or heated and drizzled over vanilla ice cream or a slice of cheesecake.
Fresh strawberry jam kicked up a notch with the addition of Italian limoncello liqueur for a lovely lemon flavor and subtle boozy bite. Most of the alcohol burns off during the cooking process, so you mostly just taste the strawberry with a hint of tantalizing lemon.
For adventurous canners and eaters alike, the balance between sweetness and spice is perfect. This jam would be divine with cheese, mindblowing on a burger, or the secret to perhaps the world’s greatest peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Strawberry and hibiscus bring out the best in each other, and never is that more apparent than in this delightful jam. Fruity and floral and subtly tropical, this jam is anything but ordinary. (There's also an updated low-sugar version of this recipe in my book!)
Jars of Strawberry Vanilla and Strawberry Balsamic Jam on a rustic wood background.
The strawberry vanilla jam is a traditional pectin-free jam, with a sweet and sultry flavor that almost tastes like strawberry ice cream on it’s own, but when drizzled over ice cream becomes otherworldly.
Homemade Peach and Plain Strawberry Jam (plus FREE printable labels for your jars!)
For when you want a quick and easy strawberry jam recipe with low sugar and a ton of flavor, look no further than this basic strawberry jam recipe (which can be adapted for peaches too, or better yet, a mix of both!)
Jars of strawberry blood orange marmalade on a gray background with fresh oranges and strawberries.
Unless you live in Florida, you might have to plan ahead for this one (freezing your citrus until strawberry season arrives or vice versa), but the divine combination of strawberries and blood oranges is worth the foresight. It's the best of both jam and marmalade in one delightful jar. (There's also an old-fashioned version of this recipe, along with a few other blood orange marmalade variations, on the blog if you prefer!)

This recipe from That's My Jam features the always adored combination of strawberries and rhubarb. The strawberries naturally temper rhubarb's tartness, resulting in a lovely spring jam that's perfect in every way.
A perfect amalgam of spring and fall with sweet red strawberries and fragrant fall pears. This jam is perfectly balanced, you'll taste both the strawberry and pear without one overpowering the other.
This sweet and spicy mashup will delight and confuse your taste buds. The first bite tastes like an ordinary strawberry jam, sweet and vibrant like just-picked strawberries, but then the habanero hits the back of your tongue, leaving you scratching your head and craving more.


Tell me, what is your favorite strawberry jam combination/variation? I’m always looking for new inspiration!

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