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Celebrating Three Years of Love and Olive Oil

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Three years ago today, I took a picture of my dinner. And posted it. And hoped that people would care.

And sure enough, three years later, you really do care. About food. And cupcakes. And kitty cats. And us. The reason this blog is still around and going strong is because of you. Our readers. I am ever so grateful for you, your comments, your support. Because without you, this blog would be little more than a couple taking pictures of their food (not too far off from playing with your food, to be honest). But because of you it is so much more.

I do believe a celebration is in order.

Yes, I actually considered baking a cake. I even toyed with the idea of throwing a birthday bash for a blog. But, alas, our busy lives prevailed, and I decided I’d do something that would directly benefit you: give something cool away.

Block Printed Cupcake Moleskine Notebook

So, to celebrate Love & Olive Oil’s 3rd birthday, I’m giving away TWO SETS of these adorable notebooks to two lucky readers! Each winner will receive one large and one small cupcake notebook, one of each color. These notebooks are unlined Moleskine Cahier journals, perfect for jotting notes, doodles, or recipes.

I’ve been spending more time off of the computer lately, whether it be baking, reading, drawing, or creating. These little notebooks are a result of that creative time. The original intention was to create a notebook in which to write and record my cupcake recipes. My previous system was basically just a series of notes jotted in the margins of other recipes. But these recipes deserved more than just a margin. They deserved their own notebook.

And after a bit of work, a few boo boos, and lots of pink and turquoise ink, the cupcake notebook was born.

I’ve purchased quite a few of these notebooks with plans to print on them, both with this cupcake image as well as others I’ve yet to carve (can you say, dessert notebook series? cupcakes, cakes, doughnuts, etc.) I’m even toying with the idea of setting up a mini-shop of sorts, depending on the interest, to sell a limited number of these notebooks to those who find them as adorable as I do.

Block Printed Cupcake Notebook

TO ENTER: simply leave a comment on this post by midnight (cst) on Sunday, February 21st. Only one entry per person. I will randomly select the two winners first thing Monday morning.

You can also get yourself a BONUS entry by twittering about this giveaway, sharing it on facebook, or mentioning it on your own blog. Simply leave an additional comment with a link to the tweet and/or blog post. One bonus entry per person (multiple tweets won’t get you multiple bonus entries).

Be sure you enter a valid email address, because if your name is drawn and I can’t get ahold of you, I will choose an alternate winner. You may also want to add me to your address book (lindsay AT loveandoliveoil DOT com) for good measure, I’d hate for your congratulatory email to end up in the spam folder.

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  1. Oh gosh, how sweet. Happy birthday!

  2. I discovered Love and Olive Oil a little under a year ago and love it not only for the fabulous recipes, but also for the humor and beautiful pictures. Your posts always put a smile on my face, and that is a rare gift. Thank you!

  3. Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

  4. I also posted a comment and your website on my facebook page. Looking forward to you being on FB!!

  5. I found your blog a week ago and I have loved it! I can’t wait to try all of your recipes!

  6. Notebook please!

  7. I really enjoy your blog and the great recipes you share with us! Great give away, thanks!

  8. I so love your blog. I would love your note pads so I could write down all my sweet ideas and get creative, you are very inspiring to me.

  9. Beautiful blog, beautiful notebooks – what a treat it would be to jot my recipe ideas and sweet treat inspirations in these! Thanks for thinking of your readers!

  10. I love all these giveaways you do :-)

  11. You have such a lovely blog. I made your recipe for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles and my family loved them! I can’t wait to see what other recipes you share with us.

  12. I love your blog! Everything looks so good! I just wish I had the time to make it all. Happy Birthday to your blog!

  13. I love your blog! I just enjoyed a few days worth of chocolate chip cookie dough truffles:) They WERE awesome! Now I need more – a little addictive I must say:)

  14. I just made your Tofu Noodle Toss with Taylor’s Kick-Butt Peanut Sauce for dinner last night, and it was amazing! My roommates and I loved it, and we’re definitely going to turn it into a staple meal.

  15. Wow, I guess Lindsay knows how to generate publicity! Your recipes are solid, girl, and I have ever so many more in my queue…

  16. baking and doodling are my two favotire things, how did you know??

  17. Oh my goodness those are so cute. You’ll have a lot of comments so the chances of winning are slim however if you do decide to sell some on Etsy or something please update us because I’m sure a lot of us will want to buy some!!

  18. I love your blog, love the pictures with all the recipes. It’s just my husband and I and I love your recipes to change our menu up a little bit. I just made the mushrooms with the basalmic glaze (don’t know if I spelled that correctly) last week and we loved them. Congratulations on three years and thanks for all the great recipes!!!!

  19. Good Morning Lindsay,
    When I saw these I thought too cute and they are a definite contender for a series of notebooks like you said in your post.

  20. Adorable!! I would LOVE one.

  21. Lindsay – Absolutely adorable notebooks!!!! Love your blog!!

  22. In spite of the linguistic barrier, I love to read your blog !! Congrats on 3 years !! As we say in french “BON ANNIVERSAIRE” !!
    From France…

  23. congrats! just subscribed this week. :)

  24. Congrats on 3 years! Keep up the good blogging!

  25. three years is a wonderful accomplishment–congrats, and let the good times roll. :)

  26. These are sooo cute! I think a slice of pie would be really cute, also. You should sell them on etsy!

  27. Love your blog!

  28. Seeing those little cupcake notebooks in my blog reader made me happy! :)

  29. Your blog has inspired my interest in food photography! Your pictures are gorgeous…and best of all – you’ve got the recipes to back them up. ;) I love that you live such an “out-of-the-box” lifestyle. My boyfriend and I want to open our own online business, and spend each and every day working together. People think that we’re crazy for wanting to spend so much time together. You’re proof that it can work!

  30. Adorable journals, please!!

  31. Those notebooks are so cute! You’re so creative, and I really appreciate the vegan recipes. Thanks for three years of a great blog!

  32. Congrats on 3 years! and kudos on fabulous photography. I’ve followed your blog for about a year and have made a number of recipes, sweet and savory. Thank you also for including a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes!

  33. Nice! Love your blog.

  34. So adorable. Congratulations x

  35. Would love to win the cupcake notebooks!

  36. Congrats on three years! Love your blog! Super cute notebooks too!

  37. Shucks!! These beat the heck out of the spiral notebook I have been using. Adorable.

  38. And just tweeted about it. (Just learned out to find the url for that!!)

  39. Love your recipes and blog. Thanks for offering the contest. Very sweet of you! I tweeted your contest:

  40. I’m new to you blog but I love it already. And I absolutely never enter the giveaways cause I never win but I’m going to start thinking positive. This is my first entry. Here goes nothing :)

  41. So fantastic. I’ve been stopping in a few times a week for awhile and tried out a bunch of your recipes. You made me love brussel sprouts! Also, my fav recipe (so far) is definately the Go-To Chocolate Cupcakes. So simple, so satisfying. Even without icing! Thank-you!

  42. Too cute…cupcakes are my favorite!

  43. so cute. happy 3rd bday love and olive oil. it’s always such a joy reading your blogs!! :)

  44. I just discovered your blog, and I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  45. What a cool giveaway and a great way to celebrate. I am a new reader, within the last month, but I absolutely love it! I’m so glad I found you.

  46. I love your site. I go on every day to see if there’s something new and I love your taste in other blogs. Thanks!

  47. Happy Birthday!

  48. Congrats on three years, Lindsay!

  49. Happy birthday. And congratulations on a job well done.

  50. Congrats to your anniversary. You have a lovely blog!

  51. Your blog has become an inspiration for me! I never would’ve signed up to take cake decorating classes if I hadn’t found Love and Olive Oil, so thank you =)

  52. congratulations on the anniversary.

  53. How adorable! And happy 3 years!

  54. Congratulations! And thank you for all your hard work! Your blog has given me so many great cupcake ideas!

  55. Happy Blogiversary!

    I would love to give these to my little sister who loves cup cakes!

  56. Your blog’s birthday is my anniversary! Needless to say, I won’t be forgetting it :)

  57. Happy 3rd Anniversary Lindsay! Those moleskine notebooks are lovely; hope I win one! They would be great for sketching out pottery designs or just doodling (which I’m prone to do).
    (And congrats on your new feline addition at the house).
    Love your blog – it’s delicious!

  58. Cupcake notebooks good enough to eat? :O You guys are my favorite. <3 My first ever recipe I made from this website..broccoli and beef…mmm.

  59. I just recently discovered your blog and LOVE it! I also happen to love cupcakes, AND… I happen to be an avid journal-er; thus, these little notebooks were made for me!

  60. Happy three year anniversary, I hope there are many more entries on this fabulous blog in the years to come! Those notebooks are adorable!

  61. love your blog and the notebooks!

  62. LOVE your blog! it’s basically my bible :)

  63. Your blog is amazing and I have already tried so many recipes! I would love to win these notebooks as I just filled up my recipe book!

  64. Congratulations! And may three years be the charm! Those notebooks really are adorable… may they go to someone well deserved :)

  65. Happy 3rd anniversary!

  66. Love your website! Those notebooks are adorable! Happy anniversary!

  67. Wow, three years! Congratulations and keep up the great work, I love your blog!

  68. happy 3 year anniversary!! kudos on the cupcake design. love it! i think it would even make a lovely tattoo! xoxo

  69. Happy anniversary. Would love to be entered for a chance to win! Those notebooks are too cute!!

  70. Oh those are the cutest books!

    Congrats on 3 years! That’s great. Love your site!!

  71. Happy 3 years! I love your recipes!

  72. how adorable!

  73. I was able to get Girl Scout cookies this year but I may have to try yours too!

  74. I LOVE your blog… I have made many of your cupcakes and just adore them! These notebooks would be perfect to keep my recipes in!

  75. I could really use something sweet in my life right now! Love these notebooks! They would be perfect to jot down recipes, blog notes, or anything, keeping my fingers crossed!

  76. I wish I’d been down since Day 1. It’s taking me awhile to go through 3 years of yumminess!

  77. I just discovered your blog. It is fantastic! Congrats! I love your cupcake recipes, very inspiring! Keep up the good work : )

  78. I love your blog and moleskin!
    Keep your good work up!

  79. Adorable!! Love the notebooks. And the blog, of course :)

  80. I just discovered your blog today, and I’m officially in love. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and delicious-sounding recipes–I can’t wait to try some out!

  81. Happy birthday!
    Found out about your blog on Tasty Kitchen about a week ago and really love your recipes! Can’t wait to try your amazingly beautiful cupcakes and feed/educate my friends: here in Germany cupcakes are still quite a new concept – I’m sure most people would just call them “muffins with frosting”!
    I’m trying to change that!

  82. Happy Blog Birthday! I stumbled on your site a few months ago and I love to read what you’ve been cooking up! I love notebooks and these are sooo freakin cute! I hope I win!

  83. Happy Birthday! Love your blog and those little books! I would love to win them! I have so many recipes that I would love to organize in books like that! Pick me!!

  84. Super cute!!! Would love to win so I can organize all the recipe ideas I have.

  85. Congrats on 3 years! The notes books are wonderful!

  86. Congrats on 3 years.

  87. those are delicious little notebooks! i want one! :)

  88. My daughters and I enjoy your site very much! Keep it coming!

  89. Happy 3 year Anniversary ~ here’s to many more of your yummy recipes. Cute notebooks ~ I especially love the pink one!

  90. congratulations! I wish you 30 more years of success : )

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