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Saucy Tofu and Scallion Pancakes

Saucy Tofu and Scallion Pancakes

Remind me to get a post-it pad for Taylor’s brain.

This is another example of a recipe that just kind of came out, loosely based on our Better-Than-Takeout Sesame Tofu, which I had originally planned to make, but Taylor decided he didn’t really like (or rather, remember) and wanted to try try something different. Right, ok dear, it’s all you.

“Sauteé some garlic and green onion (whatever was leftover from the pancakes) in some canola oil. Then add soy sauce (no idea how much, probably 1/4 cup at least), maybe 1/4 cup water, ummmm, ok not that much, just some water, some brown sugar, maybe 3 tablespoons (honestly I don’t know), a little bit of rice wine vinegar, a couple teaspoons maybe, um… at the end I thickened it with a little bit of a cornstarch/water mixture… and then added some Chili Sambal (rooster) sauce.

“What else went in there? I used all the original ingredients from the original recipe, except brown instead of white sugar. Soy, sugar, water… what else did I add in there? Wait. Let me go look in the pantry. Oh, sesame oil, a glog or two. (sound of bottles clinking). That’s about it I think. Probably why it wasn’t very good.”

Actually it was pretty good, at least I thought so. Sorry that the above two paragraphs is the best ‘recipe’ you’re going to get. Thanks Taylor! :)

I didn’t see a thing he did, as I was making a mess on the other side of the kitchen. Flour and oil everywhere, but pretty darn tasty and worth the cleanup. And for as few ingredients as go into them, they come out tasting delicious.

A great step-by-step recipe with photos for these delicious pancakes can be found over at Use Real Butter.

Tell me one thing though – what is missing from this meal? Oh yes. Something green on the plate. Whoops. Easy to forget that part sometimes. I should have taken the photo ON a green plate, then it wouldn’t be as obvious.

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  1. This looks delicious and flavorful. The picture looks great :).

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