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Sourdough Crackers with Olive Oil & Herbs

Sourdough Crackers with Olive Oil & Herbs

You’ll never throw away sourdough starter again once you’ve tried these ultra thin and crispy olive oil crackers, seasoned with herbs de Provence and finished with flake sea salt.

These homemade sourdough crackers are the perfect snack all on their own, or, for an extra treat, spread with soft cheese and top with a dollop of homemade jam. They are surprisingly quick, easily prepared while you’re waiting for your bread to rise, though you can also refrigerate the cracker dough for up to 24 hours.

Homemade sourdough cracker recipe with olive oil and herbs

I’ve been making homemade sourdough bread, at least a loaf every other week, for almost a year now. My starter (aka Jane Dough) is a bit of a diva (she prefers King Arthur organic flour and tends to wilt in the heat/humidity of summer) but she’s brought me loads loaves of joy. There are few things as wonderful as homemade sourdough bread.

The one thing that has always bugged me about keeping a sourdough starter, however, is the sheer amount of waste. Every time you feed the darn thing you have to throw away 2/3 of it, and when you’re buying $10/bag organic flour, well, that’s a travesty.

So I set out to find a way to utilize some of that discarded starter.

There are lots of recipes out there, from waffles to pizza crust and beyond, that use sourdough discard. But it was sourdough crackers that grabbed my attention.

Olive Oil Sourdough Crackers with Herbs de Provence

Sourdough crackers require only a few ingredients, the bulk being made up of discarded sourdough starter (the stuff you’d normally toss every time you feed it). That starter is mixed with a bit more flour (I used a combo of all-purpose, whole wheat, and a touch of rye), olive oil, salt and dried herbs. That’s it. It really couldn’t be more simple.

In terms of flavor, they taste a lot like a homemade wheat thin, if wheat thins were made with olive oil and seasoned with Herbs de Provence (fancy wheat thins).

How to make olive oil crackers with sourdough discard

Now, I fully learned my lesson when I painstakingly cut out hundreds of tiny cheese crackers using a cookie cutter. They’re cute, but the time it takes to cut them all out really isn’t practical for a snack you eat by the handful.

With these crackers, I rolled them out into paper-thin sheets using my pasta roller attachment. Brilliant, right?! Indeed, you don’t need to exert yourself one bit to roll these out, and the attachment gets the dough much thinner and more even than doing it by hand (that said, you can certainly roll it out by hand too—I recommend doing so between sheets of parchment or waxed paper so you can get it super thin).

Spritz the whole sheet lightly with water (or brush on a very thin layer) and sprinkle the flake sea salt (the water will help it stick to the surface better than oil). I have a very fine mist spray bottle I always keep on hand, clean and empty, mostly for food styling but also for uses such as this.

Then you bake! You could cut them into squares or whatever if you wanted first, but I found baking them in whole sheets to be the most efficient.

After baking, break up the golden brown, crispy sheets into beautifully rustic pieces. I think this method produces much more beautiful crackers than cutting them ahead of time.

Sourdough Crackers with Olive Oil & Herbs

When I bake a single loaf of sourdough I end up with about 200 grams of sourdough starter overall (including the starter discarded at the very beginning before I feed it, as well as after the final feeding before the bulk ferment begins). Instead of throwing the discard away at each step in the process, plop it in a container and set it aside, then mix it all together and bake up a batch of these crackers.

If you bake two loaves at once you’ll probably have more starter leftover, in which case you can easily scale this recipe as needed to use up all your discard.

Herbs de Provence Sourdough Crackers Recipe

This recipe works with sourdough discard from any step in the process, as long as it is at 100% hydration (fed with equal parts water and flour). Doesn’t matter if your starter uses all whole wheat or a mix of flours, whether it’s been dormant, sitting in the fridge for weeks, or freshly fed and vigorous.

If you don’t have a sourdough starter and you’re looking to begin your sourdough journey (beware, it will consume you!) here are some resources to get you (and your starter) started:

Super thin olive oil crackers made with discarded sourdough starter

I love the mix of dried herbs and lavender flowers in Herbs de Provence. That said, you could just add some dried rosemary and/or thyme, or mix it up with just about any herb or spice blend you’d like.

I finished my crackers with a sprinkle of flake sea salt, but you could also top it with sesame or poppy or any other kind of seed (um, hello everything bagel seasoning? Heck yes). I have to say, I love these kinds of recipes where the main flavoring element is so incredibly versatile, you could really take it in just about any direction your tastebuds desire.

Sourdough Crackers with Olive Oil & Herbs

Sourdough Crackers with Olive Oil & Herbs

Homemade crackers made using leftover sourdough discard. This recipe calls for 200 grams of mature starter, which is about what I end up with baking a single loaf. If you have more or less starter, you can easily scale this recipe as needed.
5 stars (4 reviews)


  • 1 cup / 200 g mature sourdough starter (100% hydration)
  • ½ cup / 60 g all-purpose flour
  • ½ cup / 60 g whole wheat flour
  • 2 tablespoons / 12 g rye flour*
  • 3 tablespoons / 32 g extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon dried herbs de Provence
  • ½ teaspoon fine sea salt
  • maldon flake salt, for topping


  • In a bowl, combine sourdough starter with flours, olive oil, herbs and salt. Mix to combine, kneading until the dough comes together in a smooth ball.
  • Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or up to 24 hours.
  • Position oven racks in the upper 1/3 and lower 1/3 of oven; preheat to 350 degrees F. Line two baking sheets with parchment or silicone baking mats.
  • Cut dough in half; put one half back in the fridge while you roll out the other. Cut dough again into 4 smaller pieces.
  • Roll out each piece into an oblong rectangle. You can do this with a rolling pin on a lightly floured surface, or using a pasta roller for super thin crackers. I like to roll my dough out to the #6 thickness setting (out of 8). If you are rolling by hand, just roll it as thin as you possibly can.
  • Lay out two oblongs of dough side by side (not overlapping) on each baking sheet.
  • Spritz or brush lightly with water; sprinkle with flake salt.
  • Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until lightly golden brown and crispy, rotating the pans top to bottom and back to front part way through baking.
  • Let cool, then transfer crackers to a cooling rack. Repeat with remaining dough.
  • Crackers will keep in an airtight container at room temperature for up to one week.



  • While I used a mix of AP, whole wheat, and rye flours, you can use any blend you like so long as the total flour weight stays the same. For example, if you leave out the rye flour just add an additional 12g of whole wheat instead.
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  1. Quick and easy and delicious. I couldn’t roll it thin enough, so I made wonderful herb pitas rather than crackers. I’ve been sprinkling fresh herbs on top as well as the salt. Thank you so much for giving me something easy to do with my leftover sourdough. 

  2. This is the best recipe ever! It tastes like cheez its. I made it with my mom, it turned out great the first time!

  3. I was found this recipe to be only ‘OK’ but to be fair I ran out of herbs de Provence and could include only half the amount. That may have under-seasoned the crackers. The result is much like wheat thins (which I think are a little bland). I think rolling a slightly thicker dough might be used for taco salad shells. I will try the recipe again and experiment. Sure is an easy way to use extra discard.

  4. Love this recipe. Made it several times and its easy to make and delicious.

  5. I absolutely love these crackers. Just making my second batch now and just had to leave a comment. The texture is superb and I’m in love with the flavor. I’ve made many things with my sourdough starter for quite a awhile and this is my new favorite recipe. Thank you. 

  6. Hi

    You mention the ingredient as ” mature sourdough starter (100% hydration)”

    Can we use the discard which was stored during the making of the sourdough starter? Will that work?

    Or should I discard this initial “discard” during the process of making the starter?

  7. This recipe is fantastic! What an amazing use for discard. The batch I made with Herbs de Provence was delicious, and now I’m baking one with an Italian/Mediterranean blend. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Yes it’s wonderful 

  9. One week??? You´re mistaken lady… Mine were gone within the time it took me baking 4 trays! We couldn’t stop eating them! Thank you so much for such an amazing recipe :-)

  10. Great recipe! I didn’t have a pasta roller I rolled this in between 2 pieces of baking paper that are folded into rectangles to fit the baking tray and the recipe worked well. The sides tend to bake faster, so focused to even out the rolling in the middle.
    Thank you for the recipe!

  11. I’m so glad to have this tasty recipe for my discard! I followed the recipe exactly and the dough worked beautifully in my pasta maker (Atlas 150), going all the way to #6. I cooked for 12-14 minutes and they are perfect – golden and crunchy. I can’t wait to try out different seasonings! Parmesan cheese sounds wonderful. Thanks for a great recipe!

  12. What a great recipe! So excited as we have been looking for the perfect cracker recipe to use up our discard. Had to substitute the herbs for what we had in the cupboard and I played around with toppings – Nutritional yeast – truffle salt – lemon and thyme salt etc – all worked great and super quick!

  13. Love this recipe! I’m on my second batch in less than a week. The first batch flew with homemade hummus. This batch has black sesame seeds, black pepper and chopped fresh rosemary from my garden. I will put them back in the cooler oven on a rack to dry the rosemary and make sure they are ultra crisp. I used my pasta machine on 5 of 6 thickness. Thank you!

  14. We LOVE these crackers!!! I’ve made them in multiple ways, with multiple different variations of flour and herbs. It’s so easy and makes me feel like I’m not wasting that great starter!!

    AND they are very pretty stacked on a plate! :)

    We eat them all the time!

  15. These are absolutely fantastic! I made them fully intending to share, but they were just too good and I ate the entire batch myself over the course of the week. I currently have another ball of dough in my fridge and that one I am determined to share. I highly recommend these crackers! What better way to use some thing I would have otherwise thrown away.

  16. After combining ingredients can you leave it out on the counter instead of placing it in the fridge? I totally misread that and it’s been out at room temp for 24 hours, should I throw it away and start again?

  17. Great receipt, will use it again but found the crackers inflated in the oven if you didn’t prod the dough on the tray with a fork.

  18. If I use regular dried yeast, instead of starter for this recipe, how much water should I add?

  19. These came out beautifully! This is a single bowl recipe that packs in all the great flavors. The crackers have the perfect crisp and texture and the recipe couldn’t be easier to follow. Thank you!

  20. This recipe is amazing. Healthy yummy crackers & it’s so versatile. Can play around with different herbs. This is definitely a keeper! Tq.

  21. Tried these for the first time they are very tasty.My family loved them.Will be making them regularly now.Thank you for the recipe :)

  22. This was the first discard recipe I tried when I started my sourdough, Miss Mabel Corona Dough, back in March. I never thought I’d be the girl making my own crackers, but here I am! Miss Mabel’s crackers are now a pantry staple in my house. I think I’ve probably made a dozen or more versions and we’ve plowed through every one (even the ones my husband burned, lol!). If you’re looking for a great discard recipe that’s super simple and quick, this is it. Word to the wise-if you add sugar to make a sweet cracker, use a more neutral oil like butter or canola and don’t roll them super thin. Today’s versions are roasted red pepper garlic and graham cracker. I’m. In. Love. 

  23. I’ve made these twice in the span of one week, to say that my family loves them is an understatement!! Super simple recipe, and I love that I’m not just throwing away the discarded starter. Home run!!

  24. Just took these out of the oven and they look fabulous! Can’t wait to try them!

  25. This was so good and easy to make. Even my pickiest eaters loved them!

  26. I am currently working on my third batch of these. This one has chives and minced garlic. They are addictive!

  27. Finally, a leftover starter recipe that is actually good. In reality, these simple crackers are amazing.  I made a batch for a family function to go with a cheese plate.  Everyone loved them!  There were 2 other types of store-bought artisan crackers on the plate, but no one ate those after trying these.

    So simple to make.  Thank you so much!  

  28. Made these recently. They are delicious. I eat them on their own. My husband can’t eat ordinary bread but sourdough is fine and these too. Roughly how many calories a cracke please?

  29. I cant find whole wheat flour anywhere these days. Would it ruin the taste and texture to use 100% AP flour?

    • I’m getting ready to make these for the second time. The first batch didn’t last very long! I used only all purpose four and they were delicious. I haven’t been able to find other flours (except bread flour – I had to buy 25 lb of that but it’s easy to share with the neighbors). Anyway, the all purpose worked fine. I did everything else the same, even rolled them out paper thing with the rolling pin. Delicious!

  30. Wow these were amazing. I was baking the batches and then breaking them up when cool but the pile was not getting any higher. They were being sampled as fast as they were stacked! We used chopped fresh rosemary rather than the French herb mix. Yum!

  31. How easy and fun! I hate throwing sourdough starter in the compost pile when we can eat it! Thank you for giving me another reason to break out the pasta roller!

  32. I have just made these again for the second time. I managed to roll them a lot thinner this time. I just love them so much. They have a kind of cheesy taste to them probs due to the sourdough discard but as a vegan, this is great for me.

    I read the comments where someone made them with chilli and lime (I assume the zest only) so that is my next attempt when I accumulate enough discard.

    I know they keep for a week but in this house they are more or less eaten as soon as they are cool enough!

    Perfect with some creamy homemade hummus.

    I will put a photo on Instagram and tag you, cheers for such a brilliantly easy recipe

  33. Pasta machine=brilliance
    One word for you, by way of giving back: zaatar!

  34. This recipe is awesome! I am new to sourdough and have been maintaining a fairly small starter in the fridge and baking once a week. This week while I was bringing her back up to bake with I made a point to save the discard after seeing this recipe. It could not be easier especially with your genius pasta roller method and rusting breaking vs. cutting. I love the look of these crackers – almost like restaurant flatbread crackers!
    P.S. I was out of some of the dried herbs but actually used some high quality poultry seasoning and it was a perfect substitute. THANK YOU!

  35. These were so good! This was the first recipe I made with my sourdough starter. I only had a cup of discard, so this was the first thing I found that used that amount and would give me something somewhat healthy that wouldn’t have me eating a ton of carbs in one sitting!
    I didn’t have herbs de Provence, so I just dumped in some rosemary, thyme and marjoram. The kids and I love them and they’ll be great with hummus!

  36. Just made them today! Oh so delicious! Thanks for the amazing recipe. Now I am officially on board the SD train! Can’t wait to bake more. Thanks again. 

  37. Love these crackers! Can hardly leave them alone

  38. These were amazing, couldn’t believe how tasty they were.

  39. These taste delicious but it took much longer than 15 minutes to dry out and brown

  40. I made these and they were very good. I appreciate having something to do with my discard besides making bread or cake. Excellent instructions!

  41. I made these and love it. My second batch is in the fridge now. They are so atomic and tasty and easy to make. Mix them up then roll them out later or the next day. Even my husband likes them!!

  42. These crackers are delicious, I followed the recipe exactly and wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve used my pasta maker for cracker making before but the addition of sourdough starter makes for a sturdy dough that was easy to roll out so thin. They’re so light and crisp with the lovely tang of the starter, thank you for the recipe.

  43. Love these! Great way to use up a decent amount of starter and super easy and tasty! 

  44. I’d love to try this recipe but I don’t have sourdough starter. 

    Is the fermentation important to the crackers, or could I just use 100g of each flour and water? 

  45. Excellent recipe!
    I didn’t think it was salty enough after baking, so I rubbed in a little olive oil and salted again. This worked very well. My oven took much longer to get them toasty brown and crisp, maybe 20 minutes or more. I will add a little more herbs de Provence next time too.

  46. I have just finished making these they cooked very quickly 8/10 mins and are very nice they are a little bit sour for me can I put less starter in? I do I sub some water.. 😊

    • Starters will impart vastly different flavors depending on how old they are (a starter that’s been stored in the fridge for 2 weeks is going to be much more sour than a freshly fed one). Also depends on what flours you use to feed your starter (AP being more mild that whole wheat or rye), and even the individual wild yeasts in your area will affect the flavor of a starter.
      If you want to reduce the starter, you’ll want to increase the water and flour so the overall weight is equal. So if you used 100g of starter, you’d need to add an additional 50g water and 50g flour (starter being equal proportions of each by weight).
      You could also add a tablespoon of honey if you wanted to make the crackers a bit sweeter too!

  47. Hi, I just made these and ended up with big air pockets during the baking process. Should I have rolled them thinner? I don’t have a machine or pasta roller so I used the good ole rolling pin. Oh, I use wax paper as the liner.

    • Your dough was probably thicker than mine would be my guess. Hopefully they were still delicious even with bubbles! If you try it again, dock it a few times with a fork all over the surface of the dough which should help prevent big bubbles. Also – you can use waxed paper to help you roll, but definitely don’t bake on waxed paper, it’s not oven safe!

  48. Thank you for your very fast reply and thank you I am gonna make these tomorrow for sure I have only just in the last few weeks ventured into making a sourdough starter and it’s now active, I’ve made a couple of loaves and they taste great but I will need a lot of practice to make them look as nice as they taste, look forward to using your recipe.. by the way I found you and your recipe via google 😃

  49. Hi ya, this recipe looks great.. I havent and can’t get any rye flour can I just top up with the wholemeal flour? I thanks in advance

    • You can really use any kind of flour in this recipe as long as the total weight is the same. :)

  50. Loved these! Came out really well and used all my extra mother without needing to add much else. Keep really crisp in a tin. Highly recommend. Thanks!

  51. These are fabulous!  I subbed dried rosemary this time, and only had AP flour (dang Covid) but there will be other variations, because no starter will get tossed ever again!

    I had no problem rolling them out on a silpat, and picking them up and moving them to parchment paper.  My oven may run cool, or I may not have rolled them as thin – they took about 20 minutes for me.  Nice and snappy.  And gone!

  52. I’m trying this recipe out right now. I have a very stupid question. The recipe calls to wrap tightly with plastic wrap. Do you wrap just the ball of dough or put the ball in a bowl and wrap the bowl tightly? I’m not sure if the ball is supposed to rise in the fridge. In any case, I’m wrapping the ball of dough itself without the bowl. We’ll see what happens…! 😅

    • You got it, wrap the ball of dough with plastic wrap. This prevents it from drying out and developing a skin.

  53. I’m a little confused here.  What  does 1/2 cup( 6 og.) flour mean?  Is it 6 ounces ?  But by weight that is way more than 1/2 cup. I have been weighing rather than measuring so this amount threw me off. Am I measuring 1/2 cups of two types of flour then weighing 12g of another? I guess I have enough starter to try both ways and see what comes out better. 

  54. Hi! I followed your recipe for sourdough discard crackers but the dough is so sticky that I can’t roll it out. I’ve tried flouring my surface and roller, I’ve tried spraying them with oil, and the problem seems to be the dough. Any advice on how to salvage it? Or what I should do differently next time? (It’s been refrigerated for a few hours already–should I maybe try freezing it?)

    • Just add more flour to the dough until it’s workable. Could be your starter is just much higher hydration or something. More flour should help!

  55. Oh my goodness. These were amazing and so dang easy to make, I even left the dough in the fridge almost 48 hours! Small emergency at home and figured the dough is made what can it hurt. This will be a go to especially for special family gatherings!

  56. I just made my first batch and they were easy to make and taste great. I am addicted to them already. 

  57. I love this recipe, weeks go by too fast and my “Munster” (sourdough starter nicknamed by my husband)  needs feeding, this recipe is awesome easy to roll and very tasty, Thanks

  58. Hi new to sourdough , not sure what when you use the discarded starter? Do I use it like I would for bread… feed it and after 5 hours on counter and 18-24 in fridge then put it in pancake recipe?



    • For this recipe you can use starter at any stage in the process, no matter if it is freshly fed or has been in the fridge for a week.

  59. Made these today for the first time and it definitely won’t be the last! I made a double batch and because they’re so addictive, I know they won’t last long with our family of six. Thanks for the awesome use of sourdough discard, L!

  60. Made these for the first time. next time i will use my ravioli gadget.  very happy with the end result. will try some other spices next time. 

  61. Hi, I have just started making my sourdough starter yesterday morning and I already have a huge jar of discards. Are they too “young” to be used for the crackers?

    • Nope, baby starter is just fine! The flavor won’t be quite as strong but the crackers will be plenty tasty!

  62. HOLY HANNAH, these were amazing. I super-charged them with dried rosemary and thyme and the whole house is now celebrating. Thank you!

  63. Excellent recipe. Artisanal style crackers are very expensive to buy and these are just as good if not better, and are a fraction of the cost.

  64. I have made other sourdough cracker recipes but something was not quite right. This recipe is exactly what I’ve been looking for – delicious and light, easy to make. 

  65. Hi! How long is the shelf life of these crackers?

    • Store in an airtight bag or container and they’ll easily keep for a few weeks (though I’ve never had a batch last that long, lol).

  66. Thanks for sharing this recipe! It’s super easy makes crunchy, tasty crackers. I’ve been looking for ways to use up my sourdough starter discard. This is a perfect way!

  67. I love this recipe! I make these all the time now. The favourite seems to be the smoked paprika, powdered garlic, onion, chili, with an extra sprinkling of chili flakes and sea salt on top. Also a winner is grated parmesan ( I just use cupboard stored) and powdered garlic, onion, sea salt. Any combination of seasonings that you like, will work. I’ve oven dried tomatoes and bell peppers. Finely chopped and added to powdered garlic, onion, parmesan combo for a pizza taste. Just experiment! You were throwing the discard out anyway! What do you have to lose!
    Worst case, you eat them with dip.
    I roll out as thin as I can with a rolling pin between parchment paper then cut out (imprint) triangles with my bench scraper while still on the parchment paper. Then when they come out of the oven and cool, they easily snap into their shapes.
    My friends get the pretty triangles and I keep the odd shapes from around the edges. It all tastes the same deliciousness, plus they think I’m a fancy baker!
    Also one of my friends puts what he hasn’t eaten in the freezer and keeps them for another time. I haven’t tried this yet I find they store well (about 2 weeks) in a sealed container in the pantry.

    • what a brilliant tip about marking them. I break massive chunks off and they go in seconds!

      Next time I will up my game and add chilli and anything else that takes my fancy

  68. These crackers are wonderful! So light and had a great flavor. I will never discard starter again. 

  69. These are SOOO good! I used rosemary and thyme, and sprinkled with the sea salt. I love them plain; without feeling like I need any dips. Easy to rollout, too. Definitely will make again. GREAT way to use up starter!

  70. These are excellent.  Love the flavor and the texture.  I’ve tried other recipes for crackers using discarded starter and this is the best one so far.  The baked crackers are thin and crunchy.  I brushed half of the rolled dough with olive oil, and spritzed the other half with water.  Some of the crackers that were spritzed with water got airy pockets in them, like mini pitas. The dough is easy to work with and forgiving.  Mine was in the fridge for several days before I made the crackers. I subbed a Za’Atar mix for the salt flakes to sprinkle on top of the rolled dough.

  71. What a great recipe! Thank you so much, I’ve been looking for a good cracker recipe, AND I can use my sourdough starter ‘discard’. Using the pasta machine makes it soooo easy.
    Finally, the taste is awesome, crumbles in the mouth, these will definitely become a regular in our kitchen!

  72. Just made my first batch! And, YUMMY!
    Crispy, lovely bubbles… the pasta roller is genius!

    Thank you!

  73. I’ve been making these for the past month with great success. I omit the herbs, and add garlic granules and parmesan cheese instead. I can’t keep up with family demand. Thank you for sharing.

  74. I did make them but just used fine sea salt because I did’t have any Maldons Flake Salt. I will be ordering some now. Here I have been throwing much of my excess starter away but not anymore…..these are fantastic and so easy to make and the Herb de Provence makes it all that much better.

  75. Instead of sourdough crackers, I got sourdough pillows. Do you suppose that’s because I scored them before baking?

  76. The crackers are so good. Thank you. Do you know the nutritional value and calories for one cracker? Thanks!

    • Sorry, I haven’t calculated nutritional information. You could try a calculator like myfitnesspal to get a general idea though.

  77. I think it really was just thin-ness, that and it crisped up a little more as it cooled. This is in my standard sourdough cooking rotation now and I’m excited to get better at it!

  78. Thanks so much for this recipe! Love not annoyingly cutting out all the individual crackers.

    I use half whole wheat and half whole rye flour. Rolled it flat between paper as I don’t have a pasta roller – even if I cook until the edges are burned, the middle seems to stay soft. Do you know if I have to include the all-purpose to make them crisp, or if I’m doing something else wrong?

    I’m also letting it sit with a wet towel on it instead of plastic wrap, maybe I’m making the dough too wet. Still very delicious and I make these all the time, just want to learn what I’m doing wrong!

    • It could be that you aren’t rolling them thin enough – if the middles were thicker and the edges thinner I could see how they could bake like this. Next time try rolling them thinner, focusing on the center of the dough (the edges will take care of themselves). And maybe skip the wet towel too? Let me know how it goes!

  79. This is a genius recipe, a great way to use up excess sourdough starter and the crackers are really good. Thanks for sharing!

  80. Love this recipe. I did all purpose flour and rye with no whole wheat. Used semi fresh (almost dry on a water starved plant) thyme for the herb. The pasta roller is genius. I never would have tried it without that. One more great use for sourdough! 

  81. I enjoyed this recipe hope to make again I used the everything bagel seasoning n rolled it in so easier o transfer to baking sheet

  82. Great recipe but why do you discard sourdough starter in the first place? I decided early on that it was wasteful and stopped. I now keep only a small amount of starter, feed 50grams flour and water when I take it from the fridge and then 6 or 7 hours later use the levain method for bread. No problems ever with the bread or ever having too much starter.

    • I usually feed my starter 2-3 times before I bake, since I store it in the refrigerator for weeks at a time. I like to make sure it’s good and active beforehand. Even doing small feedings you do end up with a bit of discard, I just save it all in a separate container from each feeding and then I have enough at the end to make a batch of these. :) Honestly, these crackers are so good it’s worth feeding it more than usual just for this reason! :)

  83. I was so excited to find this recipe as I’ve been throwing lots of sourdough starter away.  I can’t for the life of me, however, figure out how you got the dough to work in the pasta roller.  I love my pasta roller and make plenty of noodles, but the dough is so dry, it crumbles to bits.  I added extra olive oil but there is no way.  I rolled it out by hand and am now baking my first batch.  I know they taste good because I’ve been eating the crumbs.  Any tips about how to get the dough to work with the pasta roller?

    • Mine were very dry so I crumbled it up and sprinkled water on them before gathering it together.  Worked beautifully and tastes great!

  84. I absolutely love this recipe. I have been making them almost weekly and sharing them with others. I use rolling pin, and found that with this dough it is easy to roll very thin.

    I have one problem and that is I tend to put too ugh salt on. I can’t seem to control the flaked salt and it sort of lands in clumps. What method do you use to get just enough? I love the flavor of the flake salt, but too much is pretty intense.

    Thanks so much for the recipe!

  85. I’m REALLY new to making sourdough bread, but I’m already disturbed about the amount of starter that gets composted or thrown away.  These crackers sound amazing and I’d love to make them, but don’t understand the whole hydration concept. My levin recipe calls for a total of 100g flour, 90g water, and 20g starter. How do I calculate the hydration of this?  

    • The math kind of confuses me as well, but it’s basically the % of water compared to flour. So yours is 90% hydration (100% would be 100g of water to 100g of flour). The 10% difference shouldn’t really affect this recipe in a noticeable way, I think you should be fine!

  86. Thèse crackers are a hit! I am experimenting with sourdough and find using the discard an important element to healthy eco minded living. I added freshly grated parmesan cheese to the recipe and they were gobbled up. I don’t think I will ever buy crackers again! Thank you.

  87. Amazing recipe. Thank you for sharing 

  88. Do you think these could be frozen? It’s just a wonderful dough to work with and I was so impressed that it does not stick to the pasta rollers. I used #5 on my older pasta machine which has 6 settings. Turned out great! Thanks. 

    • Frozen before or after baking? Either should work in theory, though I haven’t tried myself so can’t say how crispy they’d stay after thawing. if you try it let me know how it turns out!

  89. Hi Lindsay, just wondering if I can use sourdough discard which is a week old or do you use the remaining left over from your fresh starter? Thank you

    • Definitely! You can use any reasonably active starter (so if it’s been chilling for a month you may want to feed it once or twice first). Otherwise age doesn’t matter. ;)

  90. I have just made my first batch and am delighted with the thin, crisp result. My earlier attempt at sourdough crackers with a different recipe had yielded tasty tiny sour dough pillow – not quite what I had hoped for. I will definitely be making this recipe again and experimenting with the flavours

  91. Love these so much! I now make them weekly. I change up the seasonings, our favorite is chili lime. So Addicting!!

    Thanks for the recipe.

  92. Finally got around to making crackers with my rye sourdough discard, and this recipe worked perfectly! At first I thought the dough might be too dry but it came together and was simple to work with. Don’t have a pasta machine so simply rolled it out between parchment paper using rolling pin. Used Italian herb mix and subbed chili flavored olive oil. Love how tangy, spicy and crunchy the crackers are. Thanks again for this great recipe.

    • When you rolled it on parchment, did you bake it on that same paper? I’m making this today and would appreciate any tips. Thank you

    • Hey Gina! I bake it on the same parchment paper that I used for roll out. it makes the transfer to a baking pan easier! 

  93. I’ve only had my sourdough starter around 6 weeks now and have already made these 3 times.  They are amazing!  
    I’ve had an unused pasta machine in my pantry for a long, long time and finally pulled it out to make these.  Can only get to a 5 thickness with mine, which is perfect.  There is some skill needed to prevent folds in the crackers as you roll it out and put on the pan but it’s easy to acquire the technique.  I like mine just slightly golden.
    They are great to bring to a party with Brie and fig jam.

  94. Cook time definitely too long for the thickness recommended. We tried one at a 4 instead of 6 and baked for 15 mins. Definitely overdone. Trying a #6 now at 300°f.

    • There are lots of variables that could affect cook time, including your specific pasta maker (your #6 setting might be different than mine), oven, baking sheets, parchment vs silpat, etc. Since the crackers are very thin even a slight variance might result in them getting overdone.

  95. What a great idea and so easy.  Thank you taste so good!

  96. These are fantastic! Like another comment or, I’m not sure why I didn’t think to use the pasta roller for my previous crackers either. Thank you for the tip and the delicious recipe!  I’m already making my second batch.  Big hit!! Thank you!

  97. Cool! I need to try that.

  98. I can’t tell you how MUCH we love this recipe !!!  I saw it on Perfect Sourdough when someone credited you with this link and a picture of their crackers. I gave up long ago trying to make SD discard crackers because of the tedious rolling and cutting. Voila ! Why I never thought of this method I don’t know but it is amazing. I used my rye levain and fed it up to make enough to do a 1/2 batch just to try it out. Success. I have more rye starter growing now. I have to say the freshly fermented starter makes amazing crackers. My other experiment is my Apple Yeast Water starter is growing as I write and I will be making cinnamon-sugar spiced crackers for my granddaughter !!  I plan to follow your original formula with the addition of a bit of sugar in the dough. I will then mist with water and dust with cinnamon sugar. Will let you know how they do tomorrow. Next will be adding cheese…you have created a cracker monster :) c

  99. I just loved it, I’m not only going to give it 5 stars. But, I’m going to share it with all my website’s followers on the social media. Thank you for giving me something useful to share it today!

  100. Ohhh, thank you so much for sharing this recipe! It looks so delicious! Gonna make it tomorrow in the evening! :D

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