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Cookie Swap Printables: Recipe Cards, Gift Tags, and Stickers

2014 Cookie Swap Printables: Recipe Cards, Gift Tags, and Stickers

There’s a big difference when you bake cookies for yourself vs for gifts. When you gift cookies you want to make them feel special, more than just a cookie, reflecting the care and thought and love that went into them too. I mean, really, there’s nothing worse than a naked cookie (ok, ok, I can think of lots of things that are worse, but you get my drift).

As part of the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap it’s become a tradition to do up some printable goodies for you every year around this time (be sure to check out the ones I did in 2013 and 2012). This year, in addition to the printable gift tags and stickers for you to jazz up your cookie boxes, I’ve also designed some blank recipe cards to share and cherish your cookie recipes. Not only are they super cute, but when was the last time you actually wrote down a recipe? I feel like we treasure the vintage handwritten recipe cards we’ve inherited from our grandmothers, and yet aren’t continuing that tradition of sharing. Such a shame. I say break out the pen and write down a few favorite recipes. God knows your penmanship could use some practice (because if you’re anything like me, you haven’t hand-written anything more than a thank-you note in the last 5 years now that everything is typed or texted or emailed).

2014 Cookie Swap Printables: Recipe Cards, Gift Tags, and Stickers

Even if you’re not participating in the cookie swap you can utilize these printables for your edible gifts this holiday season. Simply download and print the files onto cardstock or sticker paper, then cut out and adorn. For the recipe cards, the PDF file is two pages, for front and back. If your printer does duplex printing, just fill it with cardstock and let it do its thing. If not, print out the first page, then flip over the cardstock and print the second page on the back. They should (emphasis on should) line up perfectly.

If you’ll be shipping your cookies to friends and relatives around the country, properly packing your cookies is of the utmost importance to ensure they arrive safe and sound at their destination. For example, the cello treat bag above is not sufficient padding for cookies. Nor is a padded envelope, for that matter (take it from experience, I’ve been on the receiving end of an envelope of cookies and they were less than appetizing when they arrived). Instead, I’d find a good sized box that offered at least and inch of empty space around the bag of cookies. Then I’d surround the cookies with something soft and squishy, like packing peanuts, filling the box completely so that the cookies wouldn’t budge during their trip. For even more protection you could also put the bag in a cookie tin or bakery box, and then pad and pack that box inside a sturdy outer one. It may seem like a lot of extra work, but you’re putting all this effort into baking and shipping your cookies, you might as well take the time to ensure they arrive in one piece.

*Steps down off soap cookie box*

For more detailed shipping and packaging tips, check out How to Package and Ship your Cookies from The Little Kitchen, and my own post Cookie Swap Packaging & Shipping Tips.

Click on the thumbnails below (right click and choose Save As) to download the corresponding printable PDF file:
Cookie Swap Printables: Recipe CardsCookie Swap Printables: Gift TagsCookie Swap Printables: Stickers

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  1. Too nice and pretty. I did my cookies today. Ciao, Marica

  2. Oh these printables are so lovely! I’ll definitely be using them when I’m shipping my cookie swap cookies later this week! And I already bought cookie tins so they arrive all safe and sound :) 

  3. the labels look great – so beautiful!

  4. Wow. These printables are so pretty. And the timing is perfect, too. Thanks for these.

  5. Cookie mail is the best kind of mail! How do you suggest keeping them fresh for the recipient?

    • I usually bag them first in an airtight bag, before putting them in a box of any kind. The type of cookie you ship also matters; choose a cookie that’s just a good 5 days later. Some cookies are really best when they’re just out of the oven, and no amount of airtight packaging is going to help with that!

  6. I got my first box in the mail yesterday. So much fun!! 

  7. So beautiful and thoughtful!  I’ve been working on a hand-written cook book to pass onto my daughter when she moves out (she is only 13 :))

  8. So cute!  I have started writing recipes down on index cards when I’m developing new ones (in attempts to get less food on the keyboard of my laptop).  I’m thinking printing out a set of recipe cards would be way more fun and give me more space to write!

  9. This is a lovely idea! Thanks for the printables.

  10. Perfect timing! I have just been baking my cookies, so when I will sip then tomorrow, I will have everything I need. Thank you! 

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