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Done too early?

Um, so our thermometer looks like it’s short circuited or something, and isn’t giving us an accurate temperature reading. Our turkey has been in the oven for 2 hours 40 minutes (11.5 lb turkey) at 350 degrees F, and we’re hesitant to think it is done, but the few sporadic readings we did get showed well over the 160-170 degree F temperature recommendations, and the skin is beautifully browned.

Who knows of a failsafe way to tell if it’s really done or not, without a thermometer? Like, quick?

We’re not ready for it to be done yet! We were expecting AT LEAST another hour and half cooking time, still have to cook the stuffing, boil the potatoes, roast the green beans…

When is something like this EVER done EARLY?

Turkey – you baffle me.

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  1. This year we tried out an electric roaster to do our turkey, hoping to free up much needed oven space. The turkey was done WAY early. I think that the close quarters in which the turkey was roasting had a lot to do with it. Additionally, this method made quite a bit of steam…causing the skin to be soggy but the bird to be moist. Hmmmm, could I have discovered a potential cross-cooking method? Perhaps next year we’ll start it out in the electric roaster and then finish it in the oven. To be continued….

  2. The same thing happened to me last year… it was done an hour early! How strange.
    The “juices run clear” thing is what I looked for this year (in addition to using the meat thermometer). Next year I want to get one of those probe thermometers you can leave in the bird while it cooks, that’ll beep when it reaches the correct temp.

  3. easy way to tell: if the juices run clear when you poke the breast, and if the drumstick easily pulls away from the bird

    hope it turned out well

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