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I’d Call it a Success.

Thanksgiving Dinner - The Works

Thanksgiving is over for another year, and for that, we are sad. But we are still enjoying the memories (and the leftovers) from last night, and those will last at least a week (more so for the memories). It was a great Thanksgiving. We only had one (ok, two) semi-disasters, when our thermometer croaked on us (sorry for the panicked post!), and another when I forgot I was halving the pie crust recipe for a single crust pie, and accidentally added twice as much water as needed. Despite that, things turned out beautifully. The turkey was done through and not overcooked (phew!), and I had plenty of time to make another pie crust. We actually ate on time for once (4:30, to be exact), which is an amazing feat in and of itself. Our small table was overflowing with delicious food, and while we all ate way too much, way too fast, we sat staring at our empty plates, completely and utterly satisfied. After a brief digestion break, we enjoyed some James Bond and pumpkin pie (which I have since declared my most successful pie EVER), and went off to bed.

We also learned that turkey comas aren’t exclusive to humans, either…

Kitty Had Too Much Turkey

Life is good, indeed.

I will be posting more pictures and recipes in the coming days, but right now, I’m feeling like some turkey sandwiches. And maybe some cupcakes, as if we didn’t spend enough time in the kitchen yesterday. :)

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  1. That’s the contented ‘poultry face’ you see there. Spoiled rotten, that one. I get a kick out of the picture every time I see it…

  2. i had to comment! that picture of your cat is too much! made my night.

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