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I get enough people interested this blog outside of internet-land, and while they say they will, I never believe they’ll actually remember what it is called (let alone the web address) and actually visit it when they get home. So, I’ve decided we need business cards.

But I need your input. Browse through all the old posts, and pick out your single favorite photo. I know it’s hard to choose just one – but I want to have a full color photo of something yummy on the back of the business card, and I can’t decide! Post a comment with your choice, and link to the photo you think we should use.

If I get enough responses, maybe I’ll actually post a recipe this week. Whoops. Yes I know I’ve been bad and lagging, and I actually have a couple goodies waiting in the wings. I’ll post something today or tomorrow, I promise!

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  1. Go with olives, as your name implies. Room to jot notes makes sense to me.

  2. Cupcakes, definitely cupcakes.

  3. love the baked wonton crisps! they’re fantastic in salads. i like making chahan, or fried rice, with sake and Japanese shoyu. My mum cooks it with salted fish and oyster sauce for a deeper, louder flavour. you might wanna give it a go.

    also, i agree on the mushrooms! they always pack a punch.

  4. While you have some very beautiful photographs in your archives, from a branding perspective, I think you should stick with the photo of the olives and your “Love and Olive Oil” text for the back of the card. This will also be best because it leaves enough whitespace on the back of the card for jotting down notes and other things – alternative phone #’s, etc – that don’t generally appear on the front of a business card. While there’s no real harm in putting one of your gorgeous food photos across the back, you’d reinforce your look and blog’s identity by sticking with the olives and text.

    As an alternative to that, or picking one single photo, you could get Moo cards – – tiny little “business” cards (they are about half-size) and you can have a different picture on each one!

  5. I love ALL your photos – you are so good at taking them! Any of the cupcake photos are intriguing and I also like the Lentil, Goat Cheese, and Asparagus Salad. I know what you mean about people forgetting the blog name. I had some custom magnets printed up for my blog and it is so fun to hand them out. Good luck choosing!
    P.S. Let me know if you want a magnet. My hubby won’t let me stick all 100 of them on our refrigerator!

  6. I agree with Sharonda’s votes. And I like this one too:

    The basil leaf is so pretty!

  7. I must say, this was very hard for me to do first thing this morning and my tummy is now growling like a Mama Bear! All of your pics are so beautiful (& mouthwatering!). I kept going back to the Lentil, Asparagus & Goat Cheese Salad — the asparagus are so bright and contrast well with the white cheese. It is a great shot. My other favorites were Banana Split Cupcake (actually — all the cupcake shots are cute, those little guys are very photogenic!), and the Tomato & Olive Penne. Now I must go find a snack!

  8. You must understand how difficult this was; to choose just one :)

    I’ll have to go with two even though that’s not the rules. I love the Lentil, Asparagus and Goat Cheese salad. The colors are fabulous. I also agree with hannah on the Cupcakes in May…amazing!! You guys have such a great blog.

  9. potato leek pancakes or the molten chocolate cake “aftermath plate” picture



  10. just a little tip – i have found that the back of the business card is often used for jotting things down so if you want people to be able to write anything on the back (usually a cell # which you may not normally put on the front of the card), the picture on the back eliminates this luxury. it may not be important for this type of business card, but just something to consider.

    love your site!

  11. I love the Cupcakes in May picture of the two bright pink cupcakes! You have a beautiful blog.

  12. It’s one of the originals and it might be nostalgia speaking but this is my favorite.

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