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Olive Oil Popcorn

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Spicy Olive Oil Popcorn

You know those days, when you’ve eaten dinner, but maybe it’s too late for dessert (or maybe you’ve already eaten dessert) and you still feel the need to munch? Maybe you’re watching a movie on a Friday night and to you, movies just aren’t complete without popcorn? Whatever your reason, sometimes we all just need a snack.

Enter the air popper. Yes, we have one. We’ve decided that this little unitasker is worth our precious cabinet space. You may feel otherwise, but we love our little popper.

One of our favorite snacks is freshly popped popcorn drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Yes, we kind of ripped the idea from Trader Joe’s (whose olive oil popcorn is practically like crack), but we’ve adopted it as our own.

Until now, however, we’ve stuck to plain old extra virgin. The fruitier the better. You’re only using a few tablespoons so you might as well use the good stuff. You may feel that popcorn is useless unless it is smothered in butter (and I think I’ve expressed my love for butter enough already this week), so let’s give the olive oil some love, too. Because it truly makes an otherwise ordinary snack extraordinary. This may be the shortest, simplest recipe I’ve ever posted. It may also be one of our all-time favorites.

Take it up another notch and use a fiery chili-infused olive oil, like the one the fine folks at Nudo were kind enough to send (they also sent me a sample of their stone ground lemon, which sounds divine, but maybe not on popcorn). But the chili… oh the chili! Spicy. Sassy. Delicious.

So for once (and I don’t say this often), put down the butter, and give this a try.

Olive Oil Popcorn

Makes 4 snack-size servings


1/2 cup popcorn kernels
1 teaspoon table or popcorn salt (fine grain), or to taste
3 tablespoons olive oil of your choice


Place popcorn kernels in air popper and pop according to manufacturers directions (alternatively, you can make ‘air-popped’ popcorn in the microwave, simply put kernels in a brown paper bag. Fold over top of bag multiple times. Microwave on high for about 4 minutes or until the pops are more than 1 second apart).

Transfer popcorn to a large bowl (much larger than the actual quantity of popcorn). Drizzle over olive oil, 1 tablespoon at a time, and toss to coat. Continue adding olive oil until you achieve your desired coverage. Sprinkle with salt again and toss until evenly coated.

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Would you believe, that after almost 4 years of blogging under this name, this is the first olive oil giveaway I’ve done? I should really put this name to better use…


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Love & Olive Oil loves olive oil… do you?

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  1. Also, i’m a fan on facebook.

  2. my favorite all-time snack, rarely indulged in anymore, is/was a thick, gooey/fudgy brownie with a tall glass of ice cold milk – oh my!!!!!!1111

  3. I am a fan and love you on Facebook

  4. I am a FB fan! I am addicted to popcorn as my fav snack and I sprinkle truffle salt and olive oil drizzle! Fantastic!

  5. Sharp Cheddar Cheese with Garlic Powder sprinkled on it is my favorite snack!

  6. It used to be popcorn (I’ve never tried it with olive oil though – yum!) but lately it’s chips and salsa.

  7. goat cheese and fresh bread!

  8. I love pickles!

  9. I like love & olive oil on facebook!

  10. Definitely cookies and milk.

  11. Tequila Lime Popcorn- yum yum

  12. Onion dip and ruffles…..

  13. dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds!
    well.. that’s today’s snack of choice anyway ;)

    i have tweeted and am a fb fan as well!

  14. One of my favorite snacks is basically the same thing as this recipe, only a “cheesier” version of it. My good friends taught me how to make this popcorn using one of those old fashioned stove top crank poppers. Add about a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil to the popper to pop the corn in. Once its all popped, drizzle with olive oil, sea salt and then nutritional yeast. The nutritional yeast is what gives it the “cheesy” flavor. Plus you’re getting all the added benefits of all the b vitimins in the nutritional yeast as well as the good fats in the olive & cocnut oil. The mixture of oils is yummy-a sort of sweet, fruity, nutty flavor.

  15. I once had popcorn drizzled with truffle oil and it was the most addicting thing ever. Absolutely delicious!

    Oh, so hard to choose a single all-time favorite snack…I think I’ll have to go with fried tofu squares sprinkled with garlic powder and tamari. I could eat those all day long!

  16. My favorite snack is celery filled with peanut butter.

  17. My favorite sack (for my fiance and I) is popcorn! We just had some watching TV a few hours ago. Haha.

  18. Havarti and a good apple

  19. all time favorite snack: cheese and crackers. any cheese. any cracker.

  20. The oils look so fancy! My favorite snack is probably good aged cheese, crackers and some sort of fruit (apples and clementines right now). Popcorn comes in at a very close second.

  21. All time favorite snack has to be stopping at a gelateria, because it reminds me of my semester abroad in Italy. Can’t go wrong with gelato, preferably almond milk, tiramisu, or coconut.

  22. Also, I just liked your facebook page.

  23. Brie and Bread

  24. i have a huge weakness for sweet potato fries, especially those frozen chipotle ones! yum!

  25. My favorite snack is a can of deluxe mixed nuts (not all at once, of course).

  26. nachos with lots of extra cheese

  27. Favorite snack-definitely pretzels! I love hard pretzels, nice and salty!

  28. Leftovers! Which isn’t so much of a snack, more like a fourth meal!

  29. My favorite snack is potato chips and ranch dip!

  30. A good cheese and some good hard salami. Yum!

  31. My favorite snack is pasta or anything carbs related (cupcakes, cookies, pasta, etc)

  32. Oh and I just tweeted about this too!

  33. I’m a chips and salsa girl.

  34. I also like you on Facebook!

  35. I think cheese and crackers are my all time go to snack.

  36. I also like you on FB!

  37. Chips and salsa!

  38. Pretzels and Hummus! mmm mmm good :)

  39. Chips and guac. Can’t get enough!

  40. Favorite snack of the moment is raw brazil nuts. LOVE.

  41. I never thought to do this with olive oil, although I have popped my popcorn in a pan with olive oil, which might have a similar but more subtle effect…however one of my favorite treats is popcorn with wasabi pepper salt. I found this in taiwan and tried it out on my popcorn and I love it! It gives a little kick and then lets you be to enjoy the flavor!

  42. I now also like L & OO on facebook

  43. All time favorite snack? Proscuitto, sliced pear, and provolone cheese. Yum!

  44. Oatmeal cookies with choc chips & pecans. I’m addicted!

  45. I think my all time favorite snack is cheese. I love cheese. Any kinds, cut it up, put it on a plate, and enjoy…

  46. Cheese and crackers. Right now I am addicted to rainforest crisps….oh, and a crunchy honeycrisp apple on the side!

  47. My all-time favorite snack is celery and cream cheese. I can pretend it’s healthy for about 5 seconds!

  48. I just tried olive oil instead of butter on my popcorn. Consider me converted. Thank you!

  49. Also, I’m already a Facebook fan!

  50. All-time fave snack has to be popcorn, followed closely by fruit & nuts.

    louann dot rudd at gmail com

    hope to win the oil & thanks for hosting

  51. My favorite all time snack are nuts. Yummy!

  52. My favorite snack would have to be pretzels!!! I love big soft pretzels, as well as the small crunchy kind! I would love to make some soft pretzels with the spicy olive oil. Yum!!!!

  53. Yay! I liked you on Facebook!!!

  54. I would have to say my all time favorite is Apple slices dipped in fresh maple syrup. I just have to comment about how amazing your website is. I just discovered it and am excited about the wealth and variety of recipes you have collected! (oh and I am a fan on fb!)

  55. My favorite snack is a salted nut roll.

  56. I’m a purest: Love fresh popcorn with real butter and salt. YUM.

  57. smoked oysters on ritz crackers

  58. my fav snack is potato chips, lately i have been obsessed with pop chips, so crunchy and yummy!!

  59. Vanilla ice cream laboriously & lovingly mixed with Nestles -red can- powdered
    cocoa mix. Tests your patience but then it rewards you.

  60. This must be a leftover from my childhood, but I LOVE a good bowl of cereal with some frozen blueberries. So delicious!

    I was just craving popcorn recently – I’ll have to try this soon!

  61. Hm, or snack I would say it’s a tie between those sheets of dried seaweed with oil and salt they have in Asian grocery stores or Trader Joe’s “Highbrow Chocolate Chip cookies” – neither of those stay around long in my household! :-)

  62. When I’m feeling healthy: pink lady apple with Trader Joe’s crunchy, usalted almond butter.
    When I’m feeling not-so-healthy: salty, buttery popcorn with plain M&M’s.

  63. My favorite snack is a Honeycrisp apple, sliced thin, dusted with freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt (or sometimes nutritional yeast).

  64. Just ‘Like’ed you on Facebook. I really need to start paying more attention, I didn’t know you had a Facebook or Twitter account.

  65. Also, now following you on Twitter — @Lornnii

  66. dill havarti and Cheez-Its :)

  67. Popcorn with pesto!

  68. My favorite snack is chips and dip

  69. I follow @loveandoliveoil on twitter and tweeted about giveaway!/Terri6580/status/15619408848228352

  70. “I liked Love & Olive Oil on Facebook

  71. crusty baguette with some good butter – or olive oil!

  72. Favorite snack is slices of sharp (SHARP!) cheddar cheese and rolled-up slices of genoa salami. Y-U-M!

  73. My favorite snack is sharp cheddar cheese and buttery crackers. I hope I win!

  74. What is your all-time favorite snack? Toast, topped with cheese and honey. I put olive oil on the bread before I toast it, so these would be great to try!
    Following on Twitter (l123455) and I tweeted:!/l123455/status/15634014861787136

  75. /like

    mmmm popcorn

  76. Hard to choose one …but I’ll pick sunflower seeds!

  77. Your facebook fan.

  78. pita chips and hummus is great snack

  79. like you on facebook

  80. My favorite snack is a good cheddar cheese and a crispy Honeycrisp apple, or seedless black or red grapes! Mmmm yummy!

  81. And I’m a fan on Facebook!

  82. my favorite snack IS popcorn!

  83. and i’m a fan!

  84. and i tweeted!!!

  85. popcorn and red grapes. salty + sweet!

  86. White cheddar popcorn is definitely my favorite all time snack. I love Christmas too because my in-laws always give us a tin of popcorn. Will have to try this recipe out!

  87. Homemade bread just right out the oven dipped in delicious Olive Oil with salt and pepper. Simple and delicious. :)

  88. My favorite snack is chocolate covered gummy bears!

  89. My all time favorite snack is guacamole and chips, homeade of course! :) I married into a Mexican family and have the all time BEST recipe ever!!!

  90. I am a fan on facebook as well :)

  91. Just “liked” you on facebook. What is not to like?! Love your site.

  92. My Grandpa pops his popcorn in olive oil and it’s amazing!

  93. My favorite snack has got to be a half an avocado, mixed with some lemon juice, salt, pepper and a little hot sauce, smeared on toasted sourdough bread. Sprinkled with feta if I’m feeling rich.

  94. Definitely breakfast cereal, dry, out of the box. Golden grahams or frosted flakes, specifically!

  95. I’m a fan on facebook!

  96. And I tweeted!

  97. Funny…my all time favourite snack is popcorn!
    Air popped, with olive oil drizzled all over and my special popcorn seasoning on top.
    Special Seasoning:
    Engevita Yeast
    Parmesan Cheese
    Dried herbs:
    Dill Weed
    Dill Seed
    Lemon Pepper
    sometimes garlic seasoning

  98. I’m gonna go with a hunk of homemade bread and a spread of kerrygold butter. Heaven.

  99. Lucky number 400! I’m getting my 89 year old Grandpa Olive Oil for Christmas. He has been watching cooking shows and wants some good Olive Oil. This would be perfect! Oh and as I commeted earlier…he pops his popcorn in olive oil.

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