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Olive Oil Popcorn

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Spicy Olive Oil Popcorn

You know those days, when you’ve eaten dinner, but maybe it’s too late for dessert (or maybe you’ve already eaten dessert) and you still feel the need to munch? Maybe you’re watching a movie on a Friday night and to you, movies just aren’t complete without popcorn? Whatever your reason, sometimes we all just need a snack.

Enter the air popper. Yes, we have one. We’ve decided that this little unitasker is worth our precious cabinet space. You may feel otherwise, but we love our little popper.

One of our favorite snacks is freshly popped popcorn drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Yes, we kind of ripped the idea from Trader Joe’s (whose olive oil popcorn is practically like crack), but we’ve adopted it as our own.

Until now, however, we’ve stuck to plain old extra virgin. The fruitier the better. You’re only using a few tablespoons so you might as well use the good stuff. You may feel that popcorn is useless unless it is smothered in butter (and I think I’ve expressed my love for butter enough already this week), so let’s give the olive oil some love, too. Because it truly makes an otherwise ordinary snack extraordinary. This may be the shortest, simplest recipe I’ve ever posted. It may also be one of our all-time favorites.

Take it up another notch and use a fiery chili-infused olive oil, like the one the fine folks at Nudo were kind enough to send (they also sent me a sample of their stone ground lemon, which sounds divine, but maybe not on popcorn). But the chili… oh the chili! Spicy. Sassy. Delicious.

So for once (and I don’t say this often), put down the butter, and give this a try.

Olive Oil Popcorn

Makes 4 snack-size servings


1/2 cup popcorn kernels
1 teaspoon table or popcorn salt (fine grain), or to taste
3 tablespoons olive oil of your choice


Place popcorn kernels in air popper and pop according to manufacturers directions (alternatively, you can make ‘air-popped’ popcorn in the microwave, simply put kernels in a brown paper bag. Fold over top of bag multiple times. Microwave on high for about 4 minutes or until the pops are more than 1 second apart).

Transfer popcorn to a large bowl (much larger than the actual quantity of popcorn). Drizzle over olive oil, 1 tablespoon at a time, and toss to coat. Continue adding olive oil until you achieve your desired coverage. Sprinkle with salt again and toss until evenly coated.

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Would you believe, that after almost 4 years of blogging under this name, this is the first olive oil giveaway I’ve done? I should really put this name to better use…


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Love & Olive Oil loves olive oil… do you?

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  1. I’m already a fan on facebook.

  2. I’m partial to nut butter straight from the jar :)

  3. While not the healthiest I love Chex Mix but I will usually grab some carrots and soft cheese.

  4. I’ve learned to love grapes, but my favorite snack of all time is caramel popcorn mixed with M&Ms and cashews.

  5. Any kind of cheese, on toasted pieces of bread with a glass of wine of course ;)

  6. anything chocolate! and then i usually want something salty. then back to sweet, and so on. it’s a viscious cycle ;)

  7. Cheese and crackers!

  8. My favorite snack is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

  9. My favorite all time snack is CHEESE. With bread….dates….crackers…apples…pears…..cured meats….or the Mexican version as queso with tortilla chips :-)

  10. Butter pretzels with Nutella!

  11. Apples and boursin. Mmmmm!!!! I could eat it for breakfastlunchanddinner.

  12. A thin slice of Gorgonzola on a Carr’s cracker, drizzled with a tiny bit of honey.

  13. My favorite snack are chips! Especially Zapp’s jalapeno chips.

    I tweeted and I’m a FB fan! Loving giveaway week…would love more if I win!

  14. Chips & Dip

  15. my usual snack is actually popcorn! I often eat it plain, though its also nice with some salted butter.

    but I think my favorite snacks are anything coated in white cheddar- white cheddar cheese puffs & white cheddar popcorn especially. yum yum yum!

  16. ripe avocado spread liberally on toasted crusty bread. mmmmmmmmm…………

  17. My favorite changes all the time! But the one I’m currently craving (for an afternoon snack) is coffee and a piece of banana bread

  18. All time favorite snack??? Just one?? I suppose it would be tortilla chips (and dip); we almost always have them around. But I like a LOT of snacks!

  19. I would lie and say something healthy, but it’s gotta be french fries.

  20. My favorite is olive oil popcorn too…but use the olive oil to pop the corn on the stovetop in my Mom’s old dutch oven, and then sprinkle liberally with sea salt. YUM!

  21. I also just liked you on fb :)

  22. I’m also a FB fan!

  23. And of course, I already like Love and Olive Oil on Facebook!

  24. My favorite snack of all time is either sour patch kids or avocado and cottage cheese. But omg this EVOO popcorn sounds amazing. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  25. I’m already a HUGE fan on FB :)

  26. I love to snack on hummus and raw veggies. Healthy I know, but so good.

  27. I’ve been a long time fan/Liker on Facebook!

  28. this is going to sound cheesy but it’s 100% true: POPCORN is my favorite snack of all time! Me and my old roommate would generally go through a lb of popcorn in a week…easily. I LOVE my hot air popper! My favorite topping is salt, cumin and hot sauce!!

  29. Yum! I think I need an air popper… my favorite snack of all time is definitely Chex Mix. Any kind. All kinds. The homemade kind, ever. I loooove me some Chex Mix.

  30. hmm… we’re big popcorn fans, but heck, we also like ice cream!!

  31. My favorite snack is tortilla chips and guacamole.

  32. I love good food, but my snack preferences lean toward the pedestrian…..Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Ice Cream Bars or Cheese & Crackers.

  33. if i HAD to choose… it’d have to be PUPPY CHOW! i add pretzels into my mix so you get the salty aspect too! mMMMMMMMMMmm!

  34. My favorite snack is a homemade smoothie!

  35. Popcorn, but cooked in a pan with grapeseed oil. It doesn’t even need other toppings. My roommate and I keep a jar of popcorn on the counter, and… well, it needs to be refilled often.

  36. I love figs, goat cheese and honey! And I’m now a fan on Facebook :)

  37. I’m a fan on facebook.

  38. Nothing is better than pretzels and chocolate frosting. Yum.

  39. My favorite snack used to be popcorn…I could make it sweet or salty, depending on what I was craving! But now I’m in my first trimester and I’m sick sick sick! But this would totally be something to look forward to if I won!

  40. I am already a fb fan. My favorite snack is chive cream cheese spread on celery sticks! Yum!

  41. My favorite snack is chips & guacamole.
    Great give away! The Nudo containers are super cute and colorful! Love them!

  42. my favorite snack has to be peanut butter and ritz crackers!

  43. i also already like you on facebook. :)

  44. It is actually popcorn.

  45. I am a fan on facebook.

  46. Cheesecake…or maybe I shouldn’t consider that a snack? Nuts are always good too.

  47. My husband makes this popcorn with chili oil, garlic powder, and curry powder. It is amazing. Doesn’t sound that exciting, but it’s seriously addictive!

  48. Doritos and coca cola – I don’t have them very much, but they are always great together!

  49. It’s hard to pick a favorite snack. I guess right now my favorite snack is a good bar of dark chocolate.

  50. I’m a fan on FB!!

  51. Trail mixes are my usual go-to snack. A little sweet and energizing!

  52. My all time favorite snack is guacamole! I love the texture and the richness…mmm…

  53. I like you on FB!

  54. My all time favorite snack is . . . frozen snickers. It’s my drug. I love airpopped popcorn, but I have no precious space left in my cabinents.

  55. I am your newest follower on twitter! And now all my followers know about it.

  56. And now I’m a fan on facebook! Hip hip hooray!

  57. My all time favorite snack is homemade guacamole and homemade brown rice chips! SO tasty! trader Joes has great brown rice tortillas that are easy to chop up, season, and throw in the oven. Then on to mucho avocado! With lemon, salsa, salt and pepper…. you got yourself a mighty fine snack!

  58. And I “like” you on facebook! Of course!

  59. my ultimate snack is fresh made salsa, a cut up avocado, and some tortilla chips (low on the salt).

  60. I love just a good cheese. Some goat cheese or really any cheese. I don’t even need bread or crackers, just cheese. Yummy yummy cheese.

    Although I’m always down for some pepper kettle chips, Yum!

  61. I follow you on twitter and I just tweeted! @ATPerez

  62. I love a mixture of salty/sweet. So I always reach for Reese’s PB cups, or chocolate covered pretzels, or I’ll just dump whoppers into a bowl with microwave popcorn.

  63. Peanut butter and bananas! Yumm

  64. A handful of mixed nuts.

  65. this summer my boyfriend made me try an avocado, so now i’m in love with homemade guacamole and tortilla chips. mmm. and now i want some. :)

  66. plus i’m a fan on facebook

  67. and i tweeted (@jayemkae)

  68. Ooooh I’m craving popcorn now!!

  69. plus I’m a fan on Facebook :)

  70. my favorite snack is cheese! i really love a nice double cream brie with fresh bread or apples :)

  71. For something salty, I like popcorn popped on the stove, and for something sweet I love homemade sugar cookies like my dad makes!

  72. and i am now a fan on facebook!

  73. Also, just became a fan on Facebook! I didn’t know you were on there!

  74. popcorn with a box of snow caps….yum! But a more daily snack for me is cheese and crackers

  75. My favorite snack would have to be Peanut Butter (on bananas, apples, crackers, rice cakes, straight out of the jar, it doesn’t matter!)

  76. I love kettle corn!

  77. Cheese and crackers..yum!

  78. Right now, my favorite snack is veggies and crackers with a really delicious dip — there’s a tofu and veggie spread from Fairways that is AWESOME.

  79. Coffee Icecream!

  80. my favorite snack is salted popcorn with m&m’s. Add them when the popcorn is warm so they melt inside!

  81. Hummus and pita chips…yum!

  82. I just discovered these mouth-numbingly spicy peanuts from China. Great w/ beer!

  83. My favorite snack lately has been apple slices dipped in peanut butter. Simple, but so yummy.

  84. I’m also a fan on Facebook!

  85. I am also a super popcorn lover! And I love it most from scratch. I learned from Alton Brown to use the wok. And it’s magical! You don’t need an air popper! AND Just throw a little sugar in there and it’s kettle corn!

  86. I love greek yogurt with blueberries and walnuts.

  87. i am fan on facebook

  88. I love chips and salsa!

  89. Salt & vinegar chips, hands down.

  90. pistachio’s

  91. Sweet potato chips & red pepper hummus!

  92. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  93. Popcorn with slices of cheese on the side.

  94. hmmm…I love snacks and as I’m currently eating popcorn (popped in a pot!) drizzled with olive oil and parmesan cheese I’m going to say it’s that, with a piece of fruit on the side.

  95. peanut butter straight from the jar!

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