Love and Olive Oil

17 Days and 18 Gelati Later…

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Need I say more?

Actually, I do. I have lots to say about food and sights and travel. But right now, my brain (and my stomach) are still on Italian time. I’m afraid if I tried to write anything now it would be anything but coherent. Soon. I promise.

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  1. oh my god, all that gelato looks amazing!!!

  2. Looks like something I once did with gelati. I had to try every flavor, maybe twice a day just to make sure I had my share before leaving. ;)

  3. I`d like to try each of them :)

    have a nice time!

  4. You were here in Italy? Hope you had a good time!

  5. The one with the cookie hat looks divine

  6. Oh gosh…swooning over all that fabulous gelato!

  7. Top right corner — is that pistachio gelato I spy? The best!



  8. Yum times 18! Looking forward to all the tasty details.

  9. A little jealous…not gonna lie! Hope you had a great trip!

    Vivek’s Epicurean Adventures

  10. Can’t wait to readabout the trip and all of the food and gelato!!!!

  11. That all looks SO tasty. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

  12. Looks like my Italy trip- we lived on gelato!

  13. That waffle cone looks DE-LISH! I’m so boring and predictable. The only flavors I like are hazelnut and coconut… but I had gelato every day while we were there too! :)

  14. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Ice cream/gelato/sorbet should seriously be in its own food group.

  15. –i’d simply like to know what the 3-down on the left-hand side is a concoction of…

  16. So yum. I can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip. :)

  17. Details on the flavors!!! For sure! These look SO GOOD!

  18. I remember all the gelato in Italy!! To die for.
    You pay virtually nothing and get enough to feed an entire country in one sitting.
    Who could ask for more?

  19. Oh my gosh I love gelato! Those all look fabulous!

  20. OMG! These creations just look too scrumptious to even eat. These surely taste as good as they look.

  21. Yes, gelato is delightful, but I just adore those little gelato spoons!!!

  22. Hi I’m in Nashville and when you return, try Glazee Gelato in Cool Springs. You won’t be disappointed. We think he gets it as close to Italy as you can get. We also ate it often twice a day when we traveled to Italy. It was our favorite treat on the trip.

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