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Happy Halloween!

Creative Halloween Pumpkin Carving - Clock & Snowman

Happy Halloween!! From two really big dorks…

Our Halloween Costumes - Price is Right Contestants

We dressed as contestants on the Price is Right. And you’re not seeing things… Taylor’s shirt really says “Bob Barker is my Homeboy”. Classic. Unfortunately for us, it was chilly the night we wore them, and our coats covered our creativity.

Our pumpkins however, stole the show. Taylor’s pride and joy, the little snowman pictured above, won 3rd place in the carving contest. My pumpkin, which was actually a working clock, wasn’t so lucky. Maybe because there was very little ‘skill’ actually required to put it together. :)

We had a blast – considering it was the first time since, eh, maybe 7th grade? that we had both willingly participated in a Halloween celebration of any sort.

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  1. i did this too! it took some people awhile to catch on – my shirt said “the future mrs. barker” haha:)

  2. Cute pumpkins!! And I love your costumes – very original! Where did you get the shirts?

  3. I love your costumes! I never think up stuff like that. I’m impressed that you made a working clock in a pumpkin… not sure I could pull that off!

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