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The Missing Foodies?

Heirloom Tomatoes and Peaches from the Farmers Market

With our posting frequency lately you’d assume we were on some new-fangled extreme diet or something.

Well, we’re not. Unless it was a crazy cupcake-only diet or something.

But we do have an excuse (or two… or three), that has kept us away from this blog.

First, summer vacations. Or a lovely (and not as hot as we expected, thank god!) trip to New York for a certain cousin’s wedding, and then a few extra days tacked on for good measure (you can’t go to New York and not factor in at least a few good days perusing the city and all it’s wonders!).

Secondly, old friends. We love visitors. But visitors mean more time spent out on the town and less time spent taking silly pictures of food. Plus we tend to cook our tried and true recipes for guests, which being that they have been tried, you’ve already seen them. Wouldn’t want to bore you now, would we?

Lastly, moving. What? Again, you say? Didn’t those two just move, like, yesterday? Well, actually, it was a year ago, but yes, we’ve moved again. Just across town this time, rather than across the country (I don’t want to do THAT again for a long time!). But we are now enjoying a beautiful new kitchen, closer to town, and just blocks from the Nashville Farmers’ Market. Once we get some more boxes put away, and figure out where to put all of our dishes (the new kitchen is big on light, but short on cabinet space), we’ll surely be posting pictures. The hazy background in the photo above is the most you’re going to get – for now. :)

Speaking of the Farmers’ Market that is now so conveniently close, if you’re ever in Nashville it is surely a sight to see. Though do beware – much of the produce there (um, pineapples?) is the exact same stuff you’d get at Kroger. But look close, and you’ll find an abundance of locally grown produce, including our most recent bounty… 4 varieties heirloom tomatoes (for someone who doesn’t like tomatoes, we sure bought a lot of them), perfectly ripe and delicious Georgia peaches, summer squashes of all shapes and colors, and blackberries the size of, well, bigger than the grape tomatoes that’s for sure.

We were perusing the assortment of tomatoes at the market when a friendly stranger offered his suggestions, pointing out some of his favorites (and guess who can’t remember the names of the ones we got?). We indulged in the massive wrinkly yellow one tonight, along with the peaches, in a recipe I will share tomorrow. The other yellow one, the bitty reds, and the green zebra ones we’re saving for later this week.

Turns out this stranger is a chef. Go figure. We’ll have to stop by his restaurant and see what he does with these all these crazy-looking vegetables (fruits?).

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  1. Welcome back online. I have been missing your recipes and photos but I do understand just how busy you two have been! As for our Farmer’s Markets, the cherries are mostly gone but right now in Colorado, Olathe corn is perfection. We think both Palisade and Paonia peaches could take on your neighboring Georgia variety any day.

  2. Congrats on the move! And nice fruit!

  3. Those green zebra tomatoes are so cool! Farmers markets here in the Vermont boonies are pretty sedate affairs… not much in the way of striped tomatoes. :( Starting to get a few of the red ones though, finally.

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