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Persimmon Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Persimmon Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette

I may as well just put it out there: I’m totally and entirely infatuated with persimmons. An affair of the tastebuds, if you will. We’ve been buying them every chance we get, using them in everything from our Thanksgiving green beans to this amazing winter caprese salad. But I know their abundance is short-lived, so excuse me while I go stuff my face while I still can.

Persimmon Salad with Pistachios, Goat Cheese, and Blood Orange Vinaigrette

This salad features an incredible blood orange-infused olive oil from Capay Valley Ranches (disclaimer: CVR sent me some oil to try, but wouldn’t be writing this if it didn’t blow me away). I love that it is grown entirely in California and not imported (Italy’s great and all but… go USA!) Normally I’m not one for flavored or infused olive oils, but this stuff is incredible. It has a candy-like sweetness that tastes almost like orange jelly beans. It’s really perfect for this salad. Or any salad, really.

Persimmon Salad with Pistachios, Goat Cheese, and Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Sure, you could make substitutions to this salad as the seasons change: blood orange segments would be an obvious choice, or peaches in the summer, or figs in the fall; just something to add that note of freshness and sweetness to the salad. And if you don’t have or can’t find the blood orange olive oil, use a good extra virgin with a splash of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice instead.

Persimmon Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette

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  • 2 tablespoons blood orange-infused olive oil
  • 4 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1 (4-5oz) bag mixed greens
  • 3 fuyu persimmons, peeled, cored, and sliced
  • 1/4 cup crumbled goat cheese
  • 2 tablespoons roasted and shelled pistachios


An a small bowl, whisk together olive oil and vinegar. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Toss dressing with salad greens until evenly coated, and divide among salad bowls. Top with sliced persimmons, crumbled goat cheese, and pistachios.

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  1. We moved into a new home a year ago and little did I know that tree out back is a persimmon tree! (Fuyu) Not only that, I noticed a few weeks ago that is it heavy with fruit. Yay!! So now I’m on a mission to make sure these beauties don’t go to waste! I have been eating them just sliced up like an apple, but I really want to make some sort of holiday “THING” with them to give to friends and family. I can’t get enough of the persimmon recipes — this is a whole new culinary adventure! Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Oh wow! I simply cannot wait to try this salad :) it’s so fresh and vibrant and the dressing sounds incredible!

  3. I’m soo eager to try this/ sounds so yummy!

  4. This sounds SO good! I have got to try this out! I’m always looking for a sweeter salad and this sounds to die for! <3

  5. I’m not super familiar with Persimmon, but this salad looks beautiful, colorful and delicious!

  6. I actually used a different brand of blood orange infused olive oil in my orange cornmeal cake!

  7. So beautiful and fresh! I have never used persimmons before, I need to get on board!

  8. This is the prettiest winter salad ever!

  9. What a beautiful salad and the vinaigrette sounds amazing!

  10. Beautiful salad! There’s a store right by my house that sells flavored olive oil and I definitely stop by while walking the dogs for samples!

  11. I’m obsessed with persimmon too. I was SO upset bc I had been saving over-ripe persimmon goo in the freezer (ummm…don’t ask) and I decided to make something with it this weekend. First recipe in a LONG time that I messed up SO badly it had to go down the drain. All my persimmon goo :( Now I have to rush out and buy more while I still can!

  12. Gorgeous salad! I love persimmons! Your vinaigrette sounds amazing!

  13. Wow that looks absolutely amazing! Love the colours (and the photography too!) Pinning =)

  14. mhmm this looks so fresh and so delicious!

  15. What a beautiful salad. I love that the olive oil is made in the US. I really need to get my hands on some persimmons.

  16. This salad looks so fresh and inviting. I also prefer to use locally produced ingredients. Maybe one day I will live in CA, too.

  17. I have NEVER tried a persimmon (can you believe that?) but they are GORGEOUS in this salad!!

  18. Such a fun, bright salad! LOVE this!

  19. I  JUST tried persimmons for the first time and I think that I am in love. This salad is so pretty and it sounds amazing! I can only imagine how good the addition of the crunchy pistachios must be. 
    I seriously need to find this olive oil so that I can jump on this salad.
    P.s I am in love with you crackly, white board. Hello beautiful!

  20. That oil sounds amazing – I wish I could get it here in the UK. It reminds me of the champagne orange vinegar I used to buy from Trader Joe’s when I was living in Los Angeles!

  21. It’s the 100mm lens post! And it’s a beauty! :) 

    I love persimmon. One of my fave fruits and the season seems to be over here, or last I checked, I couldn’t get them in the groc store. I love them so! And that blood orange olive oil looks great! This salad is totally up my alley. pinned

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