Love and Olive Oil

Christmas Dinner for Two

Christmas Tree Bokeh

I hope your Christmas was as merry and delicious as ours was, full of pretty lights, fabulous food, and joyful Christmas music.

Desmond Loves Christmas

Desmond sure enjoyed himself (the cat loves boxes and shredding paper… Christmas is his superbowl, basically).

Bah Humbug

Even Kalypso got into the festive mood.

Sort of.

"Bountiful" Garlic Knots

Dinner included Todd & Diane’s miraculously soft garlic butter knots and my sorry attempt for a Christmas centerpiece. Taylor made these from start to finish and promptly declared himself a “bread man.” I sense more to come.

Christmas Surf & Turf Dinner for Two

For the main dish, surf and turf, featuring baked lobster with chili-lime butter (recipe translated/adapted from here). We used more of the same butter to top our steak and smother the roasted artichokes. It was the perfect amount of food to leave us satisfied, but not stuffed (meaning plenty of room for dessert… more on that later). We love using Christmas as a reason to splurge on something we wouldn’t normally cook, but still ends up being far cheaper than enjoying the same meal at a restaurant.

Doctor Who Christmas

For us, this low-key Christmas for two was just right. No big to-do, just a relaxing day full of quality time spent on the couch and in the kitchen with each other and the cats. And the Doctor. So until next year… Geronimo!

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  1. Love the Tardis ornament! 

  2. Your Christmas sounds perfect. I love that tree!

  3. Is it cool if we make it a Christmas dinner for three? Coo, coo.

  4. Happy New Year! I am a huge Doctor Who fan too ?

  5. Merry Christmas.. My husband of 27 years spent our first Christmas apart while I traveled away to help care for his mom in a nursing home. We are celebrating our own Christmas tonight…. hopefully our dinner will look as beautiful as yours. Thanks for the idea. Need to know when you are writing another book…. have both of the others and love, love, love them both. Let us all know, would you? So we can have something to look forward to. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful recipes with us this year. My husband and I are big fans! Happy New Year. May 2014 be the best ever.

  6. I have decided to read this blog based only on the fact that you guys have a TARDIS hanging from your Christmas tree!

  7. Aw i love that pic of your pretty kitty looking up! Precious.  And my Christmas was spent with the Doctor as well.  :)

  8. Everything looked lovely! Even the kitty looked pleased. :)

    And that little Tardis ornament! Squeee!!!!

  9. Beautiful!  Happy New Year!

  10. I want your TARDIS ornament!  It looks  so perfect against your white tree :)  

  11. Just spectacular!  Happy New Year!  I love your kitties!

  12. We went away for Christmas for the first time ever. It was wonderful but not really Christmas! I am glad we did what we did but I cannot wait for next year.

  13. What a delightful meal! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas :)

  14. Happy Christmas both! I love your tree and can’t wait to see what you had for dessert!

  15. I had a similar Christmas, just me, Mr T, two cats and good food. We had some traditional polish meals, but I love yours as well. 

  16. Your tree is stunning though I’m surprised it’s still standing with Desmond and Kalypso around.

    Craving lobster now!

    • Actually it’s Sgt. Pepper (the 3rd cat) that was causing tree-trouble this year. We have a strict non-breakable ornament policy precisely for that reason. :)

  17. Oh man Bountiful is on my list of cookbooks to get, those garlic knots look amazing. Sounds like a lovely way to spend Christmas =)
    Happy New Year!

  18. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas together. Those garlic butter knots look so tempting!

    Greetings from Finland,

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