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New York, New York

BetterTV Appearance

So yeah… this happened.

That’s me, on the set of BetterTV at their NYC studio, spreading the cookie dough love. My episode just so happens to air tomorrow (August 3rd). I will NOT be watching it (rather, I’ll be hiding in the corner covering my ears), but you still can. Check the local listings in your area or check the BetterTV website tomorrow for a clip.

Can I reiterate that I am so much more comfortable behind the camera? It took every ounce of what I had not to pass out.

NYC Book Signing, Posman Books, Chelsea Market

After the show we headed down to Chelsea Market for a book signing at Posman Books.

Chelsea Market is all kinds of awesome. I kind of want to live there.

NYC Book Signing, Posman Books, Chelsea Market

My adorable little cousin, Oliver, stopped by to say hi. He was very focused on the brownies. Talk about intensity. I think he inherited the family sweet tooth, don’t you? (Thanks cousin Julie for this pic!)

NYC Book Signing, Posman Books, Chelsea Market

Hi Beth! :)

NYC Book Signing, Posman Books, Chelsea Market

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, whether intentionally or not (Cecilia, above, is a reader from Copenhagan that just so happened to be visiting New York when she spotted me. What a happy coincidence!) Also thanks to Posman employee Alex for the Cookie Dough Brownies! They got devoured in no time.

I don’t have any more signing events planned as of now, but do remember there are still *signed copies* of my book for sale in the L&OO shop, if you’re so inclined! :)

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  1. I was in NYC last week (all the way from Amsterdam) but just too late for this! Looks like you had a great time!
    And I said exactly the same thing to myself about wanting to live in Chelsea Market. Have you visited the High Line above? Loved that too!

  2. How great! Job well done. And what a coincidence, meeting a reader like that!

  3. Finally getting around to catching up on my reading and watched your video! You did such a good job!!! No one would believe that you’re camera shy ;-)

    It’s been too long since I’ve made some of those cookie dough truffles…you have me craving them now!

  4. I’m now back in Denmark again and cannot wait to get started on the recipes. That book is so unbelievably pretty and just staring at the gorgeous pictures can easily take a lot of my time ;) I’m still so happy that I happened to pass that very bookshop that day.
    Best wishes

  5. That’s amazing, big congrats!

  6. GO girl!!!! Congrats.

  7. Hi Lindsay! It was great to meet you at Big Summer Potluck this year–and how exciting for your TV and book signing gigs. I grew up 2 hours away from NYC but this year was my first trip to Chelsea Market. It’s just wonderful! This post made me want to go again :]

  8. How awesome!!! I totally feel you on comfort behind the camera! My mother-in-law is always submitting me to morning shows against my will! Not that I’d ever get selected to come on, but holy moly I would loose my marbles and probably look like a fool! Congrats on all the awesomeness!

  9. It was great meeting you!! The book is absolutely beautiful. Great photography! Everything looks so good…I can’t wait to try out some of these recipes!

  10. I work at Meredith this summer!! I was just in that studio. Wish I had known you were there! :) Hope it went well!

  11. Just wanted to let you know I bought your book through Amazon and I love it! The recipes are easy to follow and they turn out great! I just ordered a copy for my niece too. Great job on your book – I can tell you put a lot of time into it and it’s one of the best cookbooks I have. Thanks!

  12. It was so good to see you and Taylor. I can’t wait to see the DVR of the show at my mom’s. Oliver has been practicing his “peeeeease?” for the next batch of cookie dough here :) Love you guys!

  13. That`s why some of us blog right? I`m totally camera shy too! but i`m sure you did great~

  14. Congratulations! What wonderful accomplishments!

  15. looks like it was a lovely event! my makeup teacher nicolae rita does the makeup for bettertv if Im not mistaken so I am excited to see what your show was like.

  16. I hope I can see that video tomorrow! I love the pictures & I think should start campaigning for a book signing in Orlando! :D

  17. Lindsay this is just awesome & congrats! I have to say, I crack open your book at least twice a week just to stare at the photography – obvi the recipes are top shelf, but your pretty pics just suck me right in, too :)

  18. So cute! I’m sure you did fantastic!

  19. Woo, look at you. You’re a celebrity! I wish I’d been in New York this week and could have come and seen you.

  20. Looks really amazing! Can’t wait to try the brownies for myself!

  21. Congrats, looks like you had a great trip! I totally agree with you about being in front of the camera – there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t rather do!

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