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Book Update & NYC Book Signing

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Meanwhile… in cookie dough land (which is somewhere in between la la land and neverland, if you were curious)…

Explore Aspen Book Signing

I had my second book signing in my hometown of Aspen, Colorado. Many thanks to John (and Cashmere the cat) at Explore Booksellers for hosting.

Explore Aspen Book Signing

I have to say this event was extra special to me, considering there wasn’t an unfamiliar face in the crowd. Long time family friends, old teachers, my childhood best friend (hi Ella!) were all there. Even my elementary school librarian showed up.

Explore Aspen Book Signing

It was like a little mini reunion. I loved it.

I’ve also made a few appearances on TV and Radio shows regarding the book. Check out the press page for a full listing and clips (when available). Just promise not to poke fun.

NYC Book Signing at Posman Books

I’m also excited to announce a new book signing in NYC! I’ll be at Posman Books in Chelsea Market on Monday, July 30th at 1:00 pm. You should totally come hang out. Make up an excuse and take a long lunch break.

I’ll be in the city after partaking in the 3rd annual Big Summer Potluck (my excitement can barely be contained). Tell me, what should one do with an afternoon in New York City? Or rather, what should one eat? My time is limited and, unfortunately, so is my stomach space. I want to make the most of it.

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  1. I really wish I could make it to come see you but alas, Monday is no good for me to make a day trip to NYC. I don’t think taking a long lunch break would fly for me! Haha!

  2. Can’t wait to see you at the Big Summer Potluck. And I will definitely try to sneak away for a long lunch hour!

  3. How long will you be at Posman for? Sad I might not be able to get there until 2PM!

  4. Very cool! The book signing in CO looked wonderful! I bet that was a really great day for you. Many congratulations! Can’t wait for the next book. :)

  5. This has got to be SO exciting for you! After all the work that went into writing the book, and now to meet your readers and fans…how fun!

  6. Two things we have in common…

    Cookie Dough and Colorado

  7. Hmmm… one afternoon! That’s a tough one. Chelsea Markets itself is a great place to explore and is full of treats! I’m a huge fan of the Jacque Torres ice cream sandwiches they sell there, sandwiched between two of their fabulous cookies. And the Highline is right there–the beautiful elevated park that’s worth a walk.

  8. Oh man I wish I lived closer to NYC! I’d totally have gone.

  9. Sadly, I’m on the west coast or I’d be there with my book! It’s so unique and makes all of us who grew up eating cookie dough feel normal!! XOXO

  10. I wish I could be at the NYC book signing! My 2 favorite bakeries in NYC are Donna Bell’s and Crumbs. I would recommend trying them both if you can. The red velvet brownies at Donna Bell’s are to die for and pistachio cupcake at Crumbs is so yummy.

  11. Aww, shoot, I have to work. Have fun in the city and get some brownies while you’re at Chelsea market!

  12. If you’re already in Chelsea Market, you couldn’t be in a better spot. Grab a Fatwitch Brownie and take it up to the High Line for a walk.

  13. Eataly in Flatiron is great and Super Linda is awesome too.

  14. Posman is in my neighborhood, so I hope to be there. Try a Fat Witch brownie at Chelsea Market. If you’re exploring Chelsea, I’d recommend Billy’s Bakery.

  15. Yaaay! Congratulations on the signing! Looks like lots of fun…great job on all the hard work!

  16. Free afternoon in NYC? Duh, cupcakes & wine.

    You’re welcome.

    PS. There’s beer too, for Taylor.

  17. All of my friends are talking about the High Line! Supposedly great food

  18. Every time I’m in the city I make a point of stopping at Ess-A-Bagel. Most awesome bagels ever, IMHO. Even if you don’t have room to eat one, grab a dozen and stuff ’em in the suitcase, they freeze and reanimate quite well.

  19. In NYC, it has to be Billy’s Bakery for cupcakes. Deelish.

    Sundaes and Cones for ice cream, but you’d have to cross over toward the East Village.

    I’m an honorary Aspenite! I went to CRMS and snowboarded with AVSC. :) Explore Bookstore has to be one of the best bookstores in the world.

  20. Hi Lindsay! It was so great to see you too!

  21. Go, you!!!
    That is awesome!

  22. Aw I love it! I wish I could have been one of the familiar faces in the crowd!

  23. Aw! It’s so sweet that so many people you know from your community showed up to support you!!

  24. Hi!
    Bought your book and love it! Today I will make the cookie dough icecream.

    Love the blog by the way.
    Greetings from Sweden. :)

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