Love and Olive Oil

The New Kitchen!

We’ve moved and our new kitchen is about as fantastic as apartment kitchens come. Maybe even better. Plus we got to paint it bright turquoise, and who wouldn’t love that?

The New Kitchen

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  1. wow..i am jealous of this amazing kitchen!

  2. If only our kitchen in Chico had looked like that! Looks like you live in a beautiful place.I love the bright blue! I miss you guys and the Kitty. I am now living just down the street from where we used to live. Hope you are doing well.

    — Emily

  3. I love your kitchen. I an excited to come visit whenever that is…
    I wish i could cook some of your guyses recipes but i think they are way out my league. I miss you guys. Love vanessa

  4. Wow, that’s some kitchen! Very impressive counter arrangement!

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