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Mix ‘N Match Free Printable Canning Labels

Free Mix 'N Match Printable Canning Labels

As you might have realized, no jam that comes out of my kitchen is finished until it has a pretty label. The label not only labels (duh), preventing you from mixing up which was which and what was what, but it also instantly takes your jams up a notch on the gift-awesomeness scale. Sure, what’s on the outside doesn’t actually make the inside taste any better, but that’s beside the point.

Unsatisfied with naked jars, I wanted to distinguish my 3 different blueberry jams from one another, but without necessarily designing three separate labels. This mix-and-match system was what I came up with – it’s modern and colorful and incredibly flexible.

Free Printable Blueberry Jam Labels

Seeing as I’ve yet to offer any canning printables this year (I utilized some stock patterns in my other labels this year and such things come with licenses that prohibit me from sharing, unfortunately). HOWEVER, I do think this ultimate mix-and-match set might just make up for it.

I’ve racked my brain to think of any and all possible fruits and flavors you might use in your canning experiments this summer. Balsamic Cherry? Black Pepper Strawberry? Vanilla Peach Rhubarb? Let your imagination run wild.

Additionally – because my brain-power fizzled out at two full pages of possibilities, I’m asking YOU: what did I miss? Leave a comment and let me know what fruits or add-ins you’d like to see, and I’ll add a 3rd page to the set with your suggestions!

Free Mix 'N Match Printable Canning Labels

This FREE download is available to you for personal use. Simply download the printable file, then print onto full-sheet sticker paper (which can be purchased online at or locally at most office supply stores). Cut out the rectangles and apply directly to the the finished jars in any arrangement you choose. If you are handy with adobe illustrator you can also re-arrange and re-color the rectangles as necessary. I’ve given you eight of each type but you may find yourself needing more.

Now UPDATED with 4 full pages of labels, including a blank page to write your own!

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  1. Thanks for sharing!

    I like to use my old-fashioned Dymo label maker, now I’ll use it for my homemade jams too! I like the idea of choosing a colour that matches the fruit.
    I’ll share your labels on Pinterest.

  2. Pineapple please

  3. Hi Lindsay. What font did you use for these? Thanks!

  4. This is ingenious, and I love the look! Thanks so much for creating these and for sharing!

  5. Late to the party here, but these are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much. Love your site, and always look forward to your end-of-summer preserving posts.

    I would have loved to have had Elderberry (as opposed to ‘flower’) and also Rose Hips, two things I love to forage for and make jam and syrup out of. I swear by Pomona’s Pectin and can’t wait to try a few versions with that. I may try to find a white marker to write in those labels on the blanks, as black was too hard to read.

    thanks again!

  6. These are darling! I think I’ll have to figure out how to do it myself, since I mostly can using wild edibles and what’s in my garden. I doubt you’d have many other calls for elderberry, mulberry, black raspberry, gooseberry, currant, wild plum, blackberry, rose hip, dandelion flower, wild grape and such. :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I love these labels! Man, my labelling is VERY un-cool in comparison…

    I like your blog, by the way. I’m new to it.

  8. Ahh love these – makes me want to start making my own jam and chutney :)


  9. I just started to learn to can this week! Actually, all I’ve done so far is make jam, still nervous about the actual preserving part (and I need a larger pot). I love your flexible label designs and – thanks to you – I already own full page labels to print them onto. :-) Now I need to know…where do I find these nice jars you’re using??

  10. Thank you so much for doing this! I was admiring how hip and modern your blueberry jam labels looked and am so excited that you shared these! They are so fun!

  11. I make jam at Christmas called strawberry cranberry jam

  12. Pumpkin, coconut & cloves
    Pineapple & vanille
    Coconut & walnut
    Passion fruit & chocolate

  13. I make a plum jam with Grand Marnier. You might try adding Grand Marnier to your labels.

  14. I love these labels!! I would like Pear added–i have a friend with a big pear tree so I make lots of ginger pear butter. I guess I am also seconding the request for ginger and butter. my other fave is strawberry balsamic thyme, but you have that covered. I was just thinking of some way to recreate your label because it looks so cute. thanks for making it easy!

  15. What a sweet, clever idea! Thanks!

  16. you’re so cool :)

  17. These are cute. Wish I knew how to can.

  18. How about Hibiscus? It’s goes great in a lot of different jams

  19. Oo. Also: Cranberry.

  20. Sage

    OR – Just a half-sheet blank for a “write in” option!

  21. Banana (delicious with rhubarb or orange!)
    Kiwi, cinnamon, grapefruit…

  22. I love you mix and match label idea here. I’m going to try and print some, I make a ton of jams, but I’m a bit on the hopeless side in the follow through on the tech stuff. Herbs really do pair well with most of the fruit. Last summer I made blueberry-basil and it still is one of my favs. Thanks.

  23. I second the nectarine and cinnamon requests! How about cardamom (spiced is a little too vague once I have a cupboard full of items.

  24. I second the request for ginger. Other suggestions (not all for jam or preserves, but all for canning!) :

    Butter (like for apple or strawberry butter)

    Please and thanks for considering!

  25. These printables are so sweet, Lindsay! Thank you! xo
    Some suggestions:
    Ginger (unless you consider that Spiced)

  26. Thank you! So cute!

  27. Love these how adorable and such a great way to label your jars!

  28. Rosemary – I always add it to apricot and peach jam
    Cinnamon – with cherries and apples
    Bayleaf – with figs
    Grape/Concord grape – with thyme
    Sage – with pears

    I like you idea for labels very much

  29. How about Currants and Quinces? Really cute

  30. These are so cute! Wishing I was a canner!

  31. These are so fun! I’d like to put in a request for “salt” – because I’m working on batches of herb salts.

  32. Also grape! We always made concord grape jam growing up.

  33. Chocolate? I feel like that’s becoming a more popular flavor to add to canned goods…

  34. Love! Now I just need to learn how to can:)

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