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Printing, Subscriptions, and Gravatars Oh My!

I’ve finally implemented the rest of the features I mentioned way back when I redesigned the layout.

Print it!
Now you will notice the little Print link at the bottom of each post. Click this to print the recipes. I know that I hate wasting paper, so I have the link set so it will ONLY print the recipe – no images or any of my banter. Do you like this, or would you rather have the banter and/or images included in the print view?

Stand out when you comment! This blog now supports gravatars! Just be sure when you comment that you enter the email address associated with your gravatar, and you’ll see your pretty little picture next to your message. :) Don’t have a gravatar? Get one now!

Subscribe to this blog!
You can now subscribe to Love and Olive Oil with your favorite blog reader or through email. Simply click the big green button over there —> that corresponds to your subscription preference, and have recipes delivered to you daily (well, not quite daily, but I try nonetheless).

So now that my feature wishlist is complete (and then some), I pose this question for you once again: what other features would you like to see? I’m always up for a challenge and I want your reading experience to be truly awesome. :)

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  1. My thoughts exactly! :) It peeves me too when a recipe is like 2 lines on a 2nd page. I’d rather handwrite in the rest of it than waste two pieces of paper. :)

  2. I *love* the idea of being able to print just the recipe!
    Not that I don’t enjoy your photos/banter, but when I print recipes, all I want is the *recipe* – I don’t like wasting ink or paper either. ^_^

  3. Ahh, that looks a lot less ugly than the one that I use! I’ll have to try it out. Either way, it’s cool that it’s there. :) You pwned my suggestion. ;)

  4. Another fun web 2.0 app that you might like to try is twitter :)

    This is mine –

  5. It’s called Comment Email Responder.

    What I don’t like is when I check those notify me of responses boxes and then start receiving every single comment posted! I just want to know if MY comment is responded to… I don’t care about every one else. haha. :)

    Unfortunately it only works if I respond to a comment, if someone else wanted to respond you wouldn’t get a notification. Oh well!

  6. Ahhh, it looks like it must be similar to the one that I installed! I know there are some blogs out there that have an opt-in/opt-out ability, which I would like to have on mine (so that people don’t get unsolicited emails), but that one is convenient. I like knowing when there’s a reply to my comments as well, and I also forget to check back so, yeah.

    Thanks! :) It’s a cover of one of the Anne of Green Gables books.

  7. Oh but I DO have a feature to respond to comments (see… well, YOU can see it, no one else reading this post will know that you are in fact, receiving this response as an email, but it’s pretty nifty). It’s only visible to me when I am logged in, but I personally like to know when I’ve been responded to – I never remember to go back and check to see!

    There are so many wordpress plugins out there it’s mind boggling!

    Cute gravatar, too! :)

  8. Cool features!

    One feature that I really like is when you can opt in to receive notification of replies to the entry when leaving a comment. I haven’t found many plugins that seem to do it the I want to on my site yet so I haven’t any suggestions to make. Then again maybe you’re more wordpress savvy than me! (It isn’t hard to do, haha.)

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