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A Manly Cake plus Q&A w/ L&T

Fondant Covered Cake

Now that’s a manly cake if I ever saw one.

So what if it’s girly. And flowery. And sparkly. That didn’t stop be from bringing it to our neighbors Super Bowl party. I think it’s the perfect super bowl cake, don’t you? :)

It is, in fact, my second (successful) attempt at a fondant covered cake, courtesy of SweetWise cake and pastry supply shop and their fabulous cake decorating classes. You would think a cake like this would take weeks to perfect. But nope. This is the outcome of Fondant 2. Only the second class I’ve ever taken, the second fondant covered cake I’ve ever made.

Can’t wait to see what #3 looks like (and a hint: it may just have something to do with this little blog of ours celebrating three years strong).

On that note, after three years, you think you would know a little something about us. And I realize that I usually don’t get too personal (other than sharing somewhat random facts like Taylor’s cupcake-eating habits) within posts. This is, after all, a food blog. Not a diary.

But I figured that there are probably things about us you’re just dying to know. Like, what is Taylor’s favorite food? Just how many cupcakes has Lindsay baked? What exactly DO we do besides cook? Seriously. Ask away. Doesn’t even have to be food related. Post your question in a comment on this post, and we’ll answer them in an upcoming post.

And we won’t be offended if no one asks anything. Not like you NEED to know the color of my kitchen aid to enjoy the buttercream recipes that come out of it. :)

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  1. You’ve made some of my favorite cupcake recipes/flavor combos. How do you come up with them or figure out what to put together?

  2. What is Taylor’s favorite brand of guitar?

  3. Are there any foods that took you a long time to get used to cooking with?

  4. What is your dream vacation?

  5. This is beautiful! I’m so glad to hear you liked SweetWise. I just bought a groupon last week for one of their fondant classes and I can’t wait!

  6. My turn!
    1)Would you take on a diabetic baking challenge?
    2)How can you make fondant taste good?
    3)How about other olive oil recipes?
    4)Favorite brand of Olive Oil?
    5)What do you eat for breakfast?

    OK, turning the nosey down. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I would love to see a picture of your kitchen if possible.
    What got you started blogging?
    Also, how do you stay so thin with all the baking you do. That’s my biggest problem. It’s just me and husband too, and sometimes I want to make new recipes, but they make so much and we’re not big into leftovers. Any advice?
    You did look beautiful in your wedding photos, loved them!

  8. Like Amber, this is what I’ve been wondering for the past year: How do you guys stay thin with the amount of baking you do?

  9. I want to know about your exercise habits. How did you look so thin in your wedding photos after baking all of those cupcakes?

    i love love love your blog!

  10. O I love that cake and it is beautifully smooth with the fondant. I can never get it to look like that…lol..
    As for questions; they’re a couple of pretty good ones up there already but I would love to know about your foodphotos. What is you setup?

  11. Beautifully done!!!

  12. 1. Can you create a cupcake worthy of calling both breakfast & a yummy dessert?
    2. Where do you get inspiration when you are used to eating so many good homemade desserts?
    3. What food tastes better because you cooked it? What food would you rather eat out in a restaurant?
    4. How do you get such great food photos?

  13. I know it’s a food blog, but would you consider posting occasional photos of “The Kitty”? Why are you just now starting on Twitter, Taylor? What started your fascination with cupcakes, Lindsay? Do you (both) exercise a lot to keep from weighing 500 pounds with all the baking going on? What would you (both/either) like to learn to cook that you never have? This is fun! Almost time for Lost. See ya!

  14. Oooh pick me! I got questions.

    (1) What is your day job?
    (2) What IS Taylor’s favorite food?
    (3) How did Taylor propose? (I’m a hopeless romantic.)
    (4) Be honest. What is your worst habit? Nail biter, bed wetter, nose picker etc? haha
    (5) Name one pet peeve.

    And since I think it’s either 5 or 10 b/c anything in between is just weird. There’s 5 to get you started. :P

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