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Baked Parmesan Basil Fries

Baked Parmesan Basil Fries

I hate deep frying. Not only is it unhealthy, but I hate emptying entire bottles of oil just to fry a few pieces of something. Plus oil spatters and makes me uncomfortable. So there.

While I have yet to replicate a true “twice-fried” french fry in the oven (they never seem to get quite as crispy as you’d like), they do come pretty darn close. So if you don’t mind softer fries, baking them is definitely the way to go. You only need a few tablespoons of oil rather than a few cups, and you can just sit back and wait for them to cook, rather than having to constantly watch as they sizzle (and burn) in hot oil.

If you had a fancy slicer/cutter thing, these would be super quick. But even cutting them by hand they’re still a breeze to make, tasty too!

Baked Parmesan Basil Fries

Makes 4 servings.


1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon dried basil
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
4 medium red potatoes


In bowl, combine parmesan cheese, oil, basil, and garlic powder. Cut potatoes into 1/4-inch sticks; add to cheese mixture and toss to coat.

Spread evenly on a large cookie sheet or jelly-roll pan coated with nonstick cooking spray, trying to keep all the fries in a single level. Bake at 425 degrees F for 15 minutes, then flip. Bake 20 more minutes or until crisp and tender. Sprinkle with additional parmesan if desired.

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  1. Rating: 5

    This is a popular recipe on the internet and for good reason. The fries are delicious and a great alternative to deep fried. They’re crispy on the edges and soft inside. Mine were nicely browned and tender in about 30 minutes.

  2. They turned out way too crispy/a little burnt. Could’ve cooked them half the time and they would’ve been delicious.

  3. Great recipe! I made with sweet potatoes instead, but turned out fantastic. Love your blog!!

  4. These look delish!!! I just wanted to let you know Ive spent the last hour going thru ALL of your recipes and I printed out a stack! What a wonderfully yummy blog!

  5. These look absolutely amazing! Yup, confirmed mouth is watering. Awesome recipe :)

  6. Another trick to get fries crispy is to soak them in cold water with some salt for about half an hour before patting them dry, adding a little oil and then baking them. I did it just the other night and they were crispy and delicious!

  7. French fries are my desert island food. I never fry them myself for the same reasons you have – the fat and the excess of oil. I make baked ones from time to time and I will certainly add parmesan next time!

  8. I made these tonight and they were so delicious! Thank you for this recipe.

  9. I often make a similar recipe – and you’re right, they’re oh so good!

  10. I have a gorgeous roast for tonight and wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to have for my starch.

    These saound PERFECT!

    Many thanks!

  11. Oh delicious!! I must try this. Perhaps with sweet potatoes.

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  13. Oh. YEAH. That would be one stunning combo of flavours. Like pesto chips!


  14. i agree w/ you about how annoying it is to deep fry. but, let’s be honest, nothing ever really replicates the crispiness of frying. That said, i think you’ve done an excellent job here of getting some serious flavor and crunch w/o frying! you can actually see the flavor on those fries!

    someone needs to invent something better than those horrible “splatter screens” – they never work!

  15. Tenzil & Jofosho: Very interesting! I’ll definitely give the (soak) and pat dry techniques a try. We’ve got these fries on the menu again this week – perfect time to experiment. :) Thanks for sharing!

  16. Wow! Those look really amazing!!! I’ll sure try this recipe!

  17. In reply to Tenzil’s suggestion, to take it a step further, after cutting the potatoes, submerge them in a bowl of hot tap water for 15 minutes. After this soaking period, pat the potatoes dry, and then throw them in the oven. Guaranteed oven-baked crispness! I forgot where I got this trick from, but it sure is a great one.

  18. I wonder if those wouldn’t turn out even better if you pat the raw potato sticks dry before mixing. They might get crisper. I’ll have to try…

  19. Another reason to drag out that mandoline languishing in the back of my cupboard!

  20. I’m salivating! These look great!

  21. I’m not a fan of deep fried foods either, but I am a fan of Italian flavors in baked french fries like these. Very clever recipe idea :).

  22. Those look amazing! I love the seasoning you used… makes them more “grown-up” and yummy!

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